Medical Princess

Chapter 16 Adept Wall Climbing Skills

Qin Wanru stood on the swing and felt it safe by pulling the ropes of the swing.

"Old grandma ordered people to fasten the ropes in case of my playing it secretly. Since the swing was safe, Qin Wanru sat on it. However, she hesitated after sitting on it."

She touched the place where her arm was injured, not knowing whether she would misplay.

Looking up at the tall courtyard wall, she found when the swing swayed, it was likely to hit the courtyard wall. "Anyway, I have to try it."

She held the ropes on both sides with her feet slammed back. Then the swing swayed, slipped down later and was about to hit the trunk behind it. When Qin Wanru felt right, she kicked the trunk behind. Then, the swing went out again.

Then the swing came back again. She kicked it again.

She was familiar with the swing, so she kicked almost at the same position. As the swing was getting higher and higher, she was closer and closer to the courtyard wall. Qin Wan stared at the high wall in front of her and suddenly loosed her hands. She jumped out and happened to lie on the high wall.

"Her ladyship, her ladyship, are you okay?" Qing Yue said in a low tone on seeing her figure. She had been waiting outside the wall for a while.

"Not ok. How come I am ok!"

She felt her injured arm stung. Qin Wanru knew that her wound would be tore again. She burst out tears because it hurt so much. Her hands were weak so she almost fell from the high wall.

She insisted on with her teeth set. Then she loosed her hands slightly after suffering from the pain that surged like a tide. Her pink cherry lips suddenly became pale and she shivered twice without making a slight sound.

Finally, she got over. Qin Wan looked at her arms sideways and saw blood penetrated from the coat that was not thick.

She clearly knew that she couldn't insist for a long time. She turned her head and moved slightly to the left side of the foot. There was a tree growing there, a tree leaning against the wall.

She held the truck of the tree and slipped to the ground outside the courtyard. Qin Wanru had no energy and fell to the ground.

Qing Yue hugged her upper body immediately and said in a hurry, "Her ladyship, are you ok?"

"I'm fine. Let's go!" She said with sweat like big beans falling down from her forehead across her pale face, which made her childish little face pitiful. She was just a child but there was strong toughness in her eyes.

Qing Yue felt that her ladyship seemed to have changed after waking up yesterday. Before, she made people feel that she was young and ignorant in terms of both her appearance and personality. Nowadays, she was still young and ignorant in terms of her appearance only. It seemed that her soul had been changed. Of course, Qingyue also knew that this was impossible.

But it was certain that her ladyship had changed.

However, Qing Yue was very happy to see the changes. "At least her ladyship will not be coaxed by the lady and lady Yuru"

The carriage, brought by Qing Yue, was the most common kind in the house. Qing Yue helped Qin Wanru to get on the carriage. Then, the carriage slowly went outside of the city to Jingxin Monastery.

"Prince, the wind is a bit heavy here. Let's go back!" Xiao Xuanzi said after noticing the pale complexion of his master.

Chu Liuchen did not pay attention to Xiao Xuanzi. Instead, he walked up to the front of the swing and looked at the shelf in front of him with interest. Only then he was at the entrance of the Moon Cave over there, watching Qin Wanru climb over the wall.

Her ladyship in this family had adept wall climbing skills, which he had not seen before. "Shouldn't all ladies be sitting without shaking knees?"

Ropes were relatively strong. Chu Liuchen pulled, sat on the swing and said to Xiao Xuanzi curiously, "push!"

"Prince, your body was not in good health..." Xiao Xuanzi was worried with his sweat coming down. "Is this kind of intense activity really suitable for my master?"

"Push!" Chu Liuchen narrowed his eyes and looked at the wall with no expressions on his handsome face.

"Yes!" Xiao Xuanzi shivered in his heart on seeing the expressionless face of his own master. Under this condition, it was difficult to read the master's heart. He dared not to talk anymore. He pushed it forward, which swayed the swing.

It was the same place and the same kick-out. Xiao Xuanzi felt like he saw what lady Wanru had done. He would be happy to see if the person was not his master. But it was his master, which...which made his surprised face pale like Chu Liuchen.

"Prince, be careful."

"Prince, I will help you push."


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