Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 912 Real Motive

Chapter 912 Real Motive


Of course, it was impossible for the intense explosion to enter Chu Nan's ears from the vacuum universe. Instead, it directly caused his eardrums to vibrate through the intense vibration of his body, producing a more intuitive, clear, and terrifying sound.

After the explosion, Chu Nan felt not only his eardrums, but even his entire body was buzzing. His vision was also extremely blurry because of the intense explosion.

"Damn, so powerful!"

Chu Nan was shocked and hurriedly retracted his hand. He did not dare to continue receiving the arrow of light with his palm. Instead, he quickly retreated and dodged the remaining arrows.

Earlier, on a whim, he recalled that he had been shot nearly a hundred small holes in his body by these arrows because he had not protected himself with all his might, so he wanted to test the power of these arrows under his full defense.

After trying this, he discovered that the power of these arrows was even stronger than the feathers shot out by the Great Light True Body that he had used with Ahmad previously. Moreover, the arrows had an extremely powerful eruption power. After he set up an energy shield on his palm to receive it, the arrows directly exploded. The terrifying spatial energy that instantly erupted from the arrows far exceeded the violent spatial energy in the alternate space.

If he had not protected himself with all his might, his entire palm might have been blown to pieces.

However, in this short contact, Chu Nan also obtained more detailed data about the Feather of Light through his super-powerful perception.

Through the data analysis, he could confirm that although this cultivation method looked extremely similar to the light arrow used by Ahmad, it was fundamentally different. Moreover, through the energy structure analysis of the spatial energy in the arrow, he was certain that this cultivation method was actually inferior to the Great Light True Body cultivation method used by him.

The Great Light True Body was an S-rank cultivation method that Supremacy Alahuk was proud of. This cultivation method was probably only an A-rank cultivation method.

The reason why the power of the arrow was stronger was mainly that this guy's strength was even higher than Ahmad's and his control of spatial energy was perfect.

Of course, Chu Nan dared to fight Ahmad head-on before condensing the star cloud. Now that the star cloud in his body had successfully condensed, his understanding and use of spatial energy had essentially increased. His strength had greatly increased compared to before, so how could he be afraid?

He dodged two arrows and his figure flashed as he threw a punch at the other party from afar.

When he threw this punch, the spatial energy in the large space around him circulated with the star cloud in Chu Nan's body. Accompanied by the fist force, it condensed into a seemingly material light. The moment Chu Nan threw his fist and his arm was completely straightened, the light condensed from spatial energy left his hand and turned into a fist shadow that tore through the starry sky. It instantly broke through the distance of more than ten kilometers between the two of them and arrived in front of that person.

Feeling the terrifying pressure coming at him, Ankelu was shocked.

Previously, when he heard from Rowe that he had suffered a loss at the hands of this kid and had even caused the operation to fail midway, causing those young martial artists who had already been captured to be thrown away, Ankelu did not believe it.

Although the target of the Alliance's operation this time was those special young genius martial artists on the Orion Arm, all of them had extraordinary strength, no matter how talented they were, they were still young and their strength was definitely limited.

Therefore, the operations of the three action teams of the alliance were completed very smoothly in the early stages. He did not expect that after returning to the Perseus Arm, Rowe's team would have such a problem.

At first, Ankelu thought that Rowe was careless. Only after he suddenly encountered Chu Nan's attack when he jumped out of the stargate did he barely believe his words.

This kid captured from the Orion Arm was indeed extraordinary. He was actually able to possess the powerful strength of the Heaven Control Realm at such a young age, far exceeding ordinary geniuses.

Even so, he was still easily defeated by him and Rowe joining forces. Therefore, Ankelu still did not mind Chu Nan.

However, just now, after seeing Chu Nan appear on the monitoring screen of the spaceship, he was really shocked.

This kid's body had clearly been penetrated by nearly a hundred small holes and he should be deader than dead. Why was he still alive and kicking here?

Seeing that he was not injured at all and looked fine, Ankelu did not believe his eyes at all.

He even suspected that this kid had a twin brother. One of them had been killed by them just now, but the other had jumped out to take revenge for his brother?

Of course, logic told him that this was impossible.

It was impossible for there to be another guy who could have such talent and strength at such a young age!

Seeing that the fist shadow condensed from spatial energy had already arrived in front of him, he only had time to be surprised, but he discovered that he could not dodge at all.

When he recalled how Chu Nan had forcefully received his arrow of light with his palm, he sneered in his mind and threw a punch without holding back, hitting the fist shadow.


This time, it was Ankelu's body that shook intensely from the intense explosion, and his ears buzzed.

At the same time, the fist shadow was shattered by Ankelu's punch, but it instantly exploded into an extremely dazzling light, causing his vision to turn white and he lost all vision.

After finally calming the abnormal vibration of the spatial energy in the surrounding space, he was suddenly shocked.

"Oh no!"

Turning around, he saw a white figure cut through the starry sky and pounce toward the distant spaceship.

"Damn! This cunning kid still wants to destroy the spaceship!"

Ankelu cursed in his mind, but he discovered that he did not have the time to stop Chu Nan and could only watch helplessly as the white figure collided with the spaceship.

A seven-colored light appeared on the surface of the spaceship. It was the spaceship that immediately activated the energy shield. After Chu Nan collided, it stimulated the energy shield and caused an energy shock.

? "Ha, does this reckless kid really think he can succeed casually?" Seeing this scene, Ankelu heaved a sigh of relief.

However, before he could completely spit out this breath, a thought suddenly flashed through his mind and his expression instantly changed.

"No! This kid has the ability to destroy the energy shield!"

As soon as this thought flashed through his mind, he discovered that the white figure had collided with the energy shield outside the spaceship again. Then, seven-colored energy ripples rippled on the energy shield and disappeared.

The white figure then ruthlessly collided with the spaceship.

Terrifying flames exploded from the spaceship. The huge spaceship that was two kilometers long actually broke from the middle. Immediately after, countless explosions lit up. The first half of the spaceship could no longer maintain its flying posture in synchronous orbit. Under the influence of the planet's gravity below, it fell toward the surface of the planet.

Seeing this scene, Ankelu's expression changed drastically, and killing intent arose in his heart.

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