MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 11: System Upgrade

Chapter 11: System Upgrade

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As he watched the blacksmith casually take out the equipment from underneath the counter, Wang Yu’s heart sank. Whatever it was that the blacksmith had laid out on the countertop probably wasn’t anything good, however it couldn’t be any worse than the Old Cloth Gloves that he was currently wearing.

As he thought about it, Wang Yu stretched out his hand to receive the equipment.

Wang Yu was stunned when he looked at the attributes of the gloves that he had just received. Not because it was a piece of trash, but because it was too strong! It was simply wasn’t a piece of equipment that should exist in the beginner village.

Martial Artist’s Regret (Fist Weapon) (Silver) (Broken) (Repairable)

Physical Attack: 40-40

Magical Attack: 40-40


[Haste] - Attack speed is increased by 20%

[Spread] - 10% of physical damage dealt to the target will hit the monsters surrounding it, up to a maximum of 60% of the original attack.

Special ability:

[Swallow] - This equipment can merge with other equipments of the same time, to repair itself and advance its grade.

Level Requirement: 1

Wang Yu did not really understand the attributes and skills of the weapon. But he had already seen other silver tier weapons and compared to them, this fist weapon was at least twice as strong and were comparable to even gold tier weapons…

Furthermore, the two added effects from the weapon were both rather overpowered, one increased his attack speed and the other let him deal AOE damage! These skills both greatly increased the rate that he could kill monsters and coincidentally covered for the greatest weakness of the Pugilist.

"Brave Heart" was indeed worthy of being an S ranked quest. Even the equipment that was given as the reward wasn’t normal.

After putting on the equipment and waving his fist about, Wang Yu could really feel that his speed and power had greatly increased. Even though it still couldn’t match up to his power in real life, but such a large increase in power was not bad at all.

Wang Yu was in a great mood, happily saying: "Thank you Old Li!"

BlackSmith Li mechanically nodded his head: "Honorable Warrior, I wish you success in your Journey of the Brave."

Shortly after, Wang Yu received two notifications.

The first was that he had received 50 000 experience points for completing the quest. However, since he was still in the beginner village, the amount of experience he received was suppressed, thus he did not manage to level up.

The next was a quest notification.

System notification: "Brave Heart" part 2: The inheritance. Job change to the hidden job- Martial Artist. Job change token 1/1.

Wang Yu was stunned, taking out the small black token and thought: "So this item is needed for me to change my job."

Job change could only happen after reaching level 10 and going into the main city.

After keeping the token, Wang Yu rushed towards the village plaza in search of the Village Chief.

"Hello Chief!’

"Honorable Brave Warrior, you have arrived!"

After seeing Wang Yu, the Village Chief very respectfully said.

This was the second time that Wang Yu had interacted with the Village Chief, but was referred to as Brave Warrior instead of Iron Bull.

"Indeed!" Wang Yu nodded.

"Why have you come to find me?"

"The world is vast, I would like to go out to broaden my horizons!" Wang Yu followed the system’s instructions and replied the Village Chief accordingly.

"" The Village Chief sighed as he replied: "I can already see that you possess a great strength, but that is still insufficient!"

Wang Yu knew that this was a quest! So he asked: "Then what do i need to do?"

"To prove your strength is sufficient, go to the large tree in Dawn Plains and retrieve the mane of a Silver Wolf Warrior!"

System notification: You have triggered the quest "Training to leave the village", C rank quest, will you accept it?"


Training to leave the village quest info: In order to prove that you have sufficient strength to wander the world, please go to Dawn Plains and retrieve the mane of a Silver Wolf Warrior for the Village Chief. Silver Wolf Warrior’s mane 0/1

"Just wait for it!" Wang Yu shouted as he ran towards the Dawn Plains.

Merely a Silver Wolf Warrior? Even the Silver Wolf King was no match for Wang Yu! Asking him to kill this bunch of weaklings was no different from asking him to cut some vegetables.

After arriving at Dawn Plains, Wang Yu was surprised to see that there were many people gathered underneath the large tree!

Inside, there were a group of player that seemed to be from the same group, devilishly blocking the other players from going any nearer. The people in the centre of the group were methodically attacking those few, pitiful Silver Wolves.

"What the f*ck is this?" Wang Yu asked the warrior beside him.

The Warrior gnashed his teeth and replied: "It's those b*starts from the Apocalypse guild, they are stopping other people from entering because they are guarding the boss. I can’t even complete the quest to leave the village! F*ck!"

For this Warrior to receive the quest to leave to the village meant that he was also an expert. But for someone like him to be utterly helpless against the Apocalypse guild only showed how tyrannical and despotic they were.

"Guarding the boss?"

The Warrior replied: "Yes, apparently there someone called Iron Bull who appeared in this beginner village and killed a Silver Wolf King, which resulted in a system message being broadcasted to the entire server, have you not heard of this?"

"Oh! I know! I know!" Wang Yu nodded his head as he thought to himself: "Of course I know, the Iron Bull you’re talking about is none other than me!"

"Even if they’re guarding the boss, this doesn’t give them the rights to stop other people from completing their quest! What do they take this for, their own backyard?" Wang Yu said.

"So what? These people are from the Apocalypse guild!" The Warrior helplessly said.

"Hmph!" Wang Yu scoffed as he walked forward.

The Warrior hurriedly grabbed Wang Yu’s shoulder: "What are you doing?"

"Completing my quest!"

The Warrior advised: "Forget it, even a warrior like myself can’t do anything about it, don’t tell me a Pugilist like you wants to meet them force for force? Just wait for a bit, once they’re done killing the boss they will naturally leave."

