Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 883 - 883 Easily Cracked

Chapter 883 - 883 Easily Cracked

883 Easily Cracked

Master Rowe was first stunned, then furious.

Was this kid looking down on him?!

Master Rowe’s expression was gloomy, and his angry voice sounded through the spatial energy microwave vibration again.

“Kid, your strength has indeed exceeded my expectations, but do you think you can look down on others with such talent? You’re too arrogant!”


Chu Nan shook his head, “Alright, I’m getting calluses from hearing this. If you have any ability, quickly use it. If not, I’m not interested in playing with you.”

Hearing the undisguised disdain in Chu Nan’s words, Master Rowe was even angrier.

Damn, he was only a kid with some talent and at most had the guidance of a master, but he actually dared to be so ignorant!

“If I don’t kill this kid, it won’t resolve the hatred in my heart!” Master Rowe looked at Chu Nan with dense killing intent, “No matter how much Jiggs complains after this, don’t think about dissuading me!”

After confirming in his mind, Master Rowe raised his palm slightly. The star cloud in his dantian circulated, and the endless spatial energy in the space around him was mobilized with the star cloud. A moment later, he saw that a large area of space in front of him had actually turned pale at the same time. Looking over, it was as if frost had suddenly covered it, and everything was filled with deathly silence.

Chu Nan immediately sensed the change in spatial energy in the surrounding space. Not only was there no panic on his face, he even revealed an excited expression.

“Ha, I finally forced this guy to use his true ability. If I really use the previous method, it’ll be too wasteful.”

Chu Nan’s eyes focused and his mind circulated with all his might. The star cloud built by his body circulated with all his might and perfectly mobilized the spatial energy contained in his body and the spatial energy in the external space. With a wave of his hand, the space in front of him turned into snowflakes.

Seeing this scene, Master Rowe was shocked.

Could it be that this kid had secretly learned his cultivation method with a glance?

In the next moment, the frost in front of him had already collided with the snowflake Chu Nan released.

Under the corrosion of the frost, the snowflakes Chu Nan released instantly froze and the entire space froze as the frost struck. Chu Nan maintained his outstretched hand and his entire body was covered in frost from head to toe. In the blink of an eye, he had already turned into an ice sculpture and did not move at all.

Master Rowe was shocked again, then could not help but laugh.

“Heh, this kid’s bluff scares me. Hmph, he’s only a young kid in the end. How capable can he be? Watch me…”

As soon as this thought arose, he discovered that cracks had suddenly appeared on Chu Nan’s body in the distance. A moment later, the frost that covered his entire body had completely dispersed and he could move freely again.

The freezing of the surrounding space did not seem to affect him at all. Instead, he stretched out his hand with interest to touch the surrounding frost, as if he wanted to study it.

“This… how is this possible?!”

Master Rowe was really shocked this time.

What he had used just now was the proudest “Frost Formation”!

He had been immersed in this cultivation method for many years. Once he used it, he could completely freeze the spatial energy in the space, let alone other things in this space.

In the countless battles he had experienced in the past, as long as he used this cultivation method, even if his opponent was not immediately frozen, his eyes would be affected and he would be unable to unleash half of his strength.

His cultivation method had even been praised by a Star-Grade Martial Artist in the past and was called a powerful cultivation method that ordinary Heaven Control Martial Artists could not contend with.

Now, it was actually so easily cracked by such a young kid!

In the next moment, the shock on his face became even stronger. His eyes stood out as if they were about to fall out of extreme shock.

Chu Nan, who had recovered his mobility, pointed at the frost that had condensed in the space around him a few times. Suddenly, he stretched out a finger and pointed at the frost in front of him. Then, a visible shock wave spread out at the speed of light from the point of his finger.

The frost that had originally frozen the entire space was completely destroyed by this shock wave in the blink of an eye. The frost shattered, and the entire space returned to normal after an intense fluctuation. There were no signs of freezing.

“This… this kid actually broke the Frost Formation! How is this possible?!”

Master Rowe looked at the distant Chu Nan in disbelief and could not believe the facts he saw.

If Chu Nan was an older martial artist, he might be able to accept that he was stronger than him and directly break his proudest cultivation method.

However, this kid was clearly only around 20 years old. How could he have such terrifying strength at this age?!

If Chu Nan knew what Master Rowe was thinking, he would definitely laugh until his stomach hurt.

In fact, the reason why he could break through the Frost Formation was simply a trick.

To Master Rowe, an extremely powerful and ingenious cultivation method was actually only a special method to use spatial energy.

Be it the previous snowflakes or the subsequent Frost Formation, it was only the appearance of spatial energy being mobilized by a special structure under the effect of the cultivation method.

It was not difficult to crack this cultivation method. He only needed to explore the composition and structure of the spatial energy in the cultivation method and analyze the weakest point in this structure according to his powerful data ability to easily crack it.

To be honest, he was very disappointed.

He originally thought that Master Rowe’s strength looked slightly stronger than Ahmad’s and should have brought him more comprehension. He did not expect that this guy was such a powerful Heaven Control Martial Artist, but his understanding of martial techniques was actually still at this level.

He was certain that if this Master Rowe was unable to change his mind, it was impossible for him to comprehend the Star Dao in his life and break through to the Star-Grade Martial Artist Realm.

Of course, this guy was clearly not young anymore, but he was still stuck in this realm. The possibility of breaking through in the future was extremely small.

However, this was not Chu Nan’s fault. He was not free to worry about the enemy. He turned around and saw that the spaceship was still flying steadily in space, so he decided not to delay any longer.

Since this so-called Master Rowe could no longer give him any more inspiration, there was no need to continue wasting time.

Chu Nan gently raised his arms and opened them. The star cloud in his body circulated wildly and the spatial energy around him was completely controlled by the star cloud. The milky white light on his body flourished, but it was not the light brought about by the Flame of Life. Instead, it brought about an intense holy smell.

A moment later, the white light behind Chu Nan flourished. Suddenly, two huge wings of light spread out and instantly stretched out more than 300 meters in space, causing his entire body to be especially small.

Master Rowe looked at the two huge wings in the distance in a daze and was the first to be shocked.

Was this kid… really not those famous powerful martial artists under disguise?

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