Martial God Space

Chapter 14 – Houtian sixth stage

Chapter 14 – Houtian sixth stage

But it was also normal, many of humankind’s martial arts themselves were imitated by these beasts and demon beasts. Some Tiger Fist, Monkey Fist, Snake Fist, Mantis Fist as so on. Only a look at the name and one would know it.

This Iron-back Silver Ape King really was a fierce mess!

Both sides had already been beaten into a rage. Before, they were unable to take the beating, the Iron-back Silver Ape’s brute force was unequalled, however, the Zhang family’s warriors also had respectively practiced all kinds of martial arts. Momentarily they loathed to part.

That scar-faced middle-aged man was already facing the Iron-back Silver Ape King. Only just now, even more of the scar-faced middle-aged man’s monstrous killing intent completely pressed the Iron-back Silver Ape King leeward. He was merely Houtian seventh stage, but this Iron-back Silver Ape King was already Houtian eighth stage, steadily pressing him.

Ye Xiwen knew that these warrior’s retreat in defeat was just in a matter of time. Ye Xiwen quietly left the battlefield, circling past, hurrying towards the den of the troop of Iron-back Silver Apes.

Now the Iron-back Silver Apes’ whole nest had come out, the time when the den was the most empty. Over so many years, the Iron-back Silver Ape troop surely accumulated many good things. These many years, extremely many human warriors had died by their hand. Ordinary demon beasts were not interested regarding the fallen things of humans, but ape-type demon beasts were different. Their wisdom was far higher than ordinary demon beasts, likely to gather these things.

These were inside some various records Ye Xiwen had seen.

Soon, Ye Xiwen had already touched the Iron-back Silver Ape troop’s den. The troop of Iron-back Silver Apes’ den was in the midst of a precipice. But time was running out. Perhaps before long, the Iron-back Silver Ape troop would be back. It was impossible for Ye Xiwen to search it one by one, he could only pick the single largest cavern. Of course, the Iron-back Silver Ape King’s cavern. Inside the Iron-back Silver Apes, ranks were unusually strict.

Advancing into the Iron-back Silver Ape’s cavern, a wine fragrance first assaulted the senses, making humans intoxicated.

Monkey Wine!

Ye Xiwen’s mind gave off such a noun. Written in some travel notes, some monkey troops gathered a few fruits and such to ferment, then gradually form wine. It was the so-called Monkey Wine!

Ye Xiwen’s sight sweeped over, just seeing the inside of a hole, having an immense pond. Inside the pond was filled was jasper-coloured wine. A wine fragrance assailed the nostrils. Solely breathing in a mouthful of the wine fragrance had the feeling of pores opening up. The wine fragrance contained concentrated Spiritual Qi within.

This absolutely was not general Monkey Wine, it did not ferment the same fruit. Maybe this contained very many spirit fruits as well as some Heavenly material treasures and so on.

Ye Xiwen had no hesitation, this monkey wine was wholly fitted into the spacial ring.

Immediate following, Ye Xiwen sweeped a glance at the entire cavern again. Although the cavern was very dark, Ye Xiwen’s eyes were equipped with martial power. The fact was, it was bright as day. In the corner, a whole pile of low-grade spirit stones was piled there. Emitting out Spiritual Qi, letting the cavern be just like living in a heavenly paradise.

Looking, there were several thousand low-grade spirit stones at the very least. Ye Xiwen swept it away, entirely collecting it inside the spacial ring.

Remaining were some weapons and armour and such. Many were already broken, a lot already passed through many years then rusted and rotted, having no value.

These things could not be carried by Ye Xiwen, he only chose a long blade therein. Thick dust was attached to this long blade, it was unknown how many years it had experienced. However, it did not ever rot. The blade was suffused with a breathtaking cold tip. The whole body was made of pure gold, incomparably sharp. (tl;慑人的寒芒)

The reason for picking of this blade was very simply because the Cold Moon Beheader blade technique was previously obtained, now it just so happened that he had the long blade.

