Martial God Space

Chapter 5 – Rushing Thunder Nine Echoes

Chapter 5 – Rushing Thunder Nine Echoes

In the courtyard, Ye Xiwen took out all his possessions. Ten low-grade spirit stones. These were all of Ye Xiwen’s possessions. After absorbing the spirit stones into Spiritual Qi, it transformed into Zhen Qi. Then holding his breath, that single special space emerged once again. Ye Xiwen continued to hold his breath. Really like Ye Xiwen thought he would, he went into that space in one fell swoop.

Ye Xiwen also did not waste time, straightaway beginning to telepathically control the special space to deduce the Rushing Thunder Hand’s essence. Suddenly, a myriad of information immediately surged into his mind.

Ye Xiwen immediately felt joy, it seemed that his guess was not incorrect. Not only could internal power be practiced, even martial arts was no exception.

Deconstructing the Rushing Thunder Hand’s essence over and over again absent-mindedly was similar to moving clouds and flowing water, coming and going in the mind.

Ye Xiwen began to practice the Rushing Thunder Hand. The Rushing Thunder Hand had: Pass Like Thunder and Move Like The Wind, Lightning and Thunder, Ghostly Thunder Axe, and the Leveling Storm Four Strokes. Although there were a small number of moves, it was easy to learn but difficult to master. It was very difficult to practice to the peak.


Ye Xiwen shot his palms out, very quickly practicing the whole Rushing Thunder Hand one time.

Ye Xiwen issued the Rushing Thunder Hand over and over, suddenly finding insights regarding the Rushing Thunder Hand surprisingly welling up in his mind. If his insight speed previously was at the speed of a small stream, then Ye Xiwen’s speed of insights now were absolutely like the Yangtze and Yellow River, gushing ceaselessly.




Not knowing how long had passed, Ye Xiwen sent out each palm, even with a somewhat faint sound of thunder. Clearly, the Rushing Thunder Hand had already been practiced to an extent to visibly appear.

“Pass Like Thunder and Move Like The Wind!” Ye Xiwen lightly shouted. The right hand seemed like it sent out lightning, producing an almost muffled sound as the palm hit the block of hard quartzite. Suddenly, that quartzite suddenly scattered from the hit, so much that more than half of it directly changed into a fine powder.

Ye Xiwen looked at both of his hands, saying somewhat incredibly: “I did not expect to deduce just a small part of the Rushing Thunder Hand’s essence. Actually able to issue the second echo. Continuing to deduce it, it’s hard to say if I might really be able to issue nine echoes in a month!”

He knew this set of Rushing Thunder Hand was easy to learn but difficult to master. But in this short time, by relying on the understanding of the special space, he actually successfully broke through to the extent of the second echo.

The Rushing Thunder Hand was easy to learn but difficult to master, generally, cultivating it to issue the second echo would take more than a year for experienced people. To go as far as issuing out the ninth echo, many people practicing for a lifetime could not achieve this.

A crackling and rattling sound came from Ye Xiwen’s body, from Ye Xiwen’s body a few black impurities, along with sweat, gradually discharged from his body. His mortal body was even more pure.

Ye Xiwen discovered, along with breaking the Rushing Thunder Hand through to the second echo, his own strength even increased.

Ye Xiwen immediately delighted, throwing out a punch, striking the air with an exploding crackle and rattle.

His strength, from the original two hundred and eighty-five kilograms, actually broke through to three hundred and fifteen kilograms. An increase of a full thirty kilograms. He didn’t expect the difference between each of the Rushing Thunder Hand’s echoes was this much.

The Houtian fourth stage was the first divide in the water. After reaching the Houtian fourth stage, strength reached two hundred and fifty kilograms. That was the power of a fierce tiger, extremely ferocious and mighty.

But to the Houtian fifth stage, strength rapidly rose, reaching five-hundred kilograms. The power of two tigers.

He didn’t expect that after practicing to the second echo of the Rushing Thunder Hand that his strength would rise this much.

Most people’s cultivation would not have this much of an effect because they all break through layer by layer. But Ye Xiwen was different. He broke through in one night. Thus, the increase in strength was particularly pronounced.



The sky was slightly bright, the sun rising. Ye Xiwen was located inside the small courtyard. Ye Xiwen was not tired while continuously drilling the Rushing Thunder Hand, already practicing the Rushing Thunder Hand for the whole night.

Ye Xiwen’s palm technique to palm technique was perfectly unbroken. As if a river flowing unhindered. Because of the practice at the special space, Ye Xiwen cultivated the palm technique like moving clouds and flowing water. Casually grasping it, as if it was extremely familiar and ordinary.

(tl; clouds and water – natural and unforced)

Ye Xiwen, with not one thread loose, issued the Rushing Thunder Hand. Inside the whole courtyard were rumbles similar to the common sound of thunder. Another Rushing Thunder Hand was issued downwards. Ye Xiwen’s whole body was drenched, dripping. His body had steam rising and rising, almost the same as curling clouds and mists.

Each time Ye Xiwen issued the Rushing Thunder Hand once, Zhen Qi ran through his body. Ye Xiwen’s Qi and blood was even more vigorous, increasing strength by a lot.

At first, the effect was extremely pronounced, each time Ye Xiwen issued the Rushing Thunder Hand once, the body’s strength increased by half a kilogram, the effect getting more and more weaker afterward. Every ten times the Rushing Thunder Hand was issued, strength nearly increased by half a kilogram.

Three days later, Ye Xiwen’s strength once more increased by one hundred and twenty kilograms, to four hundred and thirty-five kilograms!

“Lightning and Thunder!” Ye Xiwen greatly roared. The palm technique unexpectedly issued four thunderstorm sounds. In other words, three days later, he even practiced to the addition of two echoes.

The immense thunderstorm sound was no different from the time at the special space.





Ye Xiwen easily issued the fourth echo. The original barrier impeding progress, at the moment, seemed to not exist.

Generally, even if you practice issuing the Rushing Thunder Hand one time, it was difficult to have a little bit of insights. But just in the time of practicing the Rushing Thunder Hand within the space, a great amount of insights and information rushed into the mind. In reality, the deduction speed was a hundred times faster.

But as for the flaw. It also had one, that was the extreme rate of consuming spirit stones. Cultivating the Rushing Thunder Hand to the degree of the fourth echo used up the ten spirit stones that were collected with great difficulty.

Without a doubt, the effect was exceptionally good. Ye Xiwen would absolutely not give up.

Now Ye Xiwen extremely needed spirit stones. But now his spirit stones were already entirely cleanly use up. Though, Ye Kongming over yonder ought to have many spirit stones, after all, it was Zhen Wu Jie’s hard currency. Not only could it be used for cultivation, it could also be treated as currency.

But there was nothing to be done, Ye Kongming explained. After all, in normal circumstances it was impossible to use up these spirit stones in a short time.

Up until now, Ye Xiwen have no choice but to stop because he already completely exhausted the ten low-grade spirit stones to deduce the Rushing Thunder Hand’s essence. The spirit stones had no Spiritual Qi and also turned into a pile of fine white powder.

Very quickly, Ye Xiwen made a decision. To go into the back of the Qing Feng mountain to steel himself. The Yi Yuan school was situated inside the Qing Feng mountain. On the mountain were some very fierce demon beasts. These demon beasts all possessed the magical power of terrible beasts.

And most importantly, if he wanted to deduce the essence of all kinds of martial arts, he also needed to go kill demon beasts to get crystal stones. That special space inside his mind greatly consumed the crystal stones.

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