Martial God Space

Chapter 12 – Cold Moon Beheader

Chapter 12 – Cold Moon Beheader

How could Ye Xiwen let the other person attack? One palm stretched out to directly grab that black-clothed youth’s wrist, the Zhen Qi blade immediately halted.

That black-clothed youth’s strength was still larger than Ye Xiwen, only stagnating for a split second, then proceeding chop down.

But just in this split second it was already enough. Ye Xiwen had already made complete preparations. Rushing Thunder Hand, eighth echo.

“Pass Like Thunder and Move Like The Wind!” Ye Xiwen shouted, right hand twisting with thunder-shaped Zhen Qi. The palm shot into the black-clothed youth’s chest.

“Peng!” That black-clothed youth was beaten by the direct palm, body like a kite’s broken string, flying upside down, soaring high up, then fiercely falling to the ground. Very many bones were broken by Ye Xiwen’s beating, he gasped for air as if a cow.

The black-clothed youth opened his eyes wide at Ye Xiwen, somewhat incredibly saying: “You…you actually dare to shadow me!”

Even more not daring to believe that Ye Xiwen was actually this crazy. To attack him he actually resolutely endured his strike, that could be said to be crazy.

“Hey!” Ye Xiwen stopped his own bleeding, complexion somewhat deathly pale. Just now bone was visible in the deep split open wound, the blood flow was without end, now Ye Xiwen was free to staunch himself a little bit.

Ye Xiwen did not waste any more time, facing that one fallen on the ground. Rushing to the powerless from head to toe black-clothed youth.

“You…you cannot kill me!” The black-clothed youth at this moment was finally somewhat panic-stricken, saying. “I am the Zhang family’s young master, if you kill me, you will have great troubles!”

“Once the battle began, you would die to me!” Ye Xiwen understood that he mustn’t release this black-clothed youth or there will be trouble in the future, definitely extremely large. The experience of these days told him, you could not be soft-hearted, this world was full of the weak being prey to the strong, the law of the jungle.

Ye Xiwen headed for that black-clothed youth step by step.

“You, go to hell!” That black-clothed youth’s face abruptly showed a sinister expression, suddenly brandishing an arm, a blade crescent moon Blade Qi swept out, advancing to behead Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen stamped his feet, figure shifting, dodging this first dangerous counter-attack. He repeatedly warned himself to be prudent. How could not guard against this?

Rushing Thunder Hand, eighth echo!

A rumbling sound reverberated in the woods. That black-clothed youth’s alarmed face grew more and more intense.


After a scream, that black-clothed finally passed away with a deep unwillingness.

Ye Xiwen saw that that black-clothed youth was killed by him at last. Immediately relaxing, sitting down on the ground, gasping for air gulp by gulp.

Not resting much, Ye Xiwen stood up, beginning to plunder the three people’s bodies. Murder, seizing treasures, they were often together.

On the Houtian fifth stage expert’s body, he found twenty low-grade spirit stones altogether, furthermore, 120 silver notes. Then Ye Xiwen began to search that black-clothed youth’s body. Ye Xiwen found a pleasant surprise, this black-clothed youth’s body unexpectedly had a storage ring. Moreover, its size was not small, actually having surpassed nearly one-hundred cubic metres in size.

It must be known with storage rings and the like that spatial type goods were the most expensive. Even if only ten cubic metres in size, it required one hundred spirit stones at the very least. But one hundred cubic metres took a minimum of over one thousand low-grade spirit stones. At the Yi Yuan school only those Xiantian domain level elders had the financial resources to buy it, Ye Xiwen had only seen it his foster father Ye Kongming’s body.

He did not expect that this black-clothed youth actually had a one hundred cubic metre storage ring. Really worthy of a Zhang family’s young master.

After obtaining the storage ring, Ye Xiwen searched with an enthralled knowing look, immediately exulting. As expected, proceeding to compare this black-clothed youth, those two Houtian fifth stage experts paled in insignificance.

Within the storage ring were solely over five hundred low-grade spirit stones, which made Ye Xiwen not need to worry about the matter of spirit stones for some time. Besides spirit stones were also twelve thousand silver notes. Of course, the most pleasant surprise for Ye Xiwen was inside this spatial ring, it unexpectedly had a martial art secret book. Just like that black-clothed youth a moment ago, the secret of condensing Qi into Gang. When this black-clothed youth at the Houtian sixth stage it could let him possess Xiantian domain level power. This power technique was certainly rather out of the ordinary.

This power technique was called the “Cold Moon Beheader”, unexpectedly a Xiantian level power technique. Cold Moon Beheader altogether had three layers: the first layer was called the New Moon Beheader, the second layer was the Missing Moon Beheader and the third layer was the Full Moon Beheader. Mastering the New Moon Beheader could compare to the might of mid-level power laws. Mastering the Missing Moon Beheader could compare to the might of high-level power techniques. If the third layer Full Moon Beheader was also mastered, then it could display the might of Xiantian level power techniques.

Its might could be considered boundless!

Originally Ye Xiwen also considered learning a weaponry martial art in the future, making up for weak points. Now he had this “Cold Moon Beheader” to fully compensate for this problem. The “Cold Moon Beheader” could already be used to issue out a long blade, it also could condense Qi into a Gang instead. Even if there were sets of unique methods of condensing Qi into Gang, making Zhen Qi into an incomparably firm long blade it was able of displaying the “Cold Moon Beheader’s” might.

Of course, if having a weapon, its might was naturally a bit stronger.

Ye Xiwen promptly put everything into the spatial ring, then rapidly left here. Those groups chasing to kill Ye Xiwen, every group leaving was very tight, it was estimated that before long, hearing the sound of activity, they would come over. Now Ye Xiwen’s situation really had no way to deal with the following groups. He must find a place to heal.

Ye Xiwen left not long after a small five man group had already advanced to here, leaded by that middle-aged man with a lengthy scar on his face. Seeing the three dead bodies lying on the ground, his complexion immediately became ashen, especially that young master’s corpse. It made his eyelids jump, the face with a scar increasingly getting more malevolent.

“Pursue, be sure to give killing this murderer to me, he killed my Zhang family’s two young masters. If you are unable to catch him, those of use must die!” The scarred man very fiercely said, the whole body’s imposing manner completely released out, unexpectedly a peak seventh stage expert. “Notify our men, give me chase. Be sure to kill this murderer, dismember him into pieces. Find suspicious people, kill them, kill wrongdoers rather than letting them off!”

“Yes!” The other several warriors saluted one after another.

A shrill and piercing sound resounded in the whole forest, it was the Zhang family’s signal to assemble.

Ye Xiwen had already moved away for a long time, yet heard this piercing sound. Suddenly his heart started, this was the Zhang family’s signal. It seemed like they truly must annihilate him. He must find a way to get rid of these pursuers, otherwise Ye Xiwen, who already slaughtered the two Zhang family young masters, would absolutely be chased to the ends of the earth and killed by the other side.

Giving it a thought, Ye Xiwen’s silhouette melted into the woods.

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