MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 20: Wharton’s Head

Chapter 20: Wharton’s Head

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Even though Wharton’s level and his attributes were high, he was still just a boss with computer program and a very monotonous attack pattern.

After understanding his attack patterns and his behaviours, Wang Yu had very quickly come up with a strategy to deal with him. After several more rounds of repetitive combat, Wharton let out a loud roar, still wearing an expression of indignation and unwillingness, before turning into a ray of white light.

Global message: Iron Bull from Twilight City has slain the Silver Tier boss, Legendary Dusk Bandit - Wharton, taking another step forward in "Brave Heart".

At the same time, Wang Yu received a large amount of experience points, as well as 3000 fame and 50 Twilight City merit points.

Wang Yu knew that he had received the fame for being the first player to have killed the boss, but as for the Twilight City merit points, Wang Yu didn’t have the slightest idea what it was.

After Wharton had died, all he left behind were a bunch of items

Bosses that were found in the wild were rather pitiful, upon their death they would just turn into a ray of white light, not leaving behind a corpse. This was different for bosses in Dungeon Instances who would leave behind a corpse. But this design would mean that the wilderness would not be littered with corpses of boss monsters.

What was peculiar about Wharton was that after he had died and dropped a bunch of items, his head had also remained here...

After picking up the items that Wharton had dropped, Wang Yu started to despise the system for how stingy it was.

As the boss of a group of bandits, how could Wharton be poorer than the Silver Wolf King!

He had only dropped one blade, one title deed, one skill book and a few gold coins. The fact that he didn’t even drop any armour made Wang Yu extremely disappointed.

Twilight Warblade (Warblade) (Gold)

Physical Attack: 92-115

Magic Attack: 23-42


[Battle Fury]: Every time the user loses 5% of his health, he gains one stack of Battle Fury, every stack increases Physical Attack by 1%

[Rage]: Every stack of Battle Fury increases the user’s attack speed by 1%.

Job Requirement: Warrior

Level Requirement: 40

Title Deed

This title deed can be given to the ruler of Twilight City in exchange for ownership of the area - Dusk Canyon.

Skill Book [Charge] (Empowered)]

Ferociously charge towards the location of your target, dealing 120% Physical Damage and slowing the target by 30%. If the user has more health than the target, this skills will also knock up and stun the target.

Uncommon skill

Job Requirement: Warrior, Knight

After taking a good look at the items that Wharton had dropped, Wang Yu’s mood had improved greatly.

Even though he hadn’t dropped many items, but they were all good items, especially that Gold Tier weapon.

After looking at the skill book that Wharton had dropped, Wang Yu suddenly recalled that the Silver Wolf King had also dropped a skill book, the only difference was that there was no job requirement for the skill book that the Silver Wolf King dropped.

Even though the title deed did not look like it was worth much money, but since it was an item that was dropped by the boss, it probably wasn’t completely worthless.

After happily keeping all the items in his inventory, Wang Yu turned around and looked at Wharton’s head once again.

The head still had not disappeared and you could still clearly see the anger in Wharton’s eyes. Looking at it made Wang Yu feel extremely uncomfortable.

As someone who had received martial arts training from a young age, Wang Yu could not stand the idea that someone he previously fought had died without a proper burial, even if he was just a game character.

"Even though you were a bandit, you were still a warrior. To leave your corpse in the wilderness is too disrespectful!!" Wang Yu sighed as he walked forward to pick up Wharton’s head, preparing to keep it in his inventory.

But as Wang Yu’s hand touched the head, the head automatically turned into a package with the words - Quest item: Wharton’s Head.


Wang Yu was speechless. The game developers were really too evil. If he had not picked up Wharton’s head because of his goodwill, then wouldn’t he have missed out on this quest item?

After throwing the package into his inventory, Wang Yu opened his friends tab which had been flashing incessantly.

Wang Yu had only added a few people as friends in this game.

Fearless, Boson: Congratulations Brother Iron Bull for once again being in the global announcement!?

The three girls from the Primrose Militia: Great God Iron Bull is dead formidable!

Crotch Lord: The f*ck, Great God Iron Bull you killed another boss? Why don’t you just be my boss... don’t ask me why I’m treating this game so seriously, just accept my loyalty...

Wang Yu chuckled as he saw all these messages of praise and admiration, only replying them with a single laughing emoji. He then opened the message from Frost Blade.

Frost Blade’s message was as simple as it had always been, only having 5 words: "Hey genius, any good drops?"

This was the difference between a merchant and a normal person. Regardless of how much effort you put into killing a boss, all the merchant was interested in was the items that it had dropped.

