Martial God Space

Chapter 13 – Disaster of Dongyin

Chapter 13 – Disaster of Dongyin

One day later. Above a branch of a gargantuan tree, Ye Xiwen sat cross-legged, breathing a sigh of relief. The body’s wounds were almost fine. The “Bright Jade Power’s” healing effect was unusually good. If on the Earth with such an injury, it would take at least a few months to be fully well. But here, in merely one day, it had already been almost restored. Martial powers really are miraculous.

During this day, he had hidden here and there. More and more of the Zhang family’s men joined amongst the pursuing ranks. The Zhang family disciples tempered themselves in this region. Although they did not know Ye Xiwen’s appearance, and each and every person who saw Ye Xiwen was killed by Ye Xiwen, this did not prevent them from pursuing Ye Xiwen. Those who formerly looked suspicious were all captured and killed by them.

They would rather wrongly kill three thousand, not letting off one!

Chasing for a day, having not the slightest meaning to stop, too. Ye Xiwen slaughtered two Zhang family young masters, the Zhang family couldn’t not be furious. Moreover, as time went on, more and more experts appeared, more and more powerful.

Must think of a way to get rid of them, or make their vitality severely damaged.

“Hou!” Suddenly, continuous beast roars were heard, seeming like an ape or monkey’s cry magnified by countless times.

The number of the violent ape sounds reverberating wasn’t known, resounding in the horizon.

Ye Xiwen immediately stood up, leaping onto another large tree, rapidly flying over toward the place the sound was coming from.

Far away, Ye Xiwen saw more than one hundred gigantic apes. Only seeing that these gigantic apes’ bodies were coated with silvery-white hair, approximately more than two metres tall and with fierce facial fangs. Extremely ferocious.

A troop of Iron-back Silver Apes!

Ape-type demon beasts were not at all rare in the Qing Feng mountains. There were many communities, amongst these, the Iron-back Silver Ape was a famous one. Every one of these violent apes had super strength. Fully grown Iron-back Silver Apes could surpass the power of four tigers, no less than Houtian fifth stage warriors, able to tear up tigers and leopards, the body was strong and robust as if a steel bar. Swords and spears had difficulty entering.

Inside the tremendous troop of silvery-white apes, a golden Iron-back Silver Ape loftily stood above the treetops. Nearing three metres, compared to a giant silver ape it was much taller.

This was an Iron-back Ape King, imposing manner extremely frightful. According to humankind’s classification method, it definitely outstripped the Houtian eighth stage, extraordinarily strong.

More than one hundred Silver-back Apes. From the scale, it was already not small.

Ye Xiwen suddenly had an idea using the coming Zhang family’s men. The Iron-back Silver Ape was a kind of organism which unusually cared about its domain, any organism attempting to approach their domain would be seen as a provocation. Then they would rip them apart.

When the moment came, Ye Xiwen could fish in troubled waters to escape.

Making up his mind, Ye Xiwen turned around, walking over towards the Zhang family groups.


Inside the jungle, a group of Zhang family warriors carefully searched for passing traces of Ye Xiwen, trying to find anything. Now seniors have already commanded to must capture Ye Xiwen. To kill, rather wrongly killing to not let him slip by.

Suddenly, on top of a tree, a shadow jumped down. ‘Honglonglong’, a rumbling thunderstorm sound. A large hand shot down from overhead.

“Peng!” Inside the group, a warrior met a violent death right away.

“This individual is the murderer who killed many of our Zhang family’s men, capture him!” Immediately, a warrior recognised Ye Xiwen, crying out.

Ye Xiwen killed one warrior then turned to run, the Zhang family warriors behind chased after at once.

In between several jumps, Ye Xiwen submerged into the woods. Behind, the chasing Zhang family experts grew more and more. A grandiose dozens of people.

“Pursue, today we must catch the murderer!”

“Kill him, cut him to pieces, he even dared to move our Zhang family’s men!”

“Kill, to avenge the young masters!”

“Brat, die to me!” An exploding shout, that middle-aged man with scarred face joined the ranks to chase and kill Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen could sense the atmosphere of many formidable killing intents behind, immediately sneering. Come on, the more coming, the more he had an opportunity to fish in troubled waters.

The pursuers behind were getting more and more close, at the same time, the Iron-back Silver Ape community’s territory was also in sight. Ye Xiwen grabbed a large stone from the ground, throwing it toward the distant Iron-back Silver Apes.

Immediately following, Ye Xiwen dived, fleeing into the thickets, crawling on the ground, concealing his whole atmosphere.

“Peng!” That large stone directly knocked that Iron-back Silver Ape unconscious. Ye Xiwen’s strength was large, calculated to five hundred kilograms. The Iron-back Silver Ape body was as strong as iron. For an ordinary demon beast, this ferocious smash could make his head split open.




The troop of Iron-back Silver Apes were angry, someone actually invaded their territory, attacking their community. One after another bellowing upwards, both hands beat the chest. The fierce air was monstrous.

The troop of Iron-back Silver Apes were leaded by that Ape King, rushing over toward Ye Xiwen’s direction with unprecedented speed. These muscular big fellows’ speed on the trees was extremely quick, arms hanging over branches, changing hands between, leaping several metres in distance.

At this time, the Zhang family’s men chasing to kill Ye Xiwen arrived, shouting to kill Ye Xiwen with ample murderous spirit.

Both sides were caught somewhat unprepared. Inside the jungle, the line of sight would be obstructed, not to mention that both sides were sprinting extremely quickly as if two powerful currents fiercely hit each other.

A Houtian fourth stage Zhang family warrior dashed ahead, directly getting hit flying by an Iron-back Silver Ape, knocked down and killed.

These Iron-back Silver Ape ran at a high speed, appearing to be a typhoon of flesh tanks, supernaturally brave without rival.

“F*ck, how are there so many Iron-back Silver Apes here!” That middle-aged man with a scarred face used a blade to hack an Iron-back Silver Ape into two halves, gloomily cursing. The Iron-back Silver Apes inside the Qing Feng mountains were not an affable community. The Zhang family, although insolent, did not dare to negligently provoke such a community. Even when experienced, they would only choose a singled-out demon beast, and would not touch the whole community.

What’s more, Iron-back Silver Apes in itself were a powerful community.

Both powerful currents ferociously hit each other. Immediately, inside the warrior group of the Zhang family, many were killed by the Iron-back Silver Apes, suffering a crushing defeat. However, the Iron-back Silver Apes also had many killed and beheaded by the warriors.

“Hou!” The Iron-back Silver Ape King covered in golden hair bellowed, the howling shaking the sky, jumping down from the top of the trees.

“Hong!” The direct pressure burst a Zhang family warrior, the shaking starting to sway the earth.

“Peng!” A warrior’s blade hacked down, to his surprise, the Iron-back Silver Ape caught it with bare hands. The fine steel long blade was directly moulded into an iron sheet. That warrior was also punched dead by the Iron-back Silver Ape.

This heavy shadow boxing, it actually brought out a shadow fist technique. Ye Xiwen was exceptionally stunned, this demon beast was actually able to use fist techniques. It ought to be the Monkey Fist!

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