MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 10: First Bucket of Gold

Chapter 10: First Bucket of Gold

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Wang Yu who was currently defying the heavens was completely oblivious to the fact that he had attracted the attention of Soaring Dragon Game Studios! He simply remained calm and composed and continued to pummel away at the Silver Wolf King without missing a beat!

The Silver Wolf King's health continued to slowly deplete and soon it had only 30% left!

"AWOOOOOO!!!" With a savage howl, the Silver Wolf King leapt five meters away from Wang Yu.

Just as Wang Yu was about to close the distance again the Silver Wolf King suddenly turned blurry.

[Full Moon Charge]!!

When Wang Yu saw the Silver Wolf King's body turn blurry he suddenly remembered this skill and thought to himself: "So this is the Silver Wolf King's finishing move then?"

While Wang Yu was thinking this, the Silver Wolf King created a series of afterimages that lunged towards Wang Yu.

Wang Yu held his breath and fixed his gaze onto the Silver Wolf King as his movement technique became increasingly mysterious. A twist to the left, a duck to the right… It was as though Wang Yu was dancing!


The after images flashed seven times and Wang Yu advanced seven steps towards the real Silver Wolf King as his body warped seven times as well! Every time one of the afterimages seemed like it was about to hit him, Wang Yu would twist his body at the last moment and avoid it completely!

The [Full Moon Charge] has completely missed!!!

Boson, Fearless and the entire development team were so shocked they lost their ability to speak! The game control centre was deathly quiet at this moment…

"He… He completely avoided the [Full Moon Charge] didn't he…" The creator of the Silver Wolf King feebly asked.

"Yea…" The crowd nodded.

"What a beast…"

It was as if the entire team could hear the sound of the creator's heart shattering.

If the creator had heard what Wang Yu had to say about the Silver Wolf King, his heart would definitely have turned to dust.

"What was with that messy and haphazard attack? Was that supposed to hit me or something?" Wang Yue laughed. It wasn't that Wang Yu was being arrogant, rather it was that the [Full Moon Charge] had seemed full of openings to him. It wasn't even comparable to when the Silver Wolf King had been trying to hit Wang Yu with its claws and fangs!

What kind of finisher was this supposed to be? It was simply a pile of shit! This was what Wang Yu had wanted to say the most.

After using the [Full Moon Charge], the Silver Wolf King seemed to have lost some of its previous majesty like a poisonous snake that had spat out its poison. The Silver Wolf King seemed slightly depressed and its movements had even slowed down!

Seeing this scene Wang Yu simply laughed as he charged towards the Silver Wolf King to finish it off.

Wang Yu brutally unleashed a [Lateral Kick] on the jaw of the Silver Wolf King, causing its head to fly back.

Hook, choke, one inch punch....

Combo 1, Combo 2, Combo 3…

At this moment, it was as though the Silver Wolf King had become the training pillar in Wang Yu's house as he continued to wail on the Silver Wolf King.

Wang Yu's body constantly flashed as he relentlessly hit the poor wolf. The Silver Wolf King let out a pitiful whelp as it gave up resisting and soon transformed into a beam of white light and returned to the system's embrace.

Before it died, a trace of unwillingness and anger flashed on the face of the Silver Wolf King as it disappeared.

At the same time, Wang Yu who had absorbed the experience points of the Independent mode silver grade boss levelled up 3 times at one shot!

When he had fought the twelve Silver Wolf Warriors previously, Wang Yu had earned enough experience to reach 90% experience at level 6! With the experience from killing the Silver Wolf King, if the level limit hadn't been capped at 10 before players finished the final beginner village quest Wang Yu wouldn't have only levelled up three times.

World Announcement: Player "Iron Bull" from beginner village 3318 has the slain the boss "Silver Wolf King" and is the first person to vanquish it, taking another step forward on the path of heroes!

Seeing this announcement, the every player in the game was stunned. Most people knew what the Silver Wolf Warrior was but a Silver Wolf King? What boss was that? How come they had never heard of it before?

Who was Iron Bull? Was he a pro gamer or something? Which game did he transfer over from? What was his class? Was he a Warrior? Or maybe a Magician?