Wang Yu sent over the information of the three items that the boss dropped and the [Return to Origin] skill that he had previously obtained.

After sometime, Frost Blade replied: "The Warblade is trash! 50 000 for [Charge], 100 000 for [Return to Origin] and you might as well try auctioning off the title deed!"

"...The Warblade is trash? You must be kidding!" Wang Yu had no qualms with the price that was offered for the two skill books, but Wang Yu was extremely dissatisfied with that Frost Blade had called the Warblade trash.


Wang Yu asked: "But why? The Physical Attack of this Warblade is over a hundred! Even the skills that it has are extremely good! If those two skill books can be sold for such a high price then there’s no reason for the Warblade to be considered trash!"

Frost Blade replied: "The [Charge] skill is an uncommon skill and [Return to Origin] is a skill that any job can use to increase their damage output. But the Warblade’s level requirement is simply too high! In the early stage of the game it’s completely useless!"

"But it’s attributes are good aren’t they?" Wang Yu felt extremely depressed. For a Gold Tier equipment to be labelled as trash... this was too disappointing.

Frost Blade continued explaining: "In the early stage of the game even though Iron Tier equipments are the norm now, once Dungeon Instances open, Bronze Tier equipments will become the norm. Once everyone becomes level 40, Gold Tier equipment will probably be the norm by then. That’s why this Warblade can’t be sold for much, it’s just trash!"

"Fine I get it!" Wang Yu impatiently answered, keeping the Warblade in his inventory.

As Wang Yu reached into his inventory to put back the Warblade, he suddenly had a realisation and told Frost Blade: "I still have some good stuff!"

"Send me an image!"

Wang Yu quickly sent over an image of the limestone powder.

"?" Frost Blade replied with a single question mark, half suspecting that Wang Yu had sent him a random material.

Wang Yu explained: "Let me tell you, this item can be used to counter [Stealth]!"


"If you have something to say that just say it, don’t just send exclamation marks!"

"Where are you!!??" Frost Blade hurriedly asked.

"Dusk Canyon, I haven’t gone back!" Wang Yu answered.

"..." Frost Blade paused for a while before replying: "I’m in the Secret Jungle at coordinates 1456.3658, why don’t you come over, the monsters in your area are too high level. They can see through my [Stealth]."

"Okay!" Wang Yu replied as he sent an image of the Abyssal Blade over to Frost Blade: "If the efficiency of your [Stealth] increases, does that mean that the monsters won’t be able to see through it?"

"I’ll buy this dagger for 150 000! Are you willing to sell it???" After looking at the image that Wang Yu had sent him, Frost Blade stared at it in utter disbelief, replying without the slightest bit of hesitation.

"Of course I’ll sell it!" Wang Yu happily replied.

"Deal! I’ll wait for you in the Secret Jungle!" Frost Blade emotionally replied Wang Yu.

In the beginning, Frost Blade had thought that the only reason Wang Yu could obtain so many items was simply because of his luck. But after looking at the videos that had been posted on the forums, he realised that Wang Yu was simply too overpowered.

This was especially so after he saw the announcement that Wang Yu had defeated a level 40 boss, this had caused Frost Blade to be even more amazed!

The equipments dropped by bosses were usually slightly lower than the actual level of the boss. Since the Warblade had a level requirement of 40, this meant that Wharton was at least a level 45 boss!

Even though the Warblade was not worth much, but anyone who could kill a boss that was over level 30 was simply terrifying!

For someone like Wang Yu to have found rare items time and time again, uncommon skills, skills that could be utilised by every class, even a title deed had ended up in his hands! This was clearly a bug in the game!

For him to discover that limestone powder could be used to counter [Stealth], how did he discover this? Was the game actually meant to be played this way? All these things made Frost Blade start questioning his gaming knowledge.

But naturally what moved Frost Blade the most was the Abyssal Blade.

[Stealth] was the signature move for Assassins, without a proper mastery in [Stealth] how could they dare to call themselves Assassins!

Hence, all the players who chose the Thief job, regardless if they became Assassins or Godhands, would all train their [Stealth] skill to the maximum.

But even after reaching the maximum mastery, there would only be a 50% increase in the effectiveness of [Stealth]. But the Abyssal Blade was able to increase the efficiency of [Stealth] by 30%. As an Assassin, there was no way the Frost Blade would not be moved by this weapon.

Just as he was daydreaming, a thunderous voice resounded beside Frost Blade: "Looks like we discovered a dog of the Quan Zhen Sect here!"

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