MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 12: A Man’s Responsibility

Chapter 12: A Man’s Responsibility

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After leaving the game, Wang Yu let out a long sigh as he went to the washroom to wash his face.

Playing the game for an extended period of time was indeed tiring, this was especially true when he was fighting the Silver Wolf King, he was locked in a battle of wits and could not afford to lose focus even for a moment, which caused Wang Yu to feel exhausted, after playing for the entire day, Wang Yu could feel that his skin was rather greasy.

Walking out of the washroom, the girls in the next room had also logged out of the game, noisily chatting as they walked out of their room.

While hiding in his room and surfing the internet, Wang Yu could hear Mary grumbling non-stop: "Big sis, we've been playing this game for so many hours these three days, but levelling up is still slow as hell! Who would have thought that the game is competitive…"

"That's right, did everyone see the announcement today, who would have thought that someone could actually solo kill a Silver Tier boss, I've only managed to kill a bunch of WIld Dogs and Wild Bulls, I don't even know what a boss looks like!" From the sound of it, this was Meng Meng talking.

Xiao Yi said: "Things like bosses can only be discovered but not sought after, but the player who killed the boss is really lucky, with just the experience points from fighting the boss, he managed to rise to level 10!"

Mary grumbled: "That's right, I managed to invite the Crimson Army, I was just about to party with them to hunt some wolves. But we were forced to log out! How disappointing…"

"Okay okay!" Xue Li said: "Our Primrose Gold Farming Group's main goal is to farm gold. As long as we can farm up enough gold in the game it's enough! Something like a boss is not something we can deal with anyway!!"

Mary chuckled: "I wonder how our landlord is doing, seeing how clueless he was, maybe he hasn't reached level 3 yet!"

Xue Li replied: "Don't look down on Brother Yu, he is a martial arts expert, once he gets used to the Assisted Mode, he will definitely be much stronger than us!"

"Really? I noticed his muscles are really nice, I really want to cop a feel…"

"Oh? I would like to touch them too…...Big sis why is your face so red? Don't tell me that you want to touch them too..."

After listening to them, Wang Yu's forehead was full of black lines, he felt that the four tenants in his house were no different from four ravenous wolves.

Looking up at the watch, it was about time for Mu Zi Xian to come home, Wang Yu picked up the credit card and slid it into his pocket.

Not long after, Mu Zi Xian returned home, holding a large number of ingredients in her hand as she walked straight to the kitchen.

Wang Yu followed behind her and asked: "Darling, it's not even dinner time, why are you cooking?"

Mu Zi Xian explained: "I need to go help out at the restaurant later so it'll be better if I cook now, otherwise you'll end up starving like yesterday."

Yesterday Mu Zi Xian left home in a hurry, only when she had finished work late at night did she remember that her own husband had not eaten... Luckily the new tenants bought food for him, otherwise Wang Yu would have starved.

Mu Zi Xian understood her husband's temperament. Even though he wasn't arrogant he still had his pride. Even if he was starving to death he would never willingly freeload off another person.

Mu Zi Xian started washing the vegetable as she said: "I'll put the food in the food warmer, you can eat it later when you are hungry. After you're done eating just leave everything on the table, I'll clear it when I come home..."

Wang Yu took the vegetable out of Mu Zi Xian's hands and held her dripping wet hands gently saying: "Darling, don't go to work tonight, let's go out to eat, I feel like going shopping!"

After hearing his words, Mu Zi Xian hesitated for a moment, very reluctantly saying: "Ok, then I'll give the resturant a call..."

80 dollars, that was equivalent to half her salary for the day, if it had not been for Wang Yu saying that he wanted to go for a walk, Mu Zi Xian would never have asked for a day off!

"Mm!" Wang Yu nodded his head.

Wang Yu brought Mu Zi Xian to a luxurious restaurant in the shopping district, pulling her inside.

