Medical Princess

Chapter 17 Both the Master of Jingxin Monastery and Her Sister Know Medication

Seeing that the prince also jumped into the wall, Xiao Xuanzi was scared.

"Fortunately, my master did not like lady Wanru who was lying on the wall. He was standing still and seemed to be stable."

Chu Liuchen stood on the wall of the courtyard, seeing a drop of blood on the wall with his eyebrows wrinkled and then seeing a drop of blood outside the courtyard.

From the wall to the tree was a trail of blood which could be seen until somewhere along the trunk. Over there was a rut so it was possible that she left by carriage.

Prince raised his eyes and looked ahead, only to see the back of a carriage.

She was a clever little girl who left through this method. Then there was nothing interesting to see. He had his feet diverted and fell from the wall. Xiao Xuanzi was scared when he saw his master falling from the wall, reaching for the high wall on one side and coughing up with sharp pain in his chest.

"Prince, are you ok? Prince!" Xiao Xuanzi reached for Chu Liuchen after rolling and crawling.

"I'm ok. Let's go back!" Chu Liuchen said flat and slowly stood after coughing a few times. He did not move his feet.

"Prince, do I need to fetch the chair?" Xiao Xuanzi asked.

Chu Liuchen nodded and pointed to the swing. Xiao Xuanzi was busy helping him to sit down on the swing. When the swing was not shaking, it could be used as a chair.

"Prince, wait here for a minute. I will come back soon!" Xiao Xuanzi ran to fetch the chair after he saw Prince sitting stably.

The handsome young boy closed his eyes with his long and curled eyelashes flicked twice and his thin lips hanging up, which showed weakness in his lazy gesture. It was not the expressionless face that Xiao Xuanzi had seen before.

Jingxin Monastery was not far from General Ningyuan's mansion. It only took half an hour.

After knowing the purpose of Qin Wanru's arrival, the master of Jingxin Monastery asked the little nun around to fetch the Fenghua glass light left by old Mrs. Qin.

"Thank you, mistress!" Seeing Fenghua glass light, Qin Wanru was relieved because she found what Jin Datui wanted.

"No problem, it is not a thing which can be placed here casually." The master of Jingxin Monastery was 50 or 60 something. She was very kind and at this time she pushed over the bag with a smile in which there was the Fenghua glass light. "Lady Wanru, is this one?"

"It is this one. Thanks for your efforts!" Qin Wanru thanked.

The master of Jingxin Monastery could not help laughing when she saw the little girl who lift up her bright eyes and pretended to be calm like an adult. Because she was familiar with old Mrs. Qin, she was not unfamiliar with Qin Wanru. Therefore, she immediately reached out and gently touched her hair.

"I've heard that something happened in the General's mansion. How is the old lady going?" The bridal sedan chair being smashed was spread widely even to Jingxin Monastery that was a remote area, which showed the power of gossip.

It could be spread so fast because a large number of people saw it at that time. In other words, Qi Tianyu deliberately found many people to fetch the bride, which aimed to make Qin Wanru shameful but Qin Yuru lost her face.

"Is it spread all over around" Qin Wan asked curiously. Indeed, she wanted to know the impact brought by this case. However, it was inconvenient for her to go outside to inquire about it. Since the master of Jingxin Monastery knew it, she could ask about it by the way.

Moreover, she also knew that this case did not end and how will that mother and daughter be willing to bear all the responsibilities.

"Yes," said the master of Jingxin Monastery, "I've heard that lady Wanru had smashed the bridal sedan chair of Qi's mansion yesterday. It was caused by lady Yuru who wished to marry to someone in the capital and intended to leave the first master of Qi family, her childhood sweetheart. I could not think that lady Yuru, a gentle girl, was like such person."

After a sigh, she saw Qin Wanru's injured arm. "Was her ladyship stabbed by a villain slave yesterday? Let me help you check whether it was serious or not?"

"Thank you, mistress!" Qin Wanru said.

The master of Jingxin Monastery was good at medication, which was known by everyone in Jiangzhou Prefecture. Usually, the pilgrims who were sick or farmers around were sick, they would send for the master of Jingxin Monastery. Therefore, Jingxin Monastery enjoyed a good reputation.

However, Qin Wanru knew that the person with best medication skills was not the master of Jingxin Monastery but her sister, Mingqiu Mistress. The reason why Qin Wanru knew it was that Mingqiu Mistress liked her very much and told the old lady that she would like to accept her as a disciple and impart her medication skills to her.

But every time her request was politely rejected by the old lady.

"Lady Wanru came with me!" The master of Jingxin Monastery stood up and walked in followed by Qin Wanru. She removed the outer shirt to reveal the wound inside after getting into the room.

The master of Jingxin Monastery peeled off the cotton towel that was wrapped on the wound and then placed it on one side. The master of Jingxin Monastery darkened her face on seeing the powders on Qin Wanru's wound.

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