Within seconds everyone began guessing the true identity of Iron Bull.

Of course a gaming noob like Wang Yu wasn't bothered about such things and happily picking up the loot that the Silver Wolf King had dropped.

The Silver Wolf King's generosity really lived up to its name as a Silver grade boss! It had dropped several gold coins and 3 pieces of equipment!

Wolf King's Claw (Dagger) (Silver)

Physical attack 22-29

Magic attack 10-13

[Hemophile]: 10% chance of activating lifesteal when attacking and convert 2% of damage done to health.

[Grievous Wound]: 10% chance to disable enemy and reduce movement speed by 20%

Level requirement: 15

Wolf King's Fortune (Necklace) (Gold)

Physical attack 31-42

Magic attack 15-19

[Concentration]: Heals a fixed amount of MP every 3 seconds

[Recovery]: Recover 1% of max HP every 3 seconds

Additional Skill:

-[Full Moon Charge]: Summon seven Wolf Kings to lunge at an enemy simultaneously. Each wolf King does damage equal to user's Strength*3. 6 hours cooldown.

Level requirement: 10

Wolf King's Shadow (Shoes) (Silver)

Physical defense 22-29

Magic resistance 10-13

Increases movement speed by 10%

[Haste]: Increases attack speed by 10%

[Ghost]: Increases movement speed by 200% for 3 seconds, 180 second cooldown.

Level requirement: 10

The Silver Wolf King had also dropped a skill book when it died!

Skillbook for [Return To Origin]

[Return To Origin]: Passive Skill, Increases Physical attack and Magic attack by 10%

Class Requirement: None

Legacy Command: Unknown use, perhaps it has some mysteries in it!

Aside from all of these drops, Wang Yu had also gained 1000 points of fame.

Looking at how full his experience bar was, Wang Yu felt very pleased with himself and turned around to return to the village since continuing to hunt was pointless.

The moment he set foot into the beginner village, Wang Yu immediately heard the sound of a notification.

When he opened it to take a look, Wang Yu realised that the message was sent by Frost Blade causing him to immediately light up. His god of fortune had arrived!

In the morning, Frost Blade had spent 7 gold coins to buy a bunch of overpriced equipment. If news of what Wang Yu had acquired were to reach him, he would definitely splurge on Wang Yu's latest finds.

Opening the notification Frost Blade's greeting was: "Brother, did the Silver Wolf King drop anything good?"

"Equipment and a skillbook!" Wang Yu replied.

"Send me the pictures!"

"Um… How do I send pictures?" Wang Yu awkwardly asked.

"You don't even know how to take a screenshot of your status page? Don't tell me you're a noob?"

"Well yea… This is my first time playing a game after all!" Wang Yu honestly replied.

"Monstrous!" Frost Blade sent a thumbs up emoji to Wang Yu over the chat and then taught him how to send a screenshot of his status page.

After learning, Wang Yu immediately sent pictures of all the items that he had picked up to Frost Blade.

After looking at the items Frost Blade was stunned for a few seconds before exclaiming: "Name your price!"

The game had only been out for three days and not only had Wang Yu acquired bronze tier equipment, but also silver and gold tier ones as well! He really was a genius is this regard!

Those two bronze tier equipment were extremely beneficial to close combat classes and were must haves! And the dagger was something that thieves would dream of in their sleep!

As for the one Gold tier necklace even Wang Yu could see that it was extremely valuable let alone Frost Blade.

Name a price? How was Wang Yu supposed to name a price for something like this?

"I'm not familiar with the market rate!" Wang Yu blandly said.

"I'll give you 10 gold coins for the ring, 15 gold coins for the armour and the rest I'll pay with real money!" Frost Blade replied.

Hearing this, Wang Yu was stunned by Frost Blade's "heroic spirit".

It was just 2 pieces of virtual equipment and this guy was willing to pay more than 10000 for it? Were people these days really that crazy about games?

"That's fine. Come over to the blacksmith. We'll discuss this face to face."

Not long after a Thief soon soundlessly appeared next to Wang Yu.

This Thief was actually rather good looking, however his constantly attempts to actually act like would made it hard for people around him to not smile.