Mu Zi Xian looked very worried and quietly said: "Honey, I don't have enough money to pay for the meal here, if you really want to eat here, we can come here after I receive my pay next month!"

Mu Zi Xian had heard of this restaurant before, even a simple plate of fried rice costs 80 dollars. With Wang Yu's appetite they would have to spend at least a few thousand before they could leave the door.

Wang Yu laughed: "Darling the game your company made is really good, I've managed to earn some money off of it, I'll pay for this meal!"

"Really?" Mu Zi Xian was a little stunned: "Then why don't you save the money for flowers, don't spend everything here, a man shouldn't leave the house without any money in his pocket, that would be too shameful!"

Wang Yu replied: "It's ok! Money can always be earned again! If I don't treat my wife…...then who should I treat?"

"Who would have thought that even though you look so naive, you would have such a slick tongue..." After hearing Wang Yu's words, a sweet feeling rose in Mu Zi Xian's heart.

Wang Yu laughed, not saying another word.

After eating, Wang Yu brought Mu Zi Xian brought Mu Zi Xian to the department store.

"Darling, go buy a few pieces of clothing….."

"Okay! I think you should go buy some clothes as well!" As she spoke Mu Zi Xian tugged at Wang Yu, walking towards the menswear section.

As the passed by the womenswear section, Mu Zi Xian was stopped by Wang Yu.

"What's the matter?"

"Let's buy some things from this place!" Wang Yu stubbornly said.

Mu Zi Xian laughed: "I don't lack any clothes and the company also has an air conditioner..."

Wang Yu replied: "I don't lack any money either!"

Mu Zi Xian curiously said: "Honey, I realised you're different from before..."

"It's not that I've changed, I just never had the courage to say words like these in the past!" Wang Yu said with a bitter expression on his face.

Wang Yu had lived a life of luxury ever since he was born, never having to worry about monetary issues. Having been married to Mu Zi Xian for more than half a year, an incident that occurred two months ago made him realise how clueless he was to the concept of money.

Two months ago, at this exact place, Mu Zi Xian had stared at a piece of clothing for an extremely long time, but did not buy it.

The garment was not very expensive, roughly about 1000 dollars. Every time they came here to shop, Mu Zi Xian would stop for a while to stare at it before gnashing her teeth and walking off.

While Mu Zi Xian was never stingy with how much she spent on clothes for Wang Yu, she was never willing to buy that winter jacket for herself.

No matter how innocent and naive Wang Yu was, he also knew, clothes were a woman's face. Regardless of how beautiful a woman was, if she had to wear the same thing all year round, she would never dare to lift her head high when she was with her friends. From that day onwards, Wang Yu resolved to work hard to earn money, so that he would buy that winter jacket for Mu Zi Xian.

Mu Zi Xian gently said: "Honey, for you to think like that I am already very happy, next time when we have children I want they to learn some martial arts. Then they will be well-versed in both martial arts and conventional knowledge..."

Wang Yu laughed: "Don't sweat it, I'm a man and a martial artist, in the future I'll deal with the matters of this household! That's a man's responsibility!"

"Hey, isn't that the martial artist?"

While Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian were talking, an extremely annoying voice sounded out from the distance.

As he looked towards the direction that the voice came from, Wang Yu saw a bespectacled man.

The man looked very familiar, standing behind him was a girl that was around 17 years old. The man was vulgarly staring at Mu Zi Xian, mumbling to himself: "Who would have thought that an illiterate scum like him would be able to snag such a pretty girlfriend..."

"And you are?" Wang Yu solemnly asked.

The bespectacled man answered: "You've forgotten me? We met at the Talent Agency Headquarters previously..." As he spoke, the bespectacled man turn his head towards the girl behind him and said: "Do you see it now? This was the martial artist I told you about…...HAHA!"

After hearing what the man said, the chuckled and looked at Wang Yu as though she was looking at a madman.

Upon hearing this ear piercing laugh, Wang Yu instantly remembered, this was the bespectacled man was the interviewer that he had met yesterday at the the Talent Agency.

