Martial God Space

Chapter 4 – Choosing a power technique

Chapter 4 – Choosing a power technique

The second floor and above was pertaining to martial study. The library pavilion was altogether divided into five floors: inside the first floor were some light reading books, inside the second floor were some primary power techniques, inside the third floor was intermediate power techniques, inside the fourth floor, was advanced power techniques, and put inside the fifth floor were the Yi Yuan school’s few number of Xiantian level power techniques.

Over all these years, Ye Xiwen did not know what the name of the other person was, everyone only called him Old Mo. Although he did not know his identity, it was assumed that he was a senior inside the Yi Yuan school. Therefore, every time Ye Xiwen saw him, he was very respectful.

“Did youngster Ye come? What book did you come to read? Classic history or geography?” Old Mo put down the book, saying with a completely kindly smile. His impression of Ye Xie Wen was very good. Not only modest and polite, but more importantly the people wishing to calm their mind by reading were very few nowadays. The younger generations seemed to be very fickle and impatient. (小子 = youngster / young fellow / way to address yourself to elders)

“Old Mo, I am here today to borrow a martial arts type of book!” Ye Xiwen declared.

“Martial arts?” Old Mo’s eyes flashed an indescribable radiance, “You crossed to the fourth stage?”

“Not bad, not bad, hahaha!” Old Mo laughed heartily without restraint, truly treating Ye Xiwen as a nephew.

“Since you are to choose a power technique, you just must not be greedy for more training, it is vital for your own good!” Old Mo said. Although, he would say that to every disciple who came here to choose secret books. With Ye Xiwen, he was actually exceptionally serious.

Many young people starting always wanted to learn this and that, unable to pay attention. Even some people believed themselves to have absolute natural gifts, totally able to learn. The outcome of the final results could only be like painting a tiger from a dog, barely learning in a superficial way. In that case, it was instead not equal to those people only specialising in one of the sect’s martial arts.

“Many thanks for Old Mo’s reminder, this youngster will certainly keep it in mind!” Ye Xiwen believed Old Mo’s words to be deep and bowed deeply to express thanks.

Training by reading a book was not like reaching Heaven in a single bound. When reading books before, Ye Xiwen pursued to finish reading a book then pass on to start reading another book. In this case, the same was surely possible to finish reading a lot of books in this time. But Ye Xiwen was much more transparent those people learning many books at the same time.

“Well, this old man won’t say anymore, go in and take a look.” Old Mo waved his hand, laying on the rocking chair, looking at the book again.

Ye Xiwen entered into the library pavilion, already thinking this Old Mo was deep and immeasurable. Of course referring to his identity. What kind of important place was the Yi Yuan school’s library pavilion? How could they casually send this poor old man to guard over it, not even a guard. But Ye Xiwen was anxious to find out this world’s circumstances, coming and going every time in a hurry. As a result, he did look near Old Mo’s body with effort. But looking now, he still looked like an ordinary old man. However, how could this ordinary old man possibly be sent to over to the library pavilion with no other guards, indicating a very high level of trust with Old Mo. Then there was only one possibility. Old Mo’s strength was simply unfathomable, so high to the degree others were simply unable to see.

Moreover, a high status could also expected. It just wasn’t known why, with such a high status, he would willingly guard over the library pavilion. Even though the library pavilion in the Yi Yuan school was a very important place, in the end it didn’t have much real power.

But Ye Xiwen did not go reflect on it. In any case, he was not an enemy, on the contrary, Old Mo had an unusually good opinion of him.

The Yi Yuan school’s library pavilion’s collection of books were many, but categorically put away. Amongst were at least the two kinds, foundation and Xiantian. Since Xiantian level martial arts were hard to obtain, and foundation martial arts were not necessarily many. Fist techniques, palm techniques, leg techniques, other types and so on, were, in any case, merely foundations. Genuinely confronting an enemy in the future, the probability of using foundation martial arts was very low and the body would not survive so much.

Foundation martial arts. Nearly grasping the several types, nothing more than some basic sword techniques, basic fist techniques and the like.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen would still look towards primary martial arts, amongst these, the most profound was without a doubt the Rushing Thunder Hand. He had seen his elder brother, Ye Feng, cultivate the Rushing Thunder Hand before. It had left him a profound impression. The Rushing Thunder Hand’s maximum speed was quick. Extraordinarily quick. The power was also extraordinarily great. But although it was primary, by practicing it to the culmination, the power was not quite weak. By practicing the Rushing Thunder Hand to the peak, every punch would trigger nine thunder sounds, the nine Rushing Thunder echoes.

Ye Xiwen did not stay on the first floor, rather directly going up to the second floor. Only seeing a visible membrane inside the staircase between the second and first floor. Ye Xiwen penetrated through, only feeling a resistance obstructing Ye Xiwen from going up. But Ye Xiwen still went up very smoothly.

Ye Xiwen knew that this membrane’s strength was not enough to prevent disciples from insisting on rushing up. Although he came up with no difficulty, he knew that this membrane was an ingenious installation. Those having the Houtian fourth stage or higher would not be unimpeded. Those without the strength of the Houtian fourth stage could not go up.

Ye Xiwen was very interested in the Rushing Thunder Hand. Hence, and he quickly found the Rushing Thunder Hand. Looking up, the Rushing Thunder Hand’s greatest characteristic was its unbreakable speed.

Ye Xiwen already selected. Opening the Rushing Thunder Hand secret book and memorising the contents. The secret books are not to be taken out of here, but you could copy it. Ye Xiwen did not bring over a pen and paper, so memorising was also permitted. Anyways, copying the secret books back to back, as a result, many people simply chose to go back after that.

Then in less than half an hour, Ye Xiwen memorised the secret book. After that, putting down the Rushing Thunder Hand secret book, he didn’t continue to read, rather directly going down the stairs, out the library pavilion as well.

Old Mo was still leisurely looking at the ancient book. Seeing Ye Xiwen come out, he smiled and said: “Chose well?”

Ye Xiwen nodded and spoke: “En, this youngster chose the “Rushing Thunder Hand” !”

” “Rushing Thunder Hand” ? That secret book is pretty good.” Old Mo said, “That secret book’s might is also pretty good. Only it is a palm technique secret book. You have to find an opportunity to choose a weaponry secret book or when fighting with people, you will lose!”

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

“If you want to specialise cultivating other palm techniques or fist techniques and the like, at the very least cultivate the “Rushing Thunder Hand” to six echoes or higher. A variety of martial arts are not equal to a specialised one. The truth of biting off more than you can chew I think you know.”

“Many thanks for directing me, Old Mo!” Ye Xiwen said. “Please excuse this youngster!”

“Go!” Old Mo looked at Ye Xiwen and declared. Immediately proceeding to look his yellowing ancient book again, laying on the rocking chair with a relaxed appearance just like before.

Ye Xiwen knew he was always like that, also not minding, he turned around then went back to his courtyard.

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