"Are you Iron Bull?" After looking at Wang Yu, Frost Blade found it rather hard to believe he was actually the real Iron Bull. He had originally thought that the demon who killed the first boss would be a Warrior or maybe a Magician, not some trashy Pugilist!

"You're Frost Blade?" Was Yu was slightly startled as well. He didn't imagine that the rich buyer was someone like this…

Frost blade nodded and said: "Yea I am. Let's trade then!". As he spoke, Frost Blade took out a bag of gold coins and passed it to Wang Yu who also took out the ring and armour and placed it in Frost Blade's hands.

"I'll pay 5000 for the dagger, 10000 for the shoes and 20000 for the necklace. Tell me your bank account number and I'll transfer the money over to you!" Frost blade said after completing the trade.

"I'm not selling the shoes and necklace. I plan on using them myself actually." Wang Yu said as he shook his head.

"What… Then why did you even send me the pictures of those just now?"

"Well you asked what drops I got from the boss!" Wang Yu cluelessly replied.

"You really are a noob huh…" Frost Blade said dejectedly.

In REBIRTH equipment didn't have any sort of protection on them so experienced players wouldn't show their equipment so easily. Unlike Wang Yu who had honestly displayed all his items to Frost Blade.

"Yea this is my first day playing!" Wang yu nodded.

"Okay then I'll send you a friend request as well! Quickly give me your bank account number so I can transfer you the money!"

"Just give me a second." Wang Yu hurriedly said and immediately logged out. After a short while, Wang Yu logged back in a sent a string of numbers to Frost Blade.

"You've never used your card before huh?"

"Yea… My wife set it up for me awhile back. It wasn't easy to find the card actually…" Wang Yu blushed.

With a sigh Frost Blade quickly got to work.

"Done! The money has been transferred!"

"Okay!" With a nod Wang Yu took out the dagger and handed it to Frost Blade.

"'re not going to check if the money was actually transferred?" Seeing Wang Yu's response had felt Frost Blade in shock.

"Er…. How do I check my account?" Wang Yu quizzically asked.

"Oh my god! I'm so done here!"

And so Frost Blade thought Wang Yu how to sync his bank account with his REBIRTH account and then thought him how to check his balance, confirming that the 50000 had been successfully transferred.

Looking at the money in his account he felt an indescribable feeling well up inside him as he continuously counted the money again and again. 50000 dollars! This was the first time Wang Yu had ever earned any money in his life! Who would have thought he would have earned it like this?

"Alright then I'll be heading off first. Call me if you find any other good equipment!" After he finished speaking, Frost Blade stealthily disappeared from where we was standing.

After Frost Blade had left, Wang Yu counted the money in his bank account for the final time before walking in front Blacksmith Li.

When Blacksmith Li saw Wang Yu this time around, he didn't have the same cold and aloof attitude as he did the first time, he was even slightly emotional as he said: "Brave warrior, I can't believe that you really slayed that despicable wolf king!"

Hearing his words Wang Yu was slightly depressed. If he couldn't believe it then was this old man trying to send him to his death in the first place?

"Yes!" Wang Yu nodded.

"Wuu...Wu… My son… Your father has avenged you…" After the short emotional skit, the blacksmith immediately regained his composure and even had a smile on his face! This caused Wang Yu to secretly sigh. NPCs really were freaks weren't they. Crying one moment and then laughing the next, this really was too fast.

"Respected and noble warrior, I must thank you again for helping me avenge my son!"

"All in a day's work for a martial artist!" Wang Yu humbly replied.

Blacksmith Li ignored what Wang yu had said and continued his speech. "A long time ago, I had saved a Pugilist who was in danger. After he died he left a weapon in my care, hoping that one day I would be able to meet a true hero and pass it on! Are you willing to accept it?"

"Of course!" Wang Yu excitedly replied.

"Since he saved the Pugilist how did he still end up dying? Are the creators idiots or something?" Wang Yu secretly thought to himself.

"Achoo!" One of the creators fiercely sneezed. "Motherf**ker! Winter is already so hard to bear and now I have to deal with a cold?" He cursed.

Hearing that Wang Yu was willing to accept the reward, Blacksmith Li happily reached under the counter and took out something that looked like a pair of gloves.

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