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Chapter 885 - 885 Little Monster

Chapter 885 - 885 Little Monster

885 Little Monster

Although this spaceship had been specially modified to transport Chu Nan and the others, it was still a secret operation and could not really be compared to a military spaceship. How could it block Chu Nan’s full-strength punch?

With a punch, spatial energy shock waves that were visible to the naked eye spread out around the spaceship. Then, countless explosive light waves dissipated. The huge spaceship that was originally more than 2,000 meters long and 300 meters thick had completely disintegrated because of this punch.

Seeing the spaceship explode with a punch, Master Rowe could not care less about his surprise and could only speed up to fly over.

At this moment, he did not have the time to care why Chu Nan had suddenly gone crazy, let alone think about whether he did not care about the lives of those people he cared about previously. His only thought was to try his best to save some before the spaceship was completely destroyed.


If the spaceship was destroyed, everyone on it would lose their lives. Although he was fine, this operation had completely failed. The losses could be said to be extremely heavy.

However, just as he flew out, he saw Chu Nan’s body flash again and enter the core of the spaceship’s explosion. A moment later, he raised a huge metal box-like thing with both hands and soared into the sky before quickly leaving the range of the spaceship’s explosion.

Master Rowe was stunned. Just as he was feeling puzzled, the personal terminal on his wrist vibrated.

He looked down and saw Jiggs’s anxious and frightened face appear on the virtual screen that automatically jumped out of his personal terminal.

Although he still could not hear anything, his personal terminal perfectly translated Jiggs’ words.

“Master Rowe! Hurry! That kid snatched the condensation room containing those young martial artists!”

Master Rowe was stunned again. He raised his head and his gaze landed on the huge metal box that Chu Nan was holding in his hands in the distance. He immediately understood.

This metal box was actually the most important thing on this spaceship.

This was because this metal box was the condensation room that Jiggs had mentioned. In the condensation room, the young genius martial artists they had painstakingly taken great risks to kidnap from all over were frozen.

If they were snatched away by Chu Nan like this, all their previous efforts would be in vain!

“Brat! Although I can’t take you down, it’s wishful thinking for you to snatch them from me!”

Master Rowe grunted in his mind and could not be bothered to pay attention to the extremely dangerous spaceship that had already fallen into chaos because of the explosion. Instead, he flew towards Chu Nan at high speed.

However, in the next moment, he saw a strange light flickering around Chu Nan, completely enveloping him and the huge condensation room where his hands were located. Then, an extremely abnormally intense fluctuation arose in the space around him. Even from an extremely far distance, Master Rowe felt the shocking change in spatial energy in that space.

Then… the condensation room where Chu Nan and his hands were high… actually disappeared!



Master Rowe stopped in surprise and widened his eyes. He looked at the space in disbelief and could not help but rub his eyes hard, certain that he was not seeing things.

Chu Nan had really disappeared!

The huge condensation room actually disappeared!

How was this possible?

Master Rowe was extremely shocked. After being stunned for a long time, he quickly flew over.

However, when he flew to the space where Chu Nan was previously, he could only sense the shocking spatial energy vibration left in the space. How could he discover any traces of Chu Nan and the condensation room?

This kid and the condensation room he had forcefully snatched were really gone…

A vibration notification sounded from the personal terminal on his wrist again. Master Rowe lowered his head in a daze and saw that Jiggs’s face was also filled with shock and disbelief. He even completely ignored the explosion flames that flashed behind him from time to time and only kept asking questions.

His question was faithfully displayed on the virtual screen.

“Master Rowe? What happened? Why did that kid suddenly disappear? And where’s that condensation room? Why did it disappear too? What’s going on? I…”

Master Rowe shook his head and reached out to turn off his personal terminal. He looked up at the space in front of him that was gradually calming down from the abnormal vibration of spatial energy and could not help but reach out, but he could not touch any physical body.

After being stunned for a while, Master Rowe’s expression became extremely serious.

He originally thought that Chu Nan’s previous performance was shocking enough, but now, he discovered that he had still severely underestimated him.

This kid’s strength was actually far more terrifying than he had imagined. If Jiggs chose this kid as his target, their hard work in this operation might be in vain.

“Damn it!” Master Rowe suddenly cursed softly in anger, “Who would have thought that such a small monster would appear on the Orion Arm?!”

Planet Tomrelle, which was more than 40,000 light-years away from Chu Nan and Master Rowe, was enveloped by a happy atmosphere.

Although they had experienced many twists and turns and there was even news that a famous participant like Tiago had forfeited for reasons before the final eight battles, this Orion Arm Martial Arts Academy Alliance Competition that received much attention from the outside world and was much more popular than the previous few rounds still ended perfectly.

The results of the competition satisfied most people, especially the audience of the United States of Melaita.

Although an uncertain factor like Chu Nan had appeared during the competition, after he was eliminated for a special reason, the participating students of the United States of Melaita displayed their bravery in the next competition. They actually occupied three seats in the final semi-finals and obtained the championship and runner-up in one go. They undoubtedly became the greatest winner of this competition.

Although many media outlets from other countries expressed that this result could not convince the public, because not only had the United States of Melaita used despicable methods to eliminate Chu Nan, the most threatening opponent from the Earth Federation, but martial arts traditional powerful countries like the Tulado Republic and the Declan Empire had not really sent the strongest young martial artist to participate, causing the value of this competition to not be high enough.

However, most people in the United States of Melaita did not mind these evaluations. After all, winning was winning. In the eyes of the people of the United States of Melaita, any accusations of others were deliberately nitpicking and were only the wild barking of the loser.

Therefore, after the competition ended, the entire Planet Tomrelle fell into revelry. Even the entire United States of Melaita was excited about this. Many media outlets of the United States of Melaita even expressed that this competition meant that the martial arts status of the United States of Melaita on the Orion Arm had taken another step forward. Although it could not be compared to the Declan Empire, it was already enough to suppress the Tulado Republic and all the other traditional martial arts powerful countries. In the future, they would even have the chance to attack the Declan Empire…

However, in this revelry that swept through the entire Planet Tomrelle, a room was completely enveloped by a silent and oppressive atmosphere.

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