Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

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"Sister Manman, you do need to go . You know that this painting is created by you . If you don't go, it doesn’t make sense . "

Tomorrow is the date of the exhibition . Sun Ling’er has thought that Ding Manman would be willing to go . However, out of her expectation, Ding refuses her invitation directly . How could Sun be satisfied with such a result?

Ding Manman switches the channels with the remote control, utterly bored . But recently all the news on TV is either about the financial storm or the art exhibition to be held the next day .

Due to Sun’s various persuading tactics, Ding’s mind gets a little wavered . But considering her situation, she lowers her eyes with a lost expression .

"You know my situation . I’ve no freedom at all . " So even if she wants to go to the exhibition, it's impossible .

That’s the reason why she refused Sun’s proposal directly from the very beginning . She did it to force herself to drop the idea forever . Although she is really into painting and the things alike, now she has no freedom at all .

“…” Sun Ling'er is momentarily lost for words . She is crystal clear about what Ding Manman has gone through . In the past, she believed her brother and tried to find excuses for him .

After seeing Ding’s sufferings, Sun feels powerless to defend her brother .

Sun remains silent for a long while . So long that Ding thinks she has given up when Sun suddenly stands up and resolutely walks out of the room, leaving Ding in confusion .

"Brother, I wanna have a talk with you . " Sun Ling'er opens the door to the study boldly, ignoring Zhong's displeased look and says honestly and directly .

"Knock before entering . Even this simple manner has been forgotten?" Zhong's sullen tone makes Sun shudder uncontrollably . But thinking of the exhibition, she gets a little more courage .

"I didn’t forget about that . But I have something urgent . Is it OK for Sister Manman to accompany me to the exhibition tomorrow?" Sun's voice is very low but enough for Zhong to hear .

Subconsciously, he wants to say no . But the scene of the wall-to-wall paintings in the studio that day comes to his mind, which touches him and makes him think that she must want to go herself .

Sun Ling’er thought she would hear the rejection and she is already prepared to try to convince her brother with a good argument . But while awaiting the imagined rejection from her brother, she shoots a curious look at her brother and is surprised to find him lost in a daze .

"Brother, I think it's not good for Sister Manman to stay at home all the time . You can also see that she is not so well recently . It's easy for her to get depression, autism and even commit suicide if she goes on like this!"

Zhong doesn’t refuse her directly, which gives Sun a little hope . So she spares no effort to convince him . But then a look from Zhong’s eyes renders her obedient instantly .

Well, she admits that what she just said is a bit exaggerated . However, it is the last straw that she could turn to .

The grievance on Sun’s face is just like that she couldn’t get her desired toy, which doesn’t move Zhong at all, but it is her words that touch him .

"What is it?" Zhong doesn’t refuse directly, but he doesn’t give his permission, either . Sun's face is brightened up instantly . There is hope!

"Tomorrow, a person I know will hold a large art exhibition . Sister Manman likes painting, so I wanna take her there . Just to relieve the boredom . OK?"

Sun Ling'er puts on a proud expression of her being so considerate and sweet, but Zhong Shaoting doesn’t think so at all .

Although Zhong thinks what Sun has said is reasonable, the experience at the shopping mall last time makes it hard for him to believe his careless sister .

Sun feels a little awkward when she notices her brother's sight of distrust . After all, it hasn’t been long since the last robbery accident .

"Brother, don't worry . I know Sister Manman is very important to you . I will never leave her side at tomorrow's exhibition . I will never let anything happen to her!"

Sun Ling'er is afraid that her brother won’t believe her, so she says it in a very serious tone . She almost wants to swear to him .

"Who said she is important? If something happens to her, she deserves it . " Zhong is very dissatisfied with Sun's words . For him, Ding Manman is nothing but a sinner . How can she be important to him?

As for Zhong's words, Sun silently rolls her eyes in her heart, thinking of how nervous he has been when Ding fainted several days ago .

"She's only a woman of no significance . You can take her out if you like . You'd better bring back a corpse . " Zhong doesn’t know what’s on Sun's mind . He pretends to be indifferent and the words he utters are rather vicious .

But Sun Ling'er doesn't care so much . What she cares is that Zhong agrees!

"Thank you, brother . I will bring Sister Manman back safe and sound . " Sun Ling'er pretends not to see his anger and leaves the study cheerfully to share the good news with Ding Manman .

Zhong Shaoting also has some information about the exhibition mentioned by Sun Ling’er .

City H will usher in a well-known art exhibition recently, which is held by a young artist with some reputation in the world . Famous artists from all over the world will flock here .

The news about this exhibition sweeps through the upper social class in City H, Zhong Shaoting being one of them . Although he has heard of the exhibition, he has never been very interested in it .

But finally, Zhong still makes it to the exhibition unexpectedly with a man from the United States beside him . Zhong’s appearance is typically oriental and elegant . He looks evil yet attractive, sexy as well as noble and elegant .

The American man next to him is as handsome as he is . He has a long and straight nose, fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, which are the most attractive . This man is radiating with the noble temperament of UK . His tall and straight figure dressed in elegant suit makes him exceedingly charming .

The second they appear, they attract all people’s attention . They just look like figures walking out from the paintings, which are unbelievably beautiful .

Their appearance causes some intense sensation, but at the front of the exhibition, there is also quite a turmoil .

"An Manrou! You are too arrogant . Why don't you let me go to the exhibition? " Sun Ling'er angrily questions the woman standing in front of her at the gate of the exhibition .

An Manrou is the organizer of this exhibition and also the one who challenged and laughed at Sun Ling'er before . Although her behavior seems too arrogant in Sun’s eyes, it is normal for an artist to have a bad temper in the eyes of the outsiders .

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