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Chapter 882 - 882 Snowflakes in Space

Chapter 882 - 882 Snowflakes in Space

882 Snowflakes in Space

Master Rowe’s voice entered Chu Nan’s ears through the microwave vibration of spatial energy. As soon as he turned around, he felt a strange fluctuation in the spatial energy in space ahead. Suddenly, snow appeared in the originally dark space as if it had snowed.

Snowflakes danced in the air. Coupled with the distant and dark background in space, it looked extremely strange.

Chu Nan felt the spatial energy in the space around him stir chaotically with these snowflakes, causing him to almost lose all control and even perception of the surrounding spatial energy. Even the star cloud in his body shook uneasily.

“Putting everything else aside, this cultivation method is probably not inferior to the cultivation method Ahmad first used.”


A thought flashed through Chu Nan’s mind, but he did not plan to dodge it. Instead, he stretched out his hand and grabbed a snowflake that fell in front of him.


As soon as his palm touched the snow, Chu Nan immediately felt an extremely intense and terrifying spatial energy flow from the snow. It actually made his powerful body which had experienced thousands of refinements in the alternate space unable to completely defend. His palm was directly stirred into a bloody mess by the snow, and the situation looked terrifying.

“Hmm… not only does it look like it, but its level is actually similar.”

Chu Nan frowned slightly and confirmed that the cultivation method used by Master Rowe was basically similar to the Great Light True Body he had used when he fought Ahmad previously. It was even slightly superior and was only slightly inferior to the S-rank cultivation method, Holy Son’s Descent.

In this cultivation method, the use of spatial energy had already reached an extremely shocking level. It compressed a small area of spatial energy to the extreme and was formed by a special structure, causing an extremely terrifying lethality to be hidden in a small harmless snowflake. This caused damage to his body.

Of course, the more he recognized the power of this cultivation method, the calmer Chu Nan became.

If he had encountered this Master Rowe a month ago and encountered the cultivation method he used, even if Chu Nan had the strength to resist, he would definitely be in an extremely sorry state.

However, after fighting Ahmad, Chu Nan calmly studied it through Supremacy Alahuk’s guidance for more than a month. His understanding of the use of spatial energy had long reached a brand new height and was incomparable to before.

Most importantly, the star cloud in his body had condensed. Most importantly, in the process of condensing the star cloud, he had an extremely deep understanding of the relationship between cultivation methods and spatial energy mechanisms. It was far easier to deal with such a cultivation method that looked special but was actually only exquisite in using spatial energy.

With a thought, he activated the Flame of Life cultivation method. A milky white light flashed on his palm, and his palm which had been mangled by the snow immediately recovered to its original state without any injuries.

At the same time, Chu Nan stretched out his hand again. This time, not only did his palm meet a snowflake, he even stretched out his entire left arm and flicked it.

Snowflakes danced and scraped past Chu Nan’s left arm. Soon, under the effect of the terrifying spatial energy contained in it, his entire left arm was mangled and he looked extremely miserable.

In the distance, Master Rowe frowned and looked at Chu Nan’s actions in confusion.

Could this kid be a masochist?

Although he did not mind Chu Nan’s strength and felt that it was impossible for him to be his match, Jiggs admired this kid extremely. This kid had also performed well previously, so he should not be so stupid as to take the initiative to cripple him, right?

His “June Flying Snow” cultivation method was the top A-rank cultivation method. The power was not even inferior to some S-rank cultivation methods. Previously, no Heaven Control Martial Artist dared to forcefully receive it. Now, this kid dared to do this. He was simply courting death.

Although he was puzzled, Master Rowe did not plan to show mercy.

This kid had caused such a huge commotion just now. He had long disliked him.

In order to make this operation smooth, he did not want any accidents to happen.

Earlier, this kid had secretly sneaked to the side of the power core and threatened to destroy it. Master Rowe was actually a little worried that he would really do such a crazy thing.

He did not expect him to take the initiative to jump out and actually plan to fight Master Rowe head-on. Master Rowe welcomed him extremely.

Although Jiggs had emphasized many times that this kid was the most outstanding among the young geniuses he had captured this time and asked Master Rowe to capture him alive as much as possible, if necessary, he would not be polite.

To him, killing this kid and cutting off all possibilities of causing chaos was the most necessary arrangement.

As for how much loss this would bring to Jiggs… it was none of his business!

These thoughts flashed through his mind. The star cloud in Master Rowe’s body circulated, and the spatial energy around him shook with the star cloud. The snowflakes that fluttered in space immediately increased. Not only did the snowflakes become larger, but the range they enveloped also became larger.

Chu Nan, who was using his body to directly sense the spatial energy circulation structure pattern in the snowflakes, instantly sensed the change in the snowflakes. The left arm used as a probe was also covered in injuries from the friction of the snowflakes. There were even a few places that were so deep that bones could be seen.

At the same time, the snowflakes also swept toward his body further. Many snowflakes flew past, leaving wounds on the surface of his body.

There was still no panic on Chu Nan’s face. He lowered his head and saw that the clothes he had just taken off the guard had already been torn into pieces by the snow. They were so tattered that they could not cover his body. He only shook his head and countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

“Damn, after this matter is over, I have to find the Noctem Chamber of Commerce to order a set of clothes that won’t be easily destroyed. Otherwise, it’s too inappropriate to always run around naked.”

As this thought spun, Chu Nan’s mind spun and he activated the Flame of Life cultivation method again. A dazzling milky white light suddenly erupted from his body and the injuries on the surface of his body were instantly healed. His left arm, which had already become extremely ferocious and terrifying, recovered in a breath.

Then, the milky white light that enveloped his body exploded and instantly enveloped a large area of space around him. The snowflakes that originally swept through the entire space melted and faded as if they had encountered the sun.

After the milky white light faded, not only did Chu Nan’s body recover, but the surrounding space also completely calmed down. It was no different from other space.

Chu Nan stretched out his hand and waved. A snowflake that was still falling in the outer space seemed to have been guided by something and slowly landed in his palm. Then, it gently floated above his palm and slowly spun. It no longer had the aura that seemed to be able to destroy everything. It was as if it had been tamed and looked like a real snowflake.

After concentrating on sensing the snowflake in his palm for a while, Chu Nan closed his palm and turned the snowflake that originally contained terrifying destructive power into nothingness. Then, he looked at the distant Master Rowe with a smile.

“Heh, if that’s all you have, it’s too disappointing.”

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