Wang Yu looked towards the large tree and saw the members of the Apocalypse guild painstakingly surrounding two Silver Wolf Warriors, casually saying: "Who knows how long you will have to wait!"

As he spoke, Wang Yu shook the Warrior’s arm off his shoulder and continued walking forward.

"Ai, you..." Before the Warrior could stop him, Wang Yu had already arrived in the centre of the Apocalypse guild.

As he saw Wang Yu walking over, a Warrior in the outer perimeter seriously warned him: "The Apocalypse guild is currently guarding this boss, outsiders are not allowed to enter!" As he spoke, he raised the blade in his hand, fiercely stabbing into the ground before him.

If only he had a better blade, wielding the starting weapon that every warrior possessed to threaten someone did not have much of a deterring effect, it was nothing short of amusing.

Wang Yu replied: "Do what you want, I just need to complete my quest and then I’ll leave."

"Bullshit! Do you know the rules!" As the Warrior heard Wang Yu’s words he immediately flew into a rage.

What did he mean when he said he would leave when he was done? It had already been explicitly said that this area had been cordoned off, yet this guy still dared to approach, clearly he did not put the Apocalypse guild in his eye!

Wang Yu was in no mood to argue about the so called rules, dashing past the group and arriving in the centre of the encirclement.

"You b*tch! Courting death!"

When the Warrior saw that Wang Yu had really forced his way in, he angrily shouted as he brought his underlings to chase Wang Yu.

At the moment, there were only six Silver Wolf Warriors and four Silver Wolf Guards left, without saying a word Wang Yu ran straight into the group of wolves.

The wolves immediately switched targets to Wang Yu.

Wang Yu could already effortlessly kill the whole pack of Silver Wolves when he was level 6 with no equipment whatsoever. What difficulty would he have now that he was equipped with three high quality pieces of equipment?

Wang Yu easily dodged the Silver Wolves most troublesome move, their [Lunge].

At this moment, the attacks from the members of the Apocalypse guild had already arrived.

Wang Yu coldly laughed and exerted some force from his legs to leap into the air, easily dodging the Silver Wolves [Lunge] and grabbing the arrows from three members of the Apocalypse guild in his hands.

After landing on the ground, Wang Yu raised his leg without the slightest bit of hesitation, knocking down a Thief who had been in [Stealth].

Even though Wang Yu did not use any of his skills, the damage that he dealt was not something that a Thief could resist. This one kick had knocked him onto the ground, straight into the jaws of a Silver Wolf. The Thief let out a blood curdling scream, turning into a ray of white light.

After sending the Thief to his death, Wang Yu raised his leg and once again used [Lateral Kick] on a Silver Wolf Warrior, knocking it into the air and then swiftly killed it with a few more blows.

The scene had unfolded faster than anyone could react, the Warriors and Knights from the Apocalypse guild had yet to rush over, Magician’s were still in mid-chant for their [Fire Ball] skill, yet Wang Yu had already killed a Silver Wolf Warrior and a Thief from the Apocalypse guild.

After picking up the Silver Wolf Warrior’s mane, Wang Yu nimbly ran out of the encirclement, leaving everyone at the scene completely and utterly stunned.

This Pugilist’s attack was so high! What skill was he using? He could even catch the arrows from an archer… did he know that the Thief was there? His ability was simply...

The members of the Apocalypse guild had no time to admire Wang Yu’s ability, because at this moment, the Silver Wolf Warrior’s had lost their target and started to look towards them, fiercely growling and pouncing towards them.

Originally the members of the Apocalypse guild had been using their impeccable teamwork to lure two Silver Wolf Warriors over each time, making it easier to kill them.

But after the disturbance that Wang Yu had caused had destroyed the system they were using.

In the early phases of the game, no one could resist level 12 and 15 monsters like the Silver Wolf Warrior or the Silver Wolf Guard. Within a few moments, other than long range jobs, the other members of the Apocalypse guild had been completely wiped out.

"Okay, you can go complete your quest now!" After arriving beside the Warrior that he had first met, Wang Yu gave him a pat on the shoulders and said.

"The f*ck, brother expert, my name is Crotch Lord, let’s add each other as friends!" The Warrior was so excited that spit started coming out of his mouth.

Wang Yu nodded, walking towards the beginner village as he sent out a friend request.

Shortly after, Crotch Lord recieved a friend request: "Iron Bull has requested to be your friend!"

Crotch Lord dumbly stared at the two words Iron Bull: "Ju...Just now that was Iron Bull God!!!!"

"Village Chief, this is the mane you requested!"

When he arrived at beginner village, Wang Yu gave the Silver Wolf Warrior’s mane to the village chief.

"Not bad, this really is the mane of a Silver Wolf Warrior!" After receiving the mane, the Village Chief nodded in a very satisfied manner. With a wave of his hand, a ray of golden light enveloped Wang Yu, allowing him to level up three times, until he had reached level 12, 92%.

Global message: Through his relentless effort, Iron Bull of beginner village 3318 is now able to leave the beginner village, heading towards a new world. The system will now commence a system update for the next 15 hours, in order to introduce new content for the players. All players, please logout within the next 10 minutes! During the system update, the system will not be responsible for any data lost for players who refuse to log out!

As the message sounded out another 3 times, the entire game was filled with curses.

At this moment, many players were still training, some had even encountered bosses in the wild, the losses that they would incur this time was definitely not something that the company would compensate.

While listening to the announcement, the system gave Wang Yu another large sum of experience and 1000 fame, the experience he received allowed him to reach level 13.

After distributing his attribute points, Wang Yu sorted out the income that he had received and proceeded to log out of the game.

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