Martial God Space

Chapter 6 – Power of two tigers

Chapter 6 – Power of two tigers

“Pass Like Thunder and Move Like The Wind!”

Inside a mountain stream’s small grove, a distinct chilly shout exploded, suddenly echoing.

In the woods, a silhouette traveled back a forth, striking out palm and palm again, making a brilliant sound, but also with bursts of thunderous roars.

“Peng!” A sound muffled. Wood shavings swirled in the air. Spiderweb-like cracks appeared at the place being hit.

Also, a ‘kua ca’ sounded. That tree collapsed accordingly.

The four forms of the Rushing Thunder Hand. Ye Xiwen had already practiced it exceptionally proficiently. Casually grasping it without any obstruction, five days had passed in a flash. Ye Xiwen’s whole body’s strength had already reached four hundred and ninety-seven and a half kilograms, a bit of a difference to break through to five hundred kilograms to attain the power of two tigers. Generally, only fifth rank warriors had the ability to reach the power of two tigers, but Ye Xiwen’s strength was already closing into the power of two tigers. He was able to sense it, breaking through from the fourth stage was not far.

As a result of his strength already drawing near to the power of two tigers, in addition, Ye Xiwen’s Rushing Thunder Hand had finally reached six echoes!

In these five days, his progress was nothing less than large. So much to expertly sweep across the Houtian fourth stage. But this was still not enough. It was far from enough!

Ye Xiwen issued the Rushing Thunder Hand’s style over and over, practicing this martial art. The fourth stage and fifth stage were divides in the water. The strength, five-hundred kilograms, was an immense divide in the water. A warrior’s strength of five-hundred kilograms. A warrior that was possessing the power of two tigers could effortlessly defeat a good several warriors possessing a strength of four-hundred-and-ninety-nine and a half kilograms.

Because when a person’s strength suddenly increased by two hundred and fifty kilograms, then not only was it barely the same as the body’s strength being branched into the hundreds of bones in the four limbs of the body, rather strength was condensed into a portion of energy. No longer dispersed, growing and multiplying without end, endlessly. Might would increase several times in a flash, having changes the same as the heaven and earth turning upside down. (tl; 生生不息,源源不绝, I want to get this right, not sure if it’s entirely correct though)

And after a person’s strength increased to five-hundred kilograms alone, then a second Jin would come to be. A lot stronger than an echo of before.

Ye Xiwen issued the Rushing Thunder Hand once again, producing seven muffled rumbling noises in one go.


One more time, Ye Xiwen’s shooting palm burst the air, already soaked in sweat from head to toe as if water was fished out from inside. The muscles were sore and numb all over, constantly twitching, seeming like they already persevered to the limit.

Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth, throwing off the sweat that nearly dripped into his eye. The whole body was tingling and powerless, but he knew the more this was, the more he could not give up. The Qing Feng Yi Yuan school, although only a branch of the Yi Yuan school’s head school, this Yi Yuan school was carved from every kind of very enriching ancient book or record, which also had thorough and detailed ways to break through written down. The key of breaking through lied in how to achieve growing and multiplying without end, endlessly. When the mortal body was its most fatigued, without rest, it gave birth to new strength, forming a cycle, endless.

“Ss…” Ye Xiwen split the corners of his mouth, without pausing, issuing the Rushing Thunder Hand down again.

The silhouette unceasingly shuttled back and forth in the jungle, every gesture and form was meticulous.

Not knowing how long had passed, Ye Xiwen’s silhouette halted. A palm burst out the gathered thunder-shaped Zhen Qi, making a cracking sound.




Ye Xiwen’s palm unexpectedly issued seven exploding thunderous sounds.

Ye Xiwen’s whole body’s muscles began to throb, bones started to collide, crackling and rattling. His old strength was at its limit, new strength involuntarily appeared to be born. Ye Xiwen’s strength had made a breakthrough once again, twisting into a Jin, reaching the power of two tigers. The strength had a full to bursting type of improvement. Ye Xiwen’s cultivation also pushed the boat with the current, breaking through to reach the peak fourth stage. (taking advantage of the situation for one’s benefit)

Although, it was only barely the peak fourth stage, but Ye Xiwen achieved the seventh echo of the Rushing Thunder Hand by relying on the power of two tigers as well.

Even Houtian fifth stage warriors were no match for him.

Suddenly, inside that piece of jungle ahead, a subtle ‘rustling’ sound was heard. After that, a huge, more than two metre tall hog, its whole body covered in monstrously long thorns, made huffing and puffing sounds from its nose, coming from grinding its way from inside the jungle.

Ye Xiwen’s mind immediately shivered, this was a Houtian fifth stage demon beast, Arrow Hog. Its greatest weapon were the long thorns densely covering its upper and lower body, able to spray it out when coming across danger. If you’re not careful, then you would be shot into a hedgehog.

The Arrow Hog’s coarse leather and thick flesh were very difficult to deal with. By attacking with its strong pair of lengthy tusks, it could directly kill a tiger through its head.

Only one Arrow Hog had come out, its little eyes firmly breathing down Ye Xiwen’s neck. In one footstep, its body’s muscles suddenly tensed up. In a moment, dozens of long thorns similar to arrows launched towards Ye Xiwen, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Ye Xiwen was somewhat gloomy. He also did not knowing what was going on with this brute, but he probably shadow-boxed too earnestly just a moment ago, not paying too much attention, then intruded into this Arrow Hog’s territory. But Ye Xiwen’s actions were not slow, in under a step, Zhen Qi ruptured under his foot. As lithe as a swallow, he flew in midair, dodging an overwhelming majority of the long thorns, blowing away another several long thorns.

This Arrow Hog saw that its attack did not show results, in spite of everything it dashed over at a flying speed, completely different to its entirely cumbersome and thick and solid external. The speed was extremely quick. The lengthy tusks arched upwards, going to directly bore through Ye Xiwen’s head.

In midair, Ye Xiwen’s left foot pointed to his right foot, twisting his body, changing direction. Barely avoiding the danger of the Arrow Hog’s tusks.

Ye Xiwen just fell to the ground, that Arrow Hog was like a small mountain, its body then came over to crush him, not giving Ye Xiwen a thread of a chance to breathe.

Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. Having not fallen back, in one step a portion of Zhen Qi exploded out. Figure like an arrow, he laid out a palm, seeming to be wrapped in curling clouds and mist. Lightning and Thunder. The rumbling sound was ear-splitting. In an instant, Ye Xiwen’s palm passed through the middle of Arrow Hog covered in densely packed long thorns, ruthlessly pushing to the other end of the Arrow Hog’s body. Void Cloud Energy bursting open, Ye Xiwen’s power of two tiger’s strength completely ruptured.


This Arrow Hog had its flesh lacerated from corporeal punishment by Ye Xiwen, several ribs were broken, giving a repeated pitifully shriek. The body like a small mountain continuously recoiled away from Ye Xiwen.

There was nothing it could do if Zhen Qi seized the Arrow Hog’s coarse leather and thick flesh. Not to mention that this was a Houtian fifth stage demon beast and Ye Xiwen was only at the peak fourth stage.

But Ye Xiwen’s strength had long already broke through to the power of two tigers earlier, not at all smaller than the Arrow Hog beast. Plus the Rushing Thunder Hand had reached the degree of seven echoes.

One palm, only a hit of one palm bruised and lacerated the Arrow Hog beast, fracturing ribs, giving an endless blood-curdling screech.

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