Martial God Space

Chapter 10 – Easily accomplished

Chapter 10 – Easily accomplished

Ye Xiwen listened, suddenly starting. This was murder to seize treasure!

Sure enough, the voice did not fall, only a whistling noise was heard. That purple-clothed youth, in under a step his figure burst out. Both hands were made into a pair of talons, it was a primary hand power technique, the Eagle Claw Power. Combined with the strength of a Houtian late fifth stage, even quartzite could be clawed through, its was might enormous. He was also well-known for relying on the Eagle Claw Power in the Zhang family’s inner disciples.

The purple-clothed youth’s body appeared like a large eagle. Both hands appeared to be claws, maliciously grabbing down, shaking and cracking the air. Face full of a sardonic smile, he could almost see the scene of Ye Xiwen seriously injured by grabbing with his claws.

As if a large eagle instantly arrived to kill, Zhen Qi condensed into an eagle shape.

Ye Xiwen put out his hand in a flash, raising a burst of a crackling thunderstorm sound. Only one hand stretched out, directly tearing into the purple-clothed youth’s Zhen Qi body protection, grabbing the purple-clothed youth’s neck.

The strength of both sides really differed too much, breaking the defense in an instant.

The purple-clothed youth’s neck was grabbed by Ye Xiwen’s one hand. Ye Xiwen’s large hand was like an iron hoop firmly binding his neck. Unable to make the entire body pull its weight, unable to gasp for air, going down like this he would even be crushed to death by Ye Xiwen.

This was Ye Xiwen’s first time raising a hand on a person. But with the power of five tigers and the eighth echo of the Rushing Thunder Hand, this purple-clothed youth was completely forced down by strength. This was an absolute disparity in strength.

Both the Zhang family young master and the black-clothed youth’s faces looked incredibly, this was simply just like myths and legends.

“Stop, quickly release him!” The black-clothed youth shouted loudly.

“Then back to you!” Under Ye Xiwen’s robe, muscles stretched to their tightest, the purple-clothed youth was directly thrown out.

“Peng!” In between a blink of an eye, the purple-clothed youth flew in front of the black-clothed youth. The black-clothed youth raised both hands to welcome it. Immediately, in a “Kala”, “Kala” sound, both hands of the black-clothed youth were directly hit by immense strength.

Now Ye Xiwen’s whole body’s strength had already exceeded the strength of five tigers, surpassing one thousand two hundred and fifty kilograms. That black-clothed youth was only Houtian fifth stage, strength only the power of three tigers. How could he live, thus, all of a sudden his arm was smashed off.

“Kala!” Broken bones penetrated the man’s voice. The purple-clothed youth’s back ferociously hit the black-clothed youth’s arms, directly fracturing the vertebra. Broken bones perforated the internal organs. Blood immediately spurt out the mouth. Falling unconscious, life or death was unknown.

Saying this took long, but this matter was no more than between several breaths.

That Zhang family young master was suddenly furious, but for a short time. The two subordinates, one actually lost consciousness, one’s hands were broken, incessantly wailing. For him, it was practically swinging a firm slap in his face.

“You truly acted recklessly!” The Zhang family young master indignantly shouted, whole body spreading Zhen Qi. Comparatively, the purple-clothed youth and the black-clothed youth were not the least bit stronger, Houtian sixth stage strength was utterly astonishing. It already entitled you to become a core disciple. “I will break your hands and feet, take away your martial power, then skin your muscles away!”

The Zhang family young master fist exploded outwards, tough fist energy. The exploding air was boiling up, Zhen Qi nearly ran through the vast sky. Fist energy twisted into a Jindao, like a Qi Dragon going towards Ye Xiwen.

“Pass Like Thunder and Move Like The Wind!” Shouted Ye Xiwen. Shooting out the Rushing Thunder Hand accompanied with a rumbling thunder, defeating the Zhang family young master’s Qi Dragon mercilessly in one move with the Yang Yi fist. (tl; 杨易的拳头)

“Peng!” As if it were the sound of a cross between gold and iron, the Zhang family young master’s both hands immediately snapped. Blood sprayed out the mouth, the body flew upside down, eyes filled with an inconceivable look. “How is it possible, eighth echo, you actually practiced to the eighth echo!” (tl; 金铁交鸣 – again I wonder if I messed that up as well…)

The Zhang family young master absolutely didn’t expect that Ye Xiwen could actually practice the Rushing Thunder Hand to this perfect domain level. Issuing the eighth echo, it was impossible for a lot of core disciples. The Rushing Thunder Hand was not a profound secret book, the Zhang family also had it in their collection, but he also did not see a disciple of this age able to practice it to the eighth echo.

And even more frightening was that Ye Xiwen unexpectedly also had the force of the power of five tigers. It was not the dispersed strength of innate divine power, rather twisted into the strength of five Jindao. This was the single hit’s root cause of his broken hands.

“You know that it’s useless!” Ye Xiwen sneered, catching up. The Rushing Thunder Hand was pressed to the peak, a palm still beating across the Zhang family young master.

“Peng!” The Zhang family’s chest exploded into pieces, the sternum disintegrated. Flesh and blood splattered. Heart directly blown out by Ye Xiwen. Immediately dying, unable to die again.

In a moment, the situation was reversed. A moment ago the three people were encircling Ye Xiwen, now one died, one lost consciousness and one was seriously injured.

“Impossible, you…you actually killed the young master!” That black-clothed youth wailing in grief said.

Ye Xiwen’s face was expressionless, slowly moving towards at an exaggerated width.

“This was our mistake, you let us off, we received the little master’s incitement. We will surely not breathe a word, will absolutely not speak out!” That black-clothed youth’s face at last showed a fearful expression. Only inside that fearful expression a trace of enmity flashed by, but it was caught by Ye Xiwen.

“Do you believe these words? I and you don’t have injustice or enmity, you actually joined to surround and kill me, to go kill me in a brief remark at the earliest convenience, robbing my red-blood ginseng. At that time did you want to cut me some slack?” That black-clothed youth’s persuasion was dismissed. How could Ye Xiwen easily be convinced? That hint of enmity let Ye Xiwen understand, he was surely planning revenge afterwards.

Seeing Ye Xiwen determined to kill him, the black-clothed youth immediately became frantic: “You won’t live, our Zhang family’s experts are nearby here. If we don’t return they would know something, they will surely take revenge for us!”

“All of this, you reap what you have sown!”

Ye Xiwen refused to acknowledge anything, only shooting out a palm, Zhen Qi violently surged forward.


The black-clothed youth screamed, immediately dying.

After killing the black-clothed youth, Ye Xiwen killed the unconscious purple-clothed youth as well, handling the matter of silencing the witnesses of murder for the first time. Ye Xiwen was too late to think about it because he just heard that black-clothed man’s argument. In the vicinity here were many of Zhang family’s experts, he had to leave as quickly as possible.

Ye Xiwen left not long after a party of five men hurried to the scene. Seeing three already dead people collapsed on the ground, the whole group of five immediately burned in rage.

“The young master’s corpse is warm, showing that the murderer has not gone far. Pursue, I’ll purse, pursue and pursue to the ends of the earth, skinning his muscles will not eliminate the hate in my heart!” The leader of the five men, the man with a long scar on his face roared, gnashing his teeth.

“Yes!” The other four men answered.

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