Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 884 - 884 This Kid Is Really Crazy!

Chapter 884 - 884 This Kid Is Really Crazy!

884 This Kid Is Really Crazy!

In the vast universe, a dazzling white light continuously flickered. From time to time, two white lights would ruthlessly collide. Immediately, it was as if a star had exploded. An extremely powerful light filled the entire starry sky, illuminating the dark starry sky until it was as bright as day on the surface. It was extremely dazzling.

However, if one observed carefully, one would discover that although it was also white light, it was different.

One side of the white light was pale. When it swept through the starry sky, it left behind waves of frost, as if it wanted to freeze the entire starry sky.

On the other hand, the white light had a holy aura. There were also traces of a light green aura filled with life. After cutting through the starry sky, it immediately made the starry sky condensed by frost regain life and vitality, causing people to feel extremely comfortable and at ease just by looking at it.


On one hand, it was cold and heartless, but on the other hand, it was filled with life. Two completely different white lights continuously collided in the starry sky. Although no sound waves could be heard, it was easy to sense the intensity and danger contained in them.

The star cloud in Master Rowe’s dantian surged and the spatial energy around him condensed again. An extremely cold intent invaded the distance, but it was easily resolved by Chu Nan.

This made him feel a trace of impatience.

As a powerful martial artist with the strength of a third-stage Heaven Control Realm, it was not so easy for him, who had experienced hundreds of battles, to become agitated. However, as long as he thought of Chu Nan’s overly young face, he could not suppress the emotions in his heart.

Most importantly, he had clearly determined that Chu Nan’s true strength was inferior to his. Every time he faced it head-on, he would more or less suffer some losses, but this was not helpful in completely defeating him.

Or more specifically, after this period of confrontation, he already clearly understood that with his strength, it was impossible for him to completely defeat Chu Nan. He could not even completely suppress him, let alone kill him.

This was because every time he suffered a small loss or was even slightly injured, this kid could always recover instantly as if he was completely unaffected.

This discovery made him feel extremely humiliated.

As a Heaven Control expert who could occupy a place in the entire Perseus Arm, he actually could not deal with such a young kid in front of him now!

If word got out, he, Rowe, would be embarrassed!

However, he knew even better that this was not the time to consider this.

This operation was originally extremely secretive, but now, an accident had happened because of this kid.

It was one thing to let this kid escape, but if this operation was completely exposed because of this kid, causing the faction behind him to be exposed, the consequences would be much more serious.

How to ensure the secrecy of this operation without dealing with the entire kid was Master Rowe’s main concern.

Contrary to Master Rowe, Chu Nan became more and more excited as he fought.

In the beginning, he thought that as a Heaven Control expert who should be superior to Ahmad, this Master Rowe could not give him any more inspiration, so he was disappointed. However, when they really fought, he discovered that this guy was indeed worthy of being a powerful Heaven Control Martial Artist. Although the martial technique he had used until now was not much, it was filled with thousands of variations. The use of spatial energy was extremely exquisite, causing Chu Nan to find it difficult to deal with it, but he also comprehended it deeply.

Such a battle was the battle Chu Nan hoped to encounter the most.

If Master Rowe’s strength far exceeded his and made him unable to resist, it would naturally be useless to his improvement. Although this guy’s strength still clearly surpassed Chu Nan’s, it happened to allow him to endure it. The degree could be said to be just right.

One had to know that Chu Nan had just successfully condensed a star cloud and broken through to the Heaven Control Realm. To have such a suitable battle immediately was naturally very helpful to his understanding of the realm of a Heaven Control Realm Martial Artist.

In the battle, Chu Nan relied on these new insights to not only slightly modify the Flame of Life cultivation method and the Goddess’ Song cultivation method to defend against the enemy, but he also used the various cultivation methods he had grasped and directly tested every different spatial energy structure model. There were good and bad ones, causing his understanding of spatial energy to increase greatly.

If possible, he even hoped that the spaceship could stop and wait for him and Master Rowe to continue fighting so that he could fully experience it.

However, Master Rowe clearly did not think so. After another round of confrontation, Chu Nan’s body was slightly damaged because his control of spatial energy was inferior to Master Rowe’s. However, he could use the Flame of Life cultivation method and the Goddess’ Song cultivation method freely. With a thought, this small injury had already been repaired and perfected without any effect.

Seeing this scene again, Master Rowe suddenly flew back and focused on Chu Nan in the distance. His voice sounded through the microwave vibration of spatial energy.

“Kid, I have to admit that your strength and talent have greatly exceeded my expectations. Unfortunately, since you’re already here, don’t dream of escaping casually.”

Chu Nan sneered in his mind.

This guy clearly could not deal with him, but he still spoke so arrogantly. Who gave him the confidence?

Just as he was about to mock him, he discovered that Master Rowe’s figure flashed in the distance and he instantly pulled extremely far away. When he focused his gaze again, he discovered that he had already quickly flown towards the spaceship.

Although that spaceship still looked almost motionless in the background of space, it could be seen that it was currently accelerating rapidly from the huge particle flames spat out from behind.

“Damn, this guy actually wants to escape!”

Chu Nan could tell the other party’s plan at a glance and was shocked.

Although this Master Rowe could not deal with him, it did not mean that he was weaker than him and did not need to be afraid at all. Why did he choose to escape?

Could it be that Tiago and the others captured from this spaceship were so important to them?

Chu Nan frowned and quickly made a decision. The star cloud in his dantian circulated and the spatial energy around him suddenly erupted, causing his body to draw a dazzling white light in the vast space. He instantly erupted with twice the speed of Master Rowe and quickly flew towards the spaceship.

Master Rowe sensed the change in spatial energy vibration behind him and turned around to discover Chu Nan’s actions. He was shocked.

“This kid is actually faster than me!”

With just a glance, he had already determined that with the speed of both sides, it was impossible for him to reach the spaceship before Chu Nan. He decisively raised his left arm and opened the personal terminal on his left wrist.

“Jiggs, don’t worry about me. Leave first!”

After saying that, he ignored Jiggs’s reaction and turned around to face Chu Nan, planning to stop him midway.

However, as soon as he activated the Frost Formation Cultivation Technique, he suddenly discovered that the destructive white light brought about by Chu Nan’s body had suddenly disappeared. In the next moment, it appeared behind him and used some method to pass him.

Master Rowe was even more shocked, but he could not react in time. He could only watch helplessly as Chu Nan instantly approached the spaceship and threw a punch.

“Damn, this kid is really crazy!”

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