Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The Mysterious Pen Pal

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Several black cars with special license plates drove into the Pei family’s courtyard. Several men in uniforms and white gloves carried a calligraphy painting that was kept in a transparent glass cabinet into the house.

The staff moved very carefully, which showed the value of the items inside.

In order to thank the Pei family for their six years of support, the archeological department awarded Pei Huai a calligraphy painting excavated from the tomb of the demon concubine.

The relics were priceless, so it was a high honor for the Pei family to receive the painting officially.

In the study, Pei Huai looked at the calligraphy painting. Two styles of brushstrokes blended into one. Although they were not done by one person, they looked surprisingly harmonious.

He could picture the mountains and flowing water, accompanied by the sound of the zither.

Suddenly, he felt as if he had seen this painting before. He casually twirled a pen between his fingers, and he was lost in thought for more than ten minutes.

He remembered that Su Ji had said that she wished she could have the relics.

Pei Huai took a picture of it with his phone.

Then, he looked at his WeChat account, but he did not see the name that he remembered. Instead, there was a new name.


Pei Huai chuckled.

She had changed her profile name.

This was indeed more suitable for her.

He could almost imagine the proud expression on her face when she came up with this name.

Su Ji had just finished communicating with the seller. She did not expect that the book was pre-sales only. She was peeling lychees by the bed when she received a picture on WeChat.

When she opened it, her eyes instantly lit up.

Wasn’t this the painting that she had completed with her pen pal in the past?

In the past when they didn’t have mobile phones and other fast communication tools, the only way they could communicate with their friends from far away was with letters.

As for Su Ji’s pen pal, she had never met him before, nor did she know his identity. They got to know each other by chance. Their political views resonated with each other, and they shared the same interests.

Su Ji treated ‘her’ like an elder sister, and ‘she’ also became Su Ji’s hope in the palace.

Her soulmate.

This painting was very important to her. Su Ji put the lychee into her mouth and started to type on her phone.

[Where did you get it? How much would you sell it for?]

He was waiting for her reply, so he texted back quickly.

He even sent two in succession.

[I’m not selling.]

[Just showing you.]

Su Ji was speechless.

At this moment, her expression dropped.

Were they not real friends?

So he was just tempting her?

A servant knocked on the door. It was the family doctor who had come to change her dressing.

Su Ji simply threw the phone to the side and went downstairs.


The gauze soaked with blood was removed and placed aside. The family doctor used a pair of tweezers to clean the wound with a cotton ball while carefully observing the recovery.

The original owner’s skin was prone to scarring and her wound was much worse than he had imagined.

He was not optimistic, but Ms. Su was in the entertainment industry, and her face was especially important to her, so he could not bear to tell her. He came to check up on her and the result was…

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Su Cunyi was a little anxious with his hands behind his back, “how is it?”

After a moment of silence, the doctor shook his head regretfully. His words immediately attracted the attention of Ning Lihua and Su Qianrou, who were watching TV in the living room with facial masks on their faces.

“I’m afraid that the wound on Ms. Su’s forehead will leave a scar,” he said.

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