Martial God Space

Chapter 7 – Earth Heart fruit

Chapter 7 – Earth Heart fruit

Ye Xiwen did not think that his palm would actually be able to strike through the Arrow Hog beast’s coarse leather and thick flesh, sending flesh and blood flying. The seventh echo of the Rushing Thunder Hand really was formidable. The previous fourth echo of the Rushing Thunder Hand and the seventh echo of the Rushing Thunder Hand simply did not have any comparison.


The Arrow Hog beast roared, exceeding expectation and not rushing over, rather turning then running. Although Arrow Hog beasts’ IQ were almost like a usual beast, compared with humans, it’s a difference between heaven and earth. But when confronted with the choice of life or death, they were even more unwavering than humankind instead.

Unexpectedly, the Arrow Hog beast actually chose to flee. The lower the demon beasts’ level, the lower the IQ. Therefore, this kind of change was contrary to expectations.

The Arrow Hog beast, although looking very clumsy in appearance, but, in fact, it possessed, what many people didn’t expect, a skill of sensitivity. In not a while, it’s figure disappeared into the jungle.

Where would Ye Xiwen let the other party run away? Raising the body’s internal power, Zhen Qi exploded under the feet, his body technique was used to its pinnacle, as if a figure like a phantom flickering through the sea of clouds, in only a moment of effort, overtaking the Arrow Hog beast.

Ye Xiwen followed the Arrow Hog beast all the way out of the woods to come on top of a piece of open space. On the side of the open space was a precipice, a horizontal block of large stone, unexpectedly with a three Cun high plant. This plant consisted of six green leaves surrounding and protecting a scarlet red fruit, emitting a faint fruity fragrance.

A fifty-year-old Earth Heart fruit that was grown from collecting the heaven and earth’s Elemental Qi under the spirit of the earth. Ye Xiwen recalled seeing the record of this type of herbal medicine. An excellent method at increasing the internal power, the main ingredient of a medicine. Generally speaking, a fifty-year-old Earth Heart fruit’s excellent medicine could increase five years of internal power. It could be said to be extremely precious.

Ye Xiwen suddenly clearly understood why this Arrow Hog beast had such a large enmity with him from the beginning, it should have been mistaken that Ye Xiwen appeared here to fight over the Earth Heart fruit.

Precious Heavenly material treasure, not just humans know, demon beasts, although not high in spiritual wisdom, also knew that after waiting until the Earth Heart fruit was completely ripe, then it would tumble down. This Arrow Hog beast had already waited for a very long time.

Ye Xiwen unfolded the Phantom Cloud Track, pursuing in a moment, turning the body in the air, pressing down a palm.


The Rushing Thunder Hand was fully used to the peak by Ye Xiwen, each palm was thunderous. Even if a Houtian fourth stage warrior contending against the palm would be seriously injured. Fortunately, this Arrow Hog’s skin was coarse and its flesh was thick, too far for an ordinary Houtian fourth stage warrior to match. Otherwise, it would have already been beaten dead by Ye Xiwen.

But even so, enduring Ye Xiwen’s palm, the Arrow Hog beast’s directly clapped vertebra had snapped off.

“Hou!” The Arrow Hog beast screamed, its huge body crashing to the ground, twitching endlessly. Where would Ye Xiwen let this opportunity slip by, grabbing the air when the palm of his gave a direct hit to the skull, cracking it. Blood mixed together with brains splattering out.

The Arrow Hog beast breathlessly screamed.

Ye Xiwen was immediately somewhat incredulous, a Houtian fifth stage demon beast actually took three palms to be beaten dead. This was absolutely unthinkable in the past. Generally, demon beasts on the same level as other warriors were more formidable. Now it was not even a match to his three palms. This made him, with regards to being inside the school for over a month, larger than confident.

Ye Xiwen did not have politeness, cutting open this enormous Arrow Hog beast’s body, digging out the demon core. This kind of demon core that was the location of the source of its life essence was the most valuable, however, it was only a Houtian fifth stage demon core. But at the very least its value was also twenty low-grade spirit stones.

It was also because of this that demon beasts’ demon cores were so valuable, consequently more and more people went hunting demon beasts every year. But many of them could only be used as the demon beasts’ rations, buried in the beasts’ mouths.

But Ye Xiwen did not have the notion of selling off the demon cores. If handed over to the school, it could be exchanged into school credits. The school’s credits on the outside were perhaps not worth a coin, but its usefulness inside the school was certainly great. Comprising the ability to exchange for outstanding power laws, herbal medicines to raise internal power, as well as the independent direction of some elder. Regarding Ye Xiwen, these were much more important compared to money.

In this world of paramount strength, only having formidable strength was absolute, the rest was all floating clouds!

Of course, an Arrow Hog’s other body parts could also be sold for a sum of money, but Ye Xiwen could only carry a certain amount, he could only give up!

After taking the demon core into a sack, Ye Xiwen immediately began to climb along the cliff. Along with Ye Xiwen’s internal power making headway now, the body’s inner quality had advanced by leaps and bounds. Like apes and monkeys, free to advance or retreat.

Ye Xiwen very quickly climbed onto the rocks on the cliff in front of that Earth Heart fruit. Quivering in the wind, a herbal fragrance assailed the nose.

Ye Xiwen immediately reached out towards the Earth Heart fruit to take it away. Although, a fifty-year-old Earth Heart fruit herbal efficacy was not the best, but for Ye Xiwen now, it was better than without it. Able to increase five years of internal power, Ye Xiwen could even directly use the internal power to push through the Houtian peak fourth stage.

A sudden burst of sound came through from above, a fishy smelling wind assaulted the senses.

Ye Xiwen subconsciously stamped his feet to avoid this fierce wind.

Ye Xiwen took a closer look, unexpectedly a huge brightly multi-coloured python opened up its bloody mouth wide like a sacrificial bowl. The fishy smell could be smelled everywhere. My God, this huge python was no less than half a person wide, about five or six metres long, with some magical skills.

The so-called panacea had an unusual beast guarding its side. Originally Ye Xiwen still believed it was those Arrow Hog beasts, as a result he more or less relaxed, fortunately not completely losing preparedness.

Otherwise the mouth of that huge python would bite off a small half of the body.

This snake had clearly magical skills because the Earth Heart fruit only grew in a region of rich Spiritual Qi. Passing through long-term moistening of Spiritual Qi, this huge python evidently had also changed from a beast into a demon beast. Actually reaching the Houtian initial fifth stage by looks.

Also not able to sense the Spiritual Qi around here, obviously it was this Earth Heart fruit thoroughly absorbing it.


The fishy smell greeted the nose, Ye Xiwen’s feet exchanged. Phantom Cloud Track. Avoiding the huge multi-coloured python’s pounce to bite directly. Turning the body and laying out a palm.

Pass Like Thunder and Move Like The Wind!

Ye Xiwen’s palm was extremely quick, firmly printing on that huge multi-coloured python’s body.


Unexpectedly it produced a sound of a cross between gold and iron. The huge multi-coloured python’s body’s multi-coloured scales were harder than a common iron sheet.

How was the strength of Ye Xiwen, the palm striking the huge multi-coloured python shifted it across several metres.

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