Martial God Space

Chapter 11 – Stimulating battle

Chapter 11 – Stimulating battle

Inside the forest of the Qing Feng mountain’s depths, figure therein leaped up.

It’s been three days since the killing of that Zhang family young master. It has already been three days, he ran away straight into the forest. He did not take long after leaving that cliff. He discovered there was someone chasing to kill him, almost catching up several times.

Ye Xiwen had dark thoughts, this time he probably really killed some great person. Otherwise, it was unlikely to go so far as to chase after three days and three nights, moreover, it seemed that much more and more people in the Zhang family received the news.

But Ye Xiwen did not regret, a real man did just what he did, after all that Zhang family young master went too far! (tl; real-man in colloquial is he-man, heh heh)

Suddenly the sound of footsteps came from behind, Ye Xiwen suddenly jumped up, flying to lush branches, covering his figure.

Before long, a party of two people already arrived at Ye Xiwen’s position just a moment ago, one tall and one short. The two dressed in the Zhang family’s warrior apparel.

“How are the footprints not here, there were still some just now!” That lanky warrior said.

“Now matter what, be sure to pursue, the family master is furious, be sure to capture the murderer. So long as that murderer is captured, our success is not far!” That dumpy warrior declared.

“Die!” That warrior expert immediately withdrew a shooting palm, figure like an arrow, shooting towards the place above.

Originally, they had already discovered him a moment ago, saying those words to let him relax.

Ye Xiwen immediate became gloomy, he was still too careless, experience still really too lacking. The footprints disappeared here, they had discovered.

Lulling him before, a surprise attack now. If Ye Xiwen did not continuously maintain vigilance, the surprise attack just now would have likely seriously injured Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen stretched out a hand. A burst of a crackling thunderstorm sound, eighth echo!

Ye Xiwen came to use it with all his strength. As matters stand, he did not dare to have any carelessness, palm pressing down.

“Kala!” Only a kala sound was heard, this lanky warrior’s arm was suddenly broken by Ye Xiwen’s direct hit. How could this Houtian peak fifth stage warrior possibly block Ye Xiwen’s power of five tigers. Not to mention the whole might of the Rushing Thunder Hand’s eighth echo.

That lanky warrior screamed and dropped down.

Ye Xiwen stepped on a thick and solid branch, suddenly figure like an arrow, dropping towards that lanky warrior to chase him down.

“Peng!” Ye Xiwen caught up, the Rushing Thunder Hand fiercely attacked that lanky warrior’s body.

That lanky warrior miserably shrieked, badly mutilated by Ye Xiwen.

Killed in one move!

“Brat, you court death!” That dumpy warrior saw that his comrade was actually shot dead by Ye Xiwen. Immediately furious, firing a punch, like a sharp arrow of Qi energy was shot towards Ye Xiwen.

“Peng!” Ye Xiwen directly welcomed it to disperse the dumpy warrior’s fist energy, immediately stepping forward, shooting out a palm, followed by a rumbling thunderstorm sound.

That dumpy warrior immediately panicked and lifted a hand to block, straightaway breaking his arm from Ye Xiwen’s shooting palm. Immediately giving a blood-curdling screech, body rolling onto the ground, unexpectedly directly turning around to flee.

By now, he still could not understand how he absolutely couldn’t handle Ye Xiwen now.

Only how could Ye Xiwen let the other person leave? Stretching out only one hand. Honglonglong, a thunderstorm sound.

Ye Xiwen’s movement was as quick as lightning, in a flash shooting to that dumpy warrior’s back.

“Pu!” That dumpy warrior sprayed out a mouthful of blood, mixed with internal organs. Five organs and six bowels were broken into pieces by Ye Xiwen’s shooting palm, spraying out the mouth.

“Hong!” That dumpy warrior’s fat body took two steps forward, crashing into the ground.

Ye Xiwen relieved, next time he absolutely must not be careless.

“Brat, how dare you, actually dare to kill my Zhang family’s men!” At this moment, a person’s shadow appeared in the branches above. Ye Xiwen looked up, it was an about twenty-year-old handsome-faced black-clothed youth.

“You may kill me first, I’ll only counter-attack!” Ye Xiwen spoke.

“Heng, sophistry, even if you killed my Zhang family’s men, you will also obediently go down without a fight!” That black-clothed youth overbearingly said.

“Quite overbearing!” Ye Xiwen sneered.

“Overbearing, overbearing, how can you deal with me!” That black-clothed youth laughed savagely. A formidable imposing manner was released, directly sweeping down the countless branches. Unexpectedly Houtian late sixth stage.

That black-clothed youth’s palm flipped over, the palm became a blade. Zhen Qi straightaway sprayed out, condensing into the appearance of a long blade. The blade chopped out, Blade Qi warping and weaving.

Ye Xiwen was suddenly greatly astonished, he knew that to condense Zhen Qi into a weapon, only with the might of a Xiantian domain level abilities could Xiantian experts congeal Qi into Gang. Gang weapons were even more difficult to deal with than ordinary weapons. Difficult to deal with even compared to magic weapons.

Facing the Blade Qi head on. Ye Xiwen did not dare to directly receive it. Although there was no blade in his hand, this Blade Qi was surely real.

Ye Xiwen greatly shouted, a palm shooting out a round thunder-shaped Zhen Qi, welcoming it.


“Peng!” Ye Xiwen’s Zhen Qi, although counteracted most of the Blade Qi, the remnants of the Blade Qi still fiercely hit the mountain, Ye Xiwen. Only this hit made Ye Xiwen receive some internal injuries.

“Haha, you had better obediently go down without a fight. Although you killed my younger brother, you killing is good, killing is good, hahahaha, look, at this point, I’ll leave you intact!” That black-clothed youth burst into loud laughter.

Ye Xiwen wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth, sneering: “You lot of nonsense, want me to go down without a fight, impossible!”

“Then drop dead!” Inside the black-clothed youth’s expression flickered a hint of madness. In the hands of the Zhen Qi blade dance, Blade Qi chopped out.

Like a hot knife through butter, directly splitting open the air advancing towards Ye Xiwen.

“Hong!” That Zhen Qi attacked Ye Xiwen’s body, deep bones could clearly be seen, Ye Xiwen muffled a groan.

Ye Xiwen’s eyes’ expression also flickered a hint of madness, he decided to fight. It went without saying that the difference between his strength and the black-clothed youth was a lot. That black-clothed youth’s explosive power was at least at the power of seven tigers, more than the power of two tigers compared with him. Again a long-range attack, going down like this he could only passively take a beating. He had no choice but to face it with his bullied body, displaying the eighth echo of the Rushing Thunder Hand’s superior strength.

The Rushing Thunder Hand’s eighth echo already approached the stage of perfection. One palm shot out endless formidable power. This was Ye Xiwen’s only chance.

After Ye Xiwen firmly endured this much, not falling back, instead in the step of the foot, Zhen Qi exploded, treading deep footprints into the earth. Figure like an arrow, flying out.

That black-clothed youth did not expect that Ye Xiwen could actually firmly resist this strike after dashing over. By the time he reacted, Ye Xiwen had already dashed nearby. Immediately somewhat surprised, but then the blade chopped down again.

Blade Qi warped and wefted!

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