Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 911 Buying Time

Chapter 911 Buying Time

The white light and green aura slowly faded and the nearly a hundred small holes in Chu Nan's body completely recovered.


With a crisp sound, Chu Nan had already broken free from the Frost Formation that froze him.

Looking down at his complete body, Chu Nan frowned slightly.

In fact, it was not that he did not have the ability to escape at all. The reason why he stayed behind to endure this attack which was already fatal in the other party's opinion was purely to test the strength of the additional Heaven Control Martial Artist.

As for the test results…

The facts proved that the strength of the other Heaven Control Martial Artist who appeared with Master Rowe was indeed comparable to his. Moreover, the cultivation method he used was very strange and was a little similar to the cultivation method used by Ahmad. They both used the high condensation of spatial energy to cause extremely powerful lethality, causing Chu Nan's powerful body to be unable to endure it head-on.

If it was only Master Rowe, although it was very difficult for Chu Nan to defeat him head-on, he was not afraid.

However, now that there was another Heaven Control expert whose strength was similar to Master Rowe, no matter how confident Chu Nan was, he knew that with his current strength, it was impossible for him to face the two of them head-on.

However, compared to this problem, what Chu Nan was most concerned about was that since Master Rowe had appeared again, he was clearly here for them.

"If we can't deal with these guys, don't even think about executing the retreat plan."

Chu Nan frowned and his figure flashed before he disappeared from the positive space universe.

Two minutes later, Chu Nan landed on the island.

At this moment, Tiago and the others were looking around for food and fresh water because of the rare day. When they suddenly saw Chu Nan land, the group was stunned.

"Heh, Chu Nan, weren't you going to contact the Etoo Chamber of Commerce? Why are you back so quickly?" Okiya was the first to rush up and ask in surprise.

"An enemy is here." Chu Nan shook his head and described what he had seen.

Hearing that there was actually another Heaven Control expert, everyone was shocked.

With their current strength, one Heaven Control Martial Artist was enough to make them have nowhere to escape. With another one, they could not resist at all.

"Then what should we do?" Okiya looked anxious, "If they find us, we're dead!"

"I don't think there's a need to be so worried…" The little fatty, Ankola, shook his head, "How can they find us so easily if we stay in such a place?"

"But we can't leave now." Tiago objected with a serious expression, "According to the situation Chu Nan investigated, there's only this planet that's suitable for the living environment in this star system. As long as the other party is not an idiot, they'll definitely find us. Do you think they don't have the ability to find us on a planet without any other humans?"

Everyone immediately fell silent.

Tiago was right. They could only stay on this planet and not go anywhere. Since the other party had already come to this star system, he would definitely find them.

The other party had clearly come prepared. He would definitely have enough technical methods to easily find them from the planet.

At that time, they would not even have a place to hide.

"You don't have to give up hope so early." Only Chu Nan's expression was relatively relaxed. He smiled and said, "I've destroyed a portion of the power device of that spaceship, so its flying speed will be greatly affected. Moreover, they can't perform a super spatial jump in the star system, so even if they fly towards this planet from the stargate, according to the distance, it will take at least ten hours."

"Ten hours?" Everyone looked at each other, "What's ten hours enough for?"

"There are many things to do." Chu Nan carefully calculated in his mind and nodded, "If everyone cooperates well, I'm still confident in taking you away."


Although everyone was skeptical of Chu Nan's words, other than choosing to believe him, they had no other choice.

Chu Nan waved at everyone and gestured for them to approach.

"Come, listen to me. This way…"

13 hours later, two small spaceships that were only 300 meters long jumped out of the dilapidated stargate.

In the main control cabin of the spaceship in front of him, Chu Nan revealed a brilliant smile to Captain Norman.

"Captain Norman, thank you and your subordinates for taking the risk to come. Now that we've safely arrived at our destination, you and your subordinates can return first."

Captain Norman frowned and looked at Chu Nan, "Do you really plan to resolve it alone?"

Chu Nan shrugged, "It's already the greatest help to me that you can provide me with this spaceship. I can't let you take such a huge risk because of my private matters."

Captain Norman focused his gaze on Chu Nan for a moment and shook his head. However, he did not say anything. He waved at his surrounding subordinates and brought them out of the small spaceship before taking the short airship to enter the small spaceship behind.

A moment later, Captain Norman and his subordinates had already piloted the small spaceship behind them into the stargate again and disappeared into the alternate space.

Looking at the monitoring screen of the main console in front of him showing that the other spaceship had disappeared, the console of Chu Nan's spaceship operated. First, it set up the connection with the personal terminal on his wrist and set the route. Then, it started again and flew towards the planet marked on the route.

After making these preparations, Chu Nan stretched and exhaled.

"Alright, the preparations are already done. I hope Tiago and the others are already prepared."

Then, Chu Nan did not continue to stay on the spaceship. Instead, he opened the emergency exit of the spaceship and his body flew into the starry sky. A moment later, he opened the spatial wall and flew into the alternate space.

Two minutes later, Chu Nan appeared in the positive space universe above the atmosphere outside the planet.

Looking up, he discovered that a spaceship about two kilometers long was floating in the synchronous orbit above the planet in the distance.

This spaceship was clearly the spaceship that had been half-crippled by Chu Nan's punch. Now, he could see that there were many robots trying their best to repair the wounds on the surface.

Chu Nan glanced at it and noticed that there were still a few small light sources flickering in the synchronous orbit. Clearly, they were artificial satellites released by this spaceship.

He flew over and exploded one of the artificial satellites with a punch. Then, his figure flashed and another exploded.

When he flew towards the third artificial satellite, a powerful aura suddenly attacked from behind. It instantly made Chu Nan's hair stand on end and he felt a sense of danger.

"Only one person?" Chu Nan turned around and looked at the few arrows of light that were clearly condensed from spatial energy in the starry sky. He chuckled, "Then I'll play with you."

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