Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Who’s the Bastard!

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He didn’t know how many times he had had this absurd dream.

In the deepest part of the imperial tombs, in the gloomy and cold underground palace, there was a huge coffin in the center.

It was a coffin made of pure gold.

He was holding a chisel in his hand, but no one knew what it was for.

The coffin was empty, but judging from its size, it was for a woman.

There was deep sorrow in his eyes. His eyes were wet, like his heart was broken. It felt like a dull pain that lingered in his body.

At 3:30am, Pei Huai woke up.

He straightened his body and the white blanket was casually draped around his torso. His upper body was bare, and the silver moonlight shone through the floor-to-ceiling window and onto his body.

His shoulders were wide, his waist was slim, and his beautiful muscles were perfectly defined.

His short black hair was slightly messy, but it added a bit of gentleness to his cold and hard face.

This was the body that countless people in A City dreamed of.

He had thought that funding the expedition team to excavate the mausoleum hidden in the depths of the imperial mausoleum would stop this nightmare, but it didn’t change anything.

After turning on the bedside lamp, Pei Huai took out a document, trying to distract himself with work.

However, something fell to the ground when he opened it.

The bedside lamp happened to illuminate it, and it was a VIP admission ticket.

To the museum of A City…


Su Ji slept until nine the next day. Although the bed was small, it was very soft. The ergonomic mattress allowed her to stretch comfortably.

When she pushed the door open, she found that the Su residence was very quiet. She called out to Aunt Zou and asked her where everyone had gone.

Aunt Zou had been scolded badly the day before, but she held her anger in. “Second Miss and Young Master’s college entrance examination results are out today. Sir and Madam have brought them to school.”

Most students would just check it at home. However, Ning Lihua insisted on making a trip to the school to talk to the dean about which school was better for them.

She was afraid that the future of her two precious babies would be held up.

The whole family had left, leaving Su Ji alone.

Aunt Zou waited for Su Ji’s aggrieved and sad reaction, but Su Ji simply said “got it” and went downstairs happily, humming a little tune.

Su Ji wished that they would never come back. After enjoying her breakfast alone, she took a taxi to the museum.

With her current popularity, no one would recognize her if she wore a cap.

Su Ji was watching the news in the back seat of the taxi. In the past, if she wanted to know about national affairs, she had to wait for the officials to submit their reports. Now, it was much more convenient.

It’s so easy to get information!

Her tomb was hidden in the deepest part of the imperial mausoleum, 25 meters from the surface. It was extremely difficult to dig it out, so when she came to the present, she did not expect her tomb to be discovered.

She read the archaeological log that the National Archeological Bureau released to the public. The log stated that five teams explored and excavated the mausoleum for six years. They almost gave up because of a lack of funding but they were lucky to receive financial assistance from a sponsor who did not want to be named.

There was also a blurred half-body photo of the sponsor.

Su Ji looked at the dark silhouette and her eyebrows furrowed.

A mysterious person…

I wonder who this bastard is!

I’m going to beat him up!

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