MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 9: Heaven Defying Strength

Chapter 9: Heaven Defying Strength

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Immediately after the loud roar a violent wind swept out ripping the grass from beneath the large tree.

Wang Yu immediately stood up and jumped back. At the spot where he once sat stood an extremely large wolf.

This wolf had a flawless snow white fur coat without a single blemish and was larger than the wild cows outside of the village by more than a head!

It’s eyes were like saucers and it’s mouth was nothing more than a bloody maw meant to kill. Every move it made was brimming with an aura of majesty and the presence of a king.

If it hadn’t just spawned, the wolf would probably have made an even grander entrance.

<Silver Wolf King (LV-???) (Elite)(Silver Boss)>

HP: 50000

MP: 2000

Skills: [Eviscerate], [Scratch], [Lunge], [Full Moon Charge]

After looking at the wolf king’s attributes Wang Yu was slightly shocked. Was this it? Wasn’t this boss supposed to be incredibly monstrous? Aside from its high health and additional skill it was just a stronger version of the Silver Wolf Warrior!

If any other players could hear Wang Yu’s thoughts they would definitely be cursing his ancestors.This was a silver grade boss! Its level was so high it couldn’t even be seen and no other player would even be able to break its defense at their current level. Only Wang Yu would think that the boss was merely so!

For example Fearless and Boson were completely stunned by the boss.

“The f**k? A silver boss? Why isn’t he running away? Don’t tell me he plans on solo-ing it?!” Fearless exclaimed.

Although Boson wasn’t as shocked as Fearless, he was still rather shaken by Wang Yu’s actions and mumbled to himself. “It can’t be… Or does he really have the ability to challenge a silver boss? Does this guy have any limits?”

“Suddenly I feel very excited about watching this fight.” After the initial shock, Fearless was filled with excitement. Being able to watch someone solo a silver grade boss would be uncommon even in the later stages of the game let alone now!

As he spoke Fearless opened the game’s recording function. When Wang Yu had solo-ed the group of wolves earlier Fearless had been so shocked that he forgot to record the entire fight and was afraid that he would miss this one as well.

On the other hand Wang Yu was completely disappointed in the wolf. As a martial artist, taking on challenges of unimaginable difficulty was already a part of his nature.

Wang Yu had originally thought that the boss would be something special. But after seeing its attributes he let out a dejected sigh.

Having already gotten used to the attack patterns of the Silver Wolf Warriors and Guards, no matter how much health they had, Wang Yu would just need a few more punches to finish them off.

Thinking of this Wang Yu pointed at the Silver Wolf King and curled his finger repeatedly as though he was issuing it a challenge.

Seeing Wang Yu’s provocation the wolf king felt as though its honour had been sullied. It angrily bared its fangs, arched its body and lunged straight at Wang Yu.

Wang Yu knew that this was the skill [Lunge] and it would have only been impossible to dodge if more than ten wolves used it simultaneously. However since it was only the Silver Wolf King using it, no matter how fast it was Wang Yu would still be able to dodge it.

With a small sidestep Wang Yu had completely dodged the Silver Wolf King’s attack causing it to land on the empty ground.

Completely within expectations!

Wang Yu lightly chuckled and was just about to unleash his [Lateral Kick] and start his combo when the Silver Wolf King turned around and immediately clawed him! When the Silver Wolf King landed it had immediately turned around to attack Wang Yu without pausing! Wang Yu was caught off guard and immediately rushed to block the blow but was still sent flying backwards!


A blood red number appeared atop Wang Yu’s head.

Wang Yu and Boson’s minds shook and exclaimed in unison: “Independent mode!!”

“What do you mean?” Fearless asked in confusion.

“This Silver Wolf King is a monster using Independent Mode! No wonder it had that <Elite> behind its name!”

“What difference does a monster with Independent Mode have with a normal monster?” Fearless asked.

“Of course there’s a huge difference! Normal monster have very limited and robotic movements and will always have a short pause after their attacks. With Independent Mode, the monsters will have none of these limitations and would be fighting purely based on instinct. What this means is that players wouldn’t simply be fighting a monster in a game, they would be fighting an actual wild animal!” Boson explained.

“Then wouldn’t Iron Bull be in danger?” Fearless gasped in shock.

“Yes!” Boson nodded.

“Then we should go and help him!” Fearless said. Even if he couldn’t solo the Silver Wolf King, Wang Yu was still an unfathomable expert and he needed help right now!

“No, don’t go. We’ll just be running towards our death!” Boson shook his head as he said.


“Because the creators are too ruthless!” Boson cursed. “Didn’t you see that before the Pugilist challenged it the Silver Wolf King had no reaction? Monster in Independent Mode don’t have an aggro system! They will aim for the weakest enemy they see! You think we’ll be able to do anything with just the two of us?

“….” Fearless was completely speechless. A monster that wasn’t under the aggro system? What kind of concept was that?

