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Chapter 913 Surrounded By Ferocious Beasts

Chapter 913 Surrounded By Ferocious Beasts

On the surface of the planet, Rowe suddenly looked up at the sky.

At this moment, the sky that was already close to dark made it impossible for him to see the situation in the sky especially clearly. Naturally, he could not discover the battle that was happening in the synchronous orbit. However, not long after, he saw a ball of flames fall from the sky. Before long, it had already penetrated the atmosphere and fell at high speed toward the surface of the planet like a huge meteor.

Rowe glanced at it and his expression immediately changed.

Although it was enveloped in raging flames and the exact shape could not be seen on the surface, he could still tell that this was not a meteor, because what was wrapped in the flames was a complicated metal object!

What metal object with such a structure could fall outside this desolate planet?

Rowe did not need to consider much and naturally thought of the spaceship that should be in synchronous orbit.

As soon as this thought appeared in his mind, the personal terminal on Rowe's wrist suddenly recalled the voice of a communication request.

Rowe chose to answer with a dark expression. Ankelu's exasperated voice immediately sounded.

"Hey, Rowe, that kid is alive again! He even destroyed the spaceship!"

Rowe was stunned, "Which kid?" Then his expression changed drastically, "The spaceship was destroyed?"

"It's the kid we killed previously! Only the kid you mentioned to me before should be called Chu… Chu something…" Ankelu's voice was still accompanied by a biting cold wind, as if she was flying at high speed in the sky, "This kid suddenly came alive and even took the opportunity to accidentally destroy the spaceship! I'm chasing after him. He's flying toward the ground now. Watch carefully and stop him in front… Oh! What's this?!"

Just as he said this, Ankelu suddenly cried out in surprise. Then, a series of muffled sounds sounded from his personal terminal, as if he was fighting someone.

Rowe frowned.

Ankelu said that the kid called Chu Nan had come back to life?

How was this possible?

Previously, he and Ankelu had clearly seen it clearly. That kid's entire body was densely penetrated. He should be completely dead!

Then, Rowe recalled what had happened in this star system.

That kid and those young geniuses who had been captured had clearly had their life force almost sucked dry by a special method and condensed. As usual, it was impossible for them to resist, but this kid had forcefully recovered in this situation. Moreover, he had even caused a huge commotion in the end and saved the other genius martial artists he had captured.

From this point, it was enough to prove that not only was this kid's personal strength outstanding, but he also hid an extremely special ability on him that could create miracles under completely impossible circumstances.

When he recalled that this kid could actually suddenly disappear with the entire condensation room, Rowe regretted it even more.

"Damn! I should have understood that this kid is not simple. How can I underestimate him?!"

However, it was meaningless to regret it at this moment. Rowe looked up at the sky again.

Ankelu said that the kid was flying toward the ground, but it was unknown from which direction he flew down.

After thinking for a moment, Rowe roared at Ankelu through his personal terminal, "Ankelu, open your location sharing and watch that kid closely. I'll be right there!"

There was a muffled sound coming from his personal terminal, and his answer could not be heard at all.

"Who is this guy fighting? Is that kid that powerful?" Rowe could not help but feel a little puzzled.

He had fought Chu Nan head-on. Although he admitted that Chu Nan's strength was indeed outstanding, he was still young and his strength was limited. In a head-on battle, it would not bring much pressure to a third-stage Heaven Control expert like him.

On the other hand, Ankelu's strength was comparable to Rowe's. Chu Nan should not have forced him to the point where he did not even have the time to answer.

After waiting for a while, he still could not receive an answer. Rowe was a little anxious, so he simply tapped his feet and soared into the air.

With Ankelu's strength, only super experts who were equally powerful could force him into such a situation.

Then, the commotion of the battle between these two experts would definitely be extremely great. It was impossible for them not to observe.

If there was really no other way, Rowe planned to fly out of the atmosphere and observe the entire planet from the outside. It was impossible for him not to find Ankelu.

However, just as he flew into the sky, Rowe suddenly felt countless terrifying auras surging from all directions.

This discovery shocked him.

These terrifying auras suddenly appeared without any warning, as if they had suddenly jumped out of another space.

Moreover, from the aura, every one of these terrifying auras was actually not inferior to him!

After sensing carefully, Rowe was even more surprised.

There were actually more than a hundred auras!

"Could it be that there are actually more than a hundred Heaven Control experts hidden on this small planet?"

With a thought, Rowe thought of something else and understood.

This planet, or rather, the entire star system, was actually very famous.

On this ordinary-looking planet, the most densely packed various ferocious beasts in the entire Perseus Arm were gathered. It was the most famous ferocious beast planet in the nearby Star Field.

The reason why this ferocious beast planet was not occupied by humans was that not only were there many ferocious beasts on this planet, but they were also especially powerful.

According to incomplete statistics, there were more than a thousand A-rank ferocious beasts on this planet alone, and there were countless other B-rank and below ferocious beasts.

Most importantly, in the legends, this planet was occupied by the most terrifying S-rank ferocious beast that was even reputed to be comparable to a Star-Grade Martial Artist!

It was very difficult to investigate the history of this planet in detail, but according to the rumors, this star system was originally the main part of the interplanetary channel. Later on, it was gradually abandoned because it was affected by the terrifying ferocious beasts on this planet.

Now that hundreds of terrifying auras had suddenly appeared around him, it was naturally impossible for there to really be so many Heaven Control experts gathered. Clearly, they should be A-rank ferocious beasts that were not inferior to Heaven Control experts.

Rowe's gaze swept past and indeed, he discovered that several black shadows had already appeared in the sky and surrounded him from all directions.

There was no need to look, but from the aura revealed by these monsters, he could sense their dense hostility.

Even with the powerful strength of a third-stage Heaven Control Martial Artist, when he saw so many powerful A-rank ferocious beasts, he still felt his heart tighten and his scalp tingle.

Of course, he was not afraid of one, two, or even a few ordinary A-rank ferocious beasts, but there were more than a hundred around him!

Unless he was an even stronger Star-Grade Martial Artist, he did not have to think about facing these terrifying ferocious beasts head-on!

"Damn, could it be that that damned kid plans to use these ferocious beasts to pester us?" Rowe sneered, "Where does this kid's confidence come from? Isn't he afraid that he'll be swallowed by these ferocious beasts?"

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