Martial God Space

Chapter 8 – Houtian fifth stage

Chapter 8 – Houtian fifth stage

At this instant, the tail of that huge multicoloured python was horizontally flung over, creating impressive wind. In a blink of an eye, it was flung in front of Ye Xiwen. This huge multi-coloured python’s tail was as hard as metal and stone, whipping across, the strength was definitely not be smaller than the power of two tigers.

Although a snake type demon beast’s strength was not its forte, the flung over tail of the Houtian initial fifth stage huge multi-coloured python’s strength absolutely surpassed five hundred kilograms. From the sturdy whip, even bones would break by the whip.

“Peng!” Ye Xiwen’s palms both went up to meet it, ferociously hitting it, again sounded a sound of a cross between gold and iron.

Ye Xiwen suddenly shouted. Firmly grabbing the tail that was whipped over, the arm’s veins suddenly stuck out. Transporting the body’s strength, throwing the huge multicoloured python into the air.

“Huhu!” The over fifty kilogram huge multicoloured python was ruthlessly thrown into the air by Ye Xiwen, producing a piercing whistling sound.

“Hong!” A loud sound, that huge multicoloured python was directly whipped into the cliff by Ye Xiwen.

That huge multicoloured python was forcibly whipped by Ye Xiwen, directly sinking deep into the cliff. Wisps of blood seeped out of its thick long body, the intensity of this whip was very clearly not small. The huge multicoloured python struggled to escape, but how would Ye Xiwen let this huge python do as it wanted, immediately getting up to dance again.




Soon, this huge multicoloured python fell to its death by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen could not consider resting, digging out this huge multi-coloured python’s demon core and afterwards immediately digging out the Earth Heart fruit.

Ye Xiwen departed this place very quickly because the reek of blood here would very rapidly draw the mountain’s other demon beasts to come. When that moment came, it would inevitably be troublesome. Although the mountain range’s outside region here probably did not have greatly formidable demon beasts, it was a troublesome affair. But also, in case a formidable demon beast ran out did not play by the rules, he’d be crying and weeping without a place to go.

This mountain’s demon beasts were too many, he had no choice but to protect himself. The reason why the Yi Yuan school was situated on such a mountain was to intimidate the lot of demon beasts dwelling in the mountain, to avert the demon beasts from descending the mountain to disturb the people.

Ye Xiwen soon returned to the Yi Yuan school, he had almost left several days ago. Nothing changed. Ye Xiwen went straight to the Gongde Palace, inside the Yi Yuan school it was specially responsible for the exchange of disciples’ contributed goods, converting them into school credits.

Ye Xiwen strode in, coming in front of the credit exchange steward. These stewards were some real powerful people inside the school. Not at all like an elder, but controlling some real authority. Although their true strength was not too high, generally disciples could not afford to offend them.

This young steward was called Wang Shi, previously the Yi Yuan school’s disciple, his behaviour was relatively harsh. Liking to fawn on influential people, common disciples did not like him.

Wang Shi somewhat arrogantly said: “You are going to exchange credits?”

“No.” Ye Xiwen shook his head, taking out that Arrow Hog and huge multi-coloured python’s demon cores. “I wish to exchange these two demon cores for crystal stones.”

Wang Shi received the two demon cores very indifferently, then said: “A Houtian fifth stage demon core can be exchanged for low-grade spirit stones numbering at twenty, two can be exchanged for spirit stones numbering at forty.”

“En.” Ye Xiwen expressed agreement. Although the quality between each demon core also had a disparity, if sold in private, there could be one or two more. But it was far more convenient to directly go to the Gong De Palace to exchange them.

After taking the spirit stones, Ye Xiwen then turned to leave. Having forty low-grade spirit stones and an Earth Heart fruit, he could wholly directly deduce the Rushing Thunder ninth hand to the degree of nine echoes. At that moment, this martial art would be complete.

Ye Xiwen left the Gong De Palace, returning to his small courtyard. Time was getting more and more pressing, he must enhance his true strength as quickly as possible.

Ye Xiwen sat cross-legged on the bed, taking out the Earth Heart fruit, swallowing it. After swallowing the Earth Heart fruit, the Earth Heart fruit very rapidly changed into warmth circulating inside Ye Xiwen’s body.

The flowing warmth was raised in the Dantian, suddenly the whole body’s Zhen Qi frantically went up and running. Ye Xiwen’s face began to change to red.

With Ye Xiwen’s Zhen Qi within the body frantically working, the originally stable domain level appeared to start to loosen.

Ye Xiwen fully transferred the Zhen Qi within the body, refining this energy. Every refinement, Zhen Qi strengthened inside Ye Xiwen’s body. Furthermore, more of the energy began to quench the body under Ye Xiwen’s guidance.

Countless energies ripped apart and reconstructed Ye Xiwen’s whole body’s cells. Reconstructing and ripping apart. Ye Xiwen’s face exposed a feeling of pain and enjoyment intertwining together. When countless cells were ripped apart, only thinking of the entire world crumbling, Ye Xiwen’s body made a crackling sound as if releasing the loud sounds of intermittent firecrackers. This was Ye Xiwen’s mortal body experiencing transformation.

Ye Xiwen had immediately gotten down his bed, going into the small courtyard. Shouting loudly, beginning the Rushing Thunder Hand’s routine, inside the mind was the image of a person drilling the Rushing Thunder Hand’s essence at a flying speed. The two demon cores exchanged for forty spirit stones’ Spiritual Qi surged in abundance, surging into Ye Xiwen’s whole body.

“Honglonglong!” Ye Xiwen’s small courtyard was filled with the sound of rumbling thunder. Ye Xiwen’s body also made a crackling sounds. The strength inside Ye Xiwen’s body also increased at a flying speed.

The power of two tigers!

The power of two and a half tigers!

The power of three tigers!

The power of four tigers!

The power of five tigers!

“Hong!” All of a sudden, the Houtian peak fourth stage domain level of Ye Xiwen broke through by a flood of energy!

Houtian fifth stage!

However, this upgrade was not over, but still rocketing. Just reaching the Houtian fifth stage, Ye Xiwen’s Zhen Qi clambered up at an astonishing rate, straight to the Houtian mid fifth stage. Ye Xiwen endlessly indulged in the feeling of this rapid breakthrough. Just when the Houtian late fifth stage was attacked, he suddenly felt that the feeling of the vast and limitless energy flow unexpectedly disappeared.

The power of five tigers!

A tremendous exploding sound. The countless energy inside Ye Xiwen again twisted into a Jin. Originally those three Daojin inside Ye Xiwen’s body were relatively distant, this showed that Ye Xiwen had once again condensed the power of one tiger to reach the power of five tigers, comparable to Houtian sixth stage experts.

“Honglonglong!” An immense thunderstorm sound. Ye Xiwen issued the Rushing Thunder Hand once again. After producing the seventh echo, in a spurt of energy, the spirit was bright and empty. Only in the special space inside the mind was that silhouette constantly drilling the essence of the Rushing Thunder Hand.

“Peng!” The thunderstorm’s eighth sound finally came out of nowhere, this was also the sign that Ye Xiwen had at last deduced an overwhelming majority of the essence of the Rushing Thunder Hand.

The eighth echo of the Rushing Thunder Hand instantly increased its formidable power by a level, it actually could be on par with some mid-level power techniques.

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