The bespectacled man laughed again: "Hey martial artist, if you're bringing your girlfriend out for some shopping, you should just go to the Pedestrian Street, can you even afford anything here?" The Pedestrian Street was the wholesale marketplace in the shopping district. Though the clothes there were cheap, the were of a very poor quality with very plain designs, it was the choice for poor people.

"What's your problem!" Mu Zi Xian couldn't control herself as she scolded the bespectacled man.

The bespectacled man revealed a very dark expression as he coldly laughed: "Keke, lady you're rather pretty, you could easily find a man yet you choose a lunatic like him! Look at me, I could buy you any piece of clothing you want from this shop!"

As she heard what the bespectacled man had said, the little girl standing behind him unhappily pouted: "Director Wang, you're so mean, how dare you try to woo a girl right in front of me!"

The bespectacled man vulgarly laughed: "Don't worry, I will still love you just the same, next time the three of us..."

"F*ck off!" A dull voice voice resounded in the bespectacled man's head, snapping him out of his lustful imagination back to reality.

The bespectacled man was shocked, looking up only to realise the one who had shouted was Wang Yu.

"What's the matter Mr Martial Artist, can't take a joke?" The bespectacled man answered in an indifferent tone.

"F*ck off! Don't make you smack you!" Wang Yu ferociously stared at the bespectacled man as he said.

Wang Yu only hated two things. The first was people who insulted martial arts, the second was people who insulted his wife. This bespectacled man just so happened to cross his bottom line twice. Even though Wang Yu was a good natured man, this incident had greatly angered him.

After being stared at by Wang Yu, a chill ran down the bespectacled man's spine. As he sized up the distance between Wang Yu and himself, he unconsciously took several steps backwards.

Mu Zi Xian was afraid that her husband would cause a scene, coldly staring at the bespectacled man before saying: "My husband has money, I don't need your goodwill!"

The bespectacled man chuckled: "Oh really? I'm afraid he can't even take 100 dollars out of his wallet!" He had personally seen how hard-pressed for cash Wang Yu was.

Wang Yu laughed, taking out the credit card from his pocket, pointed at the winter jacket that Mu Zi Xian like and told the service staff: "I want this piece!"

"Give me that piece, and the other one as well!" As he spoke, Wang Yu pointed at several other pieces of clothing as he spoke. These were all pieces of clothing that Mu Zi Xian had secretly wanted.

The bespectacled man was astonished.

Even though the clothes here were not expensive, but prices ranged from 1000 dollars to roughly 5000 dollars, a normal worker would have to scrimp and save in order to buy even a single piece! How could this man who was hard-pressed for cash yesterday, suddenly have the ability to spend tens of thousands on clothes today! The bespectacled man was so shocked he almost fell over.

The bespectacled man was merely a mid-level manager in a company, his monthly salary was only about 20 000 dollars. He could not imagine himself spending so much money on clothing for any girl.

"Honey, are you crazy?" Seeing that Wang Yu casually spending several tens of thousands on clothes for her, Mu Zi Xian tugged at the corner of his shirt and softly asked.

Wang Yu indifferently said,: "Darling, don't forget what's my current job, if we're just comparing money then I'm not afraid of anyone!"

A single piece of armour in the game already cost several thousand dollars, to spend that much money in the real world to buy some clothes for his wife was something Wang Yu found to be completely rational.

After hearing what Wang Yu had said, a trace of worry could be seen on Mu Zi Xian's face, but she did not continue talking.

After hearing what Wang Yu had said, the bespectacled man was scared senseless: "This b*stard what could he have possibly done…...don't tell me..."

In this world there were a few jobs that would allow anyone to earn money fast, but none of them were jobs that regular people were willing to do. The more he thought the more afraid the bespectacled man got, taking advantage of the moment when Wang Yu was not paying attention to him, he quietly slipped away.

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