Medical Princess

Chapter 18 Qi Tianyu Who Stands in the Way

"Where did this medicine powder come from?" the master of the Jingxin monastery asked casually as he took a clean cloth and wiped away the powder mixed with blood on Qin Wanru's wound.

No one noticed darkness flickered over her eyes and eyebrows. Her hands trembled a little. But soon she held one hand tightly. When her hands were raised again, they were not trembling at all.

"Is it the man's medicine? After all these years, did he finally show up?"

"It must be the medicine from the doctor who was called by grandma!" Qin Wanru looked at the wound on her arm with a little confusion since she really didn't know.

"Please ask old Mrs. Qin, which doctor gave her the medicine powder after going back." The voice of the master of the Jingxin monastery was soft, but there was a kind of heaviness which could be heard by Qin Wanru in her voice. Qin Wanru titled to look and thought, "Does the medicine have a problem?"

"OK, I will ask grandma after going back and then take a message to you!" Qin Wanru smiled and said. The master of the Jingxin monastery had cleaned her wound during the conversation. Then she picked up a bottle, sprinkled the wound with medicine powder again, and then covered the wound carefully.

After everything was done, she got up and cleaned her hands in a basin on one side.

Qin Wanru got dressed again with the help of Qing Yue.

After expressing her gratitude to the master of the Jingxin monastery again, Qin Wanru left money and took Qing Yue down the mountain. But as she approached her own mansion, she was stopped.

"Is Second Miss of the mansion of Qin inside the carriage?"

The voice sounded familiar!

Qin Wanru blinked her eyes and knew what was going on. She left the mansion quietly so no one would know unless someone had been kept an eye for her carriage outside. She left in a hurry, so she had no time to tell anyone.

At this time, no one could stop her outside the mansion except for the First Young Master of the Qi Family.

Qi Tianyu hadn't figured it out and certainly would not give up. She smiled with extreme coldness. Now since he was here, she would save a lot of trouble.

Qing Yue lifted the carriage curtain. "This is Second Miss of our mansion," she said as she was looking outside. And when she saw Qi Tianyu with his servant standing in front of the carriage, she had a cooler expression immediately with a bit of anger on her face. Qi Tianyu had been nice to Qin Wanru in the past, so it was unexpected that he wanted to kill Qin Wanru.

"First Young Master of the Qi Family, our Second Miss did not concern with you. Why did you stop her?"

Qing Yue saw clearly that Qi Tianyu protected Qin Yuru and had found that if her Young Madam had been on the bridal sedan chair, she would lose all her reputation now, so she did not like Qi Tianyu at all.

"Sister Wanru, can I have a word with you?" Qi Tianyu ignored Qing Yue and said bitterly with his eyes falling on the half-fallen carriage curtain.

Both Qin Yuru and he lost reputation because what had happened yesterday. He had been a fine young master who was praised by everyone, but now he was picked on, which made Qi Tianyu who was such a proud man almost unbearable.

"First Young Master of the Qi Family, what are you going to say?" Qin Wanru said in a faint cold voice and did not get out of the carriage.

In the previous life, Qi Tianyu made her notorious and didn't stop hurting her. After that, he went to the capital and got number 3 in national civil examinations. After he became an official, he even helped Mrs. Qin and her daughter to humiliate her. He didn't listen to her explanation and said he would trample her into the dirtiest mud.

And they indeed did it.

Qin Wanru would not like to see such a selfish and headstrong person again.

"Sister Wanru, was...was sister Yuru really not willing to do it?" Qi Tianyu said in pain. He always thought Qin Yuru loved him in a deep and unchangeable way. He never expected that he would be abandoned by Qin Yuru in such a dishonorable way.

"Qin Yuru was forced, wasn't she?"

"First Young Master of the Qi Family, this is between you and my eldest sister. Does this have anything to do with me?" Qin Wanru sneered mercilessly.

"Sister Wanru, you... how can you be so mean now?" Qi Tianyu looked at the half-closed curtain sadly. He did not understand why she became so mean now. Qin Wanru had been a lovely girl who would show a cute and pretty smiling face to everyone.

"Was she still the smiling little girl he knew?"

She used to call him "brother Tianyu", but now she showed such a cool and distant look, which made him frustrating suddenly and sad.

"What First Young Master of the Qi Family said is really ridiculous. If I had allowed you to carry the sedan chair to your mansion yesterday and then let you launch an attack, I would have been beyond dispute. I am afraid that others would be mean to talk about me." Qin Wanru smiled with a cold voice as she said to Qing Yue, "Qing Yue, let's go home!"

She would not help Qin Yuru to explain. If they had something to talk, they should talk to each other.

Qi Tianyu knew clearly what would have happened if the bridal sedan chair had been carried back yesterday. As Qin Wanru pointed out that, he felt guilty suddenly and stepped back. So Qin Wanru's carriage passed him, leaving only one extremely indifferent sentence, "If First Young Master of the Qi Family wants to know something, just ask my eldest sister directly, but it seems that she doesn't want to see you now!"

Qin Wanru was not so easy to deal with. When facing Qi Tianyu alone, Qin Wanru had a lot of methods to make Qi Tianyu believe her. However, she was not afraid that they would confront each other but afraid that he wouldn't go.

Qin Yuru wouldn't give up. Mrs. Qin wouldn't give up. Neither would Qi Tianyu. Then just let them confront each other and prove it true.

It would be better when things got worse. Jiangzhou was so far away from the capital. The worse it became, the further it would spread.

The girl said it in a gentle voice with indifference and taunt and it made Qi Tianyu's eyes become red. He stretched out his hands and smashed hard to the tree aside. Then he turned and strode away. He could not wait. Anyway, he had to see Qin Yuru personally and figure it out, even though his father said he would not blame anyone.

He had to see Qin Yuru.

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