This was exactly the ruthlessness of the creators that Boson was talking about. “Brave Heart” was a mission that was supposed to be completed alone. If the Silver Wolf King had the aggro system then players would try to find ways to exploit it to complete the quest!

For example, players could simply surround the Silver Wolf King in a group but not form a party and allow the player who accepted the quest to freely attack. 50000 HP would eventually be grinded down anyway.

Hence the even more sadistic creators decided to remove the aggro system from the Silver Wolf King! No wonder Mu Zi Xian had said that it would be even harder to deal with than Gold grade bosses!

It was exactly as Fearless had said, Wang Yu current situation was incredibly precarious!

Firstly, Wang Yu only had 300 HP in total. Even if he hadn’t been killed in one hit, that one strike from the Silver Wolf King had only left him with slightly more than 10HP. Secondly, the Silver Wolf King was already lunging at Wang Yu again!

At the brink of death, Wang Yu only laughed as he said: “Very good! You really didn’t disappoint me!” With a flip, Wang Yu got back up on his feet and dodged the Silver Wolf King’s [Lunge].

After missing Wang Yu again the Silver Wolf King immediately used [Scratch] again. Instead of retreating, Wang Yu dashed forward and jumped behind the Silver Wolf King’s waist and used [Lateral Kick] causing the the Silver Wolf King to tremble from head to toe.

As a boss, the Silver Wolf King had 80% resistance to crowd control skills. Even if Wang Yu’s attack exceeded 200% perfection he would only be able to stop the Silver Wolf King’s movements for a brief moment due to his low level.

Luckily the creators hadn’t been too ruthless when they designed the Silver Wolf King since it didn’t have any damage reduction. The one kick that Wang Yu had delivered had done roughly 300 damage!

The Silver Wolf King winced in pain and turned around to use [Eviscerate].

As he chuckled, Wang Yu leaned over to the other side of the Silver Wolf King’s stomach and bent down and delivered a vicious hook to its soft underbelly!

“Awooo…” The wolf painfully cried out after being hit in its vitals and immediately jumped away. However Wang Yu emotionlessly followed and delivered punch after punch to its stomach!

Every Hit that landed had been on a vital! The Silver Wolf King had been hit to the point that its legs were beginning to give way and it almost fell over!

Not far off both Boson and Fearless were frightened out of their wits.

“He can’t be human!!!” They exclaimed together.

Although Wang Yu’s method of attack seemed simple but it required one to continuously hide in the Silver Wolf King’s blindspots. To accomplish something like this, one needed to be able to constantly observe the Silver Wolf King’s movements and be able to react accordingly and adjust his positioning. The slightest mistake would result in death!

Wang Yu’s evasion was on point and he had completely grasped the timing of the Silver Wolf King’s attack. From the start to end, Wang Yu was like a flawless machine and never gave the Silver Wolf King another opportunity to attack him! This was completely unheard of!

Such a thing was the legendary extreme manipulation!!

Aside from Boson and Fearless, even the people in the game control centre were shocked!

When Wang Yu had started fighting with the Silver Wolf King, the system had sent out a notification.

<<System notification: Player from beginner village 3318 has challenged Silver Wolf King>>

The control centre staff who heard this were instantly stunned.

“Silver Wolf King? A Pugilist really accepted this quest? And he actually managed to spawn the Silver Wolf King?”

One of the creators seemed to find joy in Wang Yu’s plight and laughed as he said: “AHAHAHA! No matter how many people he finds to fight the Silver Wolf King with him it’ll still be useless since our Wolf King has the Independent mode! This poor fool has definitely suffered some huge losses!’

“Definitely! Definitely!” the crowd nodded.

However after another minute, the system still displayed the message! “Huh? He’s still fighting the boss? He can really take such a beating?” Seeing the message one of the members of the development team asked.

Hearing someone question the ability of the demonic boss that he had created the game designer angrily shouted: “Little Zhao! Bring up the video! Let’s see what’s going on down there!”

The game designer called “Little Zhao” nodded and magnified the video on the screen and zoomed in on Wang Yu.

In a moment, all the Members of the team were shocked beyond words…

A Pugilist with only 18 HP left was currently dodging all of the Silver Wolf King’s attacks and even returning his own! The poor Silver Wolf King who couldn’t even touch the Pugilist was continuously crying out in pain!

Watching this seen caused the team to feel as though they were dreaming.

After a long time someone suddenly shouted: “F**! Is this guy cheating?”

“Cheat my ass! With the helmet connecting directly to the cloud system how could anyone cheat in the game?”

“Maybe he’s using an additional software or something? Quickly lock onto this player!”


After a brief moment of silence with nothing but the clacking sounds from their keyboards, one of the worker’s face lost all its colour.

“ could this be? There’s no trace of any third-party software being used!” Seeing his expression, the rest of the team immediately rushed over to look at his screen.

“This man is completely legit!”

Hearing his words, the rest of the creators sucked in a cold breath of air. If he wasn’t cheating, didn’t it just mean that this player had Heaven defying strength?

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