Ye Xiwen strapped the long blade to his body then promptly turned to leave, not daring to stay here for long.

After rooting out the Ape King’s entire cave dwelling in a punch, Ye Xiwen suddenly got rich. The original affair of ten low-grade spirit stones was worrisome, but now he received several thousand in a short while, becoming a rich person all of a sudden.

Ye Xiwen’s face was brimming with an ecstatic expression. This truly was great!

From inside Ye Xiwen’s spacial ring, a bottle gourd of Monkey Wine was installed. Originally, it was used for holding water, now it was completely used for holding Monkey Wine.

Drinking a mouthful, he immediately felt a warm flow leap up from the lower abdomen. Ye Xiwen was surprised to find that his strength was actually increased. Although it was less than a quarter of a kilogram, without a doubt, the Monkey Wine really had a strange efficacy. Inside contained an unknown amount of Heavenly material treasures, it was no wonder that these Iron-back Silver Apes had strong and robust bodies, impervious to sword or spear.

Ye Xiwen looked for the parted from Zhang family warriors and Iron-back Silver Apes. The place of the fight was not too far a place, in the distance he could see both sides’ fighting had entered a white-hot phase. Murderous spirit soared, other demon beasts did not dare to approach this region.

Ye Xiwen dug a hollow in a tree and began to go into seclusion.

At this moment, a great amount of spirit stones started to ignite. Large quantities of Spiritual Qi surged into Ye Xiwen’s body. Ye Xiwen closed his eyes, entering that mysterious space, simultaneously continuously drinking the Monkey Wine. Strength constantly rose up suddenly and sharply.

The large quantities of Spiritual Qi formed a Spiritual Qi river, surging inside of Ye Xiwen’s body. However, in a flash, it was hurriedly absorbed by Ye Xiwen. (tl; holy cow, the author didn’t use the Yangtze & Yellow Rivers for comparison!)

Inside that special space, Ye Xiwen cultivation speed grew more and more fast. The cultivation also made breakthroughs in succession!

Houtian initial fifth stage!

Houtian mid fifth stage!

Houtian late fifth stage!

Houtian peak fifth stage!

Following the domain levels’ continuos promotions, Ye Xiwen’s strength also continuosly promoted!

The power of six tigers!

The power of seven tigers!

The power of eight tigers!

The power of nine tigers!

The power of ten tigers!

Ye Xiwen’s rate of promoting strength made one stare tongue-tied, the Monkey Wine alcohol was completely refined by Ye Xiwen.

It was unknown how long had passed.

“Hong!” Ye Xiwen broke through to the Houtian initial sixth stage!

Ye Xiwen’s strength broke through to no less than the power of fifteen tigers!

Ye Xiwen’s “Rushing Thunder Hand” had at last also been deduced to the ninth echo. After deducing it to the ninth echo, the “Rushing Thunder Hand’s” might promoted one level again, its might was complete.

The “Cold Moon Beheader’s” first form, the “New Moon Beheader”, had also been practiced a little. Ye Xiwen chopped out a blade, able to chop six knives. If one could chop nine knives, like that, the first form, the “New Moon Beheader”, was practiced to the culmination.

As much as five hundred low-grade spirit stones were cleanly combusted by Ye Xiwen, changing into a lump of fine white powder. That bottle gourd of Monkey Wine was also completely drank clean.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes, his whole body filthy from top to bottom. But compared to the previous several times, it was undoubtedly much less.

This illustrated that his body’s interior had less and less impurities. Ye Xiwen used Zhen Qi to entirely shake the impurities off.

Ye Xiwen brandished out the long blade, Blade Qi warped and wefted. The opposite large tree crashed down!

Ye Xiwen exhaled, even the beforehand Zhang family young master used it far inferiorly to his tyranny. Now, even if he was made to fight Houtian seventh stage experts hand to hand he was fearless!

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