Martial God Space

Chapter 9 – Seizing treasure

Chapter 9 – Seizing treasure

Ye Xiwen’s skinny body was immersed in sweat, covered in some black impurities, which were some impurities hidden in the body.

“Great, breaking through to the fifth stage, also having the power of five tigers plus the eighth echo of the Rushing Thunder Hand. When the time comes, sixth stage experts can be blown away, simply a breakthrough advancing by leaps and bounds!” Ye Xiwen happily said.

Houtian nine stages; every stage differed enormously. The power of two tigers only enter the fifth stage, but the Houtian sixth stage actually needed the power of five tigers, surpassing one thousand two hundred and fifty kilogrammes!

Shedding light on fighting strength, with blowing away sixth stage experts’ strength, Ye Xiwen could be the highest rank within Inner Sect disciples. But in order to become promoted into a core disciple, this was not enough.

Only if Ye Xiwen could break through to the Houtian sixth stage, when that moment came he had considerable hope to be promoted to a core disciple.

Breaking through to the power of five tigers without a hitch, Ye Xiwen readily struck a punch, able to shake the air. Compared with before, it was the difference between heaven and earth.

However, even though strength rapidly increased, the price was very big, the Earth Heart fruit was already completely digested clean, those forty spirit stones to also deduce the Rushing Thunder Hand’s last echo were even nearly exhausted. It was much larger consumption compared with the deducing of the eighth echo before.

Of course, after deducing the Rushing Thunder Hand’s eighth echo, the Rushing Thunder Hand’s might could also not be mentioned in the same breath, reaching the might of a mid-level power technique in one move.

To wish to advance strength by leaps and bounds, whether to deduce martial arts or improve a domain level, it was inevitably linked to the spirit stones, and Heavenly material treasures such as the Earth Heart fruit. All in all, with how scarce they are, at the present the most dependable means was to kill demon beasts, then exchange for crystal stones, it could also raise battle experience, getting some in one fell swoop.

After deciding, Ye Xiwen speedily left the Yi Yuan school station, going towards the depths of the Qing Feng mountains.


Time passed day-by-day, Ye Xiwen had already spent three days in the Qing Feng mountains, Ye Xiwen had already gone into the Qing Feng mountains quite deeply. Now able to see some Houtian fifth stage, even Houtian sixth stage, demon beasts roaming about.

Yesterday, Ye Xiwen came across a Houtian peak sixth stage demon beast, nearly losing his life inside that demon beast’s mouth.

Truly hanging by a thread at that time, up until now Ye Xiwen deeply felt that not having a weapon was really very much inconvenient. When confronting a person it was not bad, but when confronting these demon beasts, he suffered losses everywhere, in the end, hands could not be compared with demon beasts’ claws and teeth.

On this day, Ye Xiwen crossed a gorge, finding blood-coloured ginseng above a cliff. Ye Xiwen had once seen this blood-coloured ginseng in various records. It was a mutation of ginseng. Ordinary ginseng raised a person’s internal power efficacy, but this sort of blood-coloured ginseng did several times that of ordinary ginseng.

Seeing this red-blood ginseng’s appearance, it was at least an over one-hundred-year-old mature spirit fruit. If this red-blood ginseng was taken, at the very least Ye Xiwen could directly breakthrough to the Houtian sixth stage. At that time, Ye Xiwen could steadily promote to a core disciple. Time to see who would dare to underestimate him.

Ye Xiwen hesitated no longer, promptly climbing up, movement incomparably nimble. Like a Spirit Ape, very swiftly climbing to the position where the red-blood ginseng was.

Ye Xiwen spread out his big hand, grasping to take the red-blood ginseng away.

“Peng!” Ye Xiwen just grabbed a handful of soil, not grabbing the red-blood ginseng. Raising his head to look, the red-blood ginseng unexpectedly appeared to leave here to a place one-hundred metres away.

“This red-blood ginseng actually has a hazy consciousness!” Ye Xiwen was greatly astonished. Between heaven and earth, all living things had a spirit, even a block of stone. After going through millions and millions of years, there may not be a hope of achieving the Dao. Ginseng like this was a Heavenly material treasure, furthermore gathered the essence of heaven and earth. A millennium-year-old Ginseng King could give rise to a hazy consciousness. Even if found by average people, it could not be caught. The disposition of ginseng had a supernatural power to connect to the earth, even if necessary, it could travel a few hundred kilometres in a day. In the case a Ginseng King could have matured ten-thousand years, it could even assume human form, becoming a mountain spirit.

And this red-blood ginseng was really worthy of a ginseng mutation, only one-hundred years of maturity, it unexpectedly could already bring a hazy unconsciousness mind into being. It seemed that it was probably unable to change form without a millennium years. But since it was seen by Ye Xiwen, he naturally would not let it slip by.

Ye Xiwen’s whole body was vigorous, Zhen Qi exploding open, Ye Xiwen’s body suddenly flew up in the air, just like a preying large eagle throwing itself at that red-blood ginseng.

“Peng!” Ye Xiwen was thrown into the cliff, a hand grabbing the red-blood ginseng. The red-blood ginseng was too late to escape Ye Xiwen dragging it out the cliff, leaving the earth. The red-blood ginseng’s supernatural power of connecting to the earth was useless.

Ye Xiwen showed a smile on his face, just about to climb down to try and find a secluded place to swallow it. Suddenly a loud shout exploded from behind.

“Surrender the red-blood ginseng!”

Ye Xiwen turned his head to look, seeing three young men looking at him indifferently.

These three young men included two about twenty years old, separately wearing black and purple clothing. And in the middle was a juvenile, about seventeen or eighteen years old, white robe from head to toe, about the same age as Ye Xiwen, with a look of arroganc. Issuing the voice was actually the black clothed youth.

“You are a Yi Yuan school disciple!” That arrogant-looking black clothed youth said to Ye Xiwen.

“You are people of the Zhang family?” Ye Xi Wen looked to their shoulder mouth crest, immediately somewhat vigilant. The Qing Feng mountains stretched for several hundred Li. The branches on the mountain range were easily the Da Yue country’s greatest. In the Qing Feng mountains were two powers altogether, one was the Yi Yuan school, one was the Zhang family.

The Yi Yuan school was a branch of the Da Yue country’s Yi Yuan school head school, and standing behind the Zhang family was the Da Yue country’s additional giant, the Sky Wind Hall. Their large power was completely not below the Yi Yuan school. Because they also belonged to the two different powers, bilateral relations have been quite tense as a result.

When out in the open, they have misgivings about the other party’s background power, but maintained friendly on the surface. But secretly they actually were constantly dirty. In the Qing Feng mountains’ depths, in which both sides’ disciples learn through experience, the affair of pain and killing in under a word at the earliest convenience was not a new thing.

“It is, this is our Zhang family’s young master, surrender that red-blood ginseng!” That black-clothed youth clamoured.

“This is what I found!” Ye Xiwen vigilanted said. Secretly pondering in his heart, him coming across this affair of murdering people to seize treasures won’t do!

“Our young master, you did not hear?” Black-clothed youth. (tl: literally just did this is the raw)

“What nonsense you’re telling him, only a Yi Yuan school trash. Kill him, wasn’t the red-blood ginseng ours?” The purple-clothed youth said somewhat impatiently, face a bit grim.

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