MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 21: Breaking The Game’s Balance

Chapter 21: Breaking The Game’s Balance

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In a flash, a team of 16 appeared before Frost Blade.

"??" Once Frost Blade heard the shouts, he immediately activated [Stealth], but before he could completely disappear, a Knight blew him away with [Charge].

This Knight’s [Charge] was different from Wharton’s. An ordinary [Charge] could only forcibly move someone, while dealing limited damage, and inflicted no additional statuses.

Since Frost Blade was an extreme casher, a mere [Charge] naturally couldn’t deal much damage to him. However, for an Assassin, having [Stealth] forced to CD was very dangerous.

Yet Frost Blade did not panic. He found a large tree and put his back against it, taking out his dagger and placing it on his chest while he spoke, "So it’s just trash from Apocalypse, and I thought it was actually someone significant!"

Brother Light gave Frost Blade a death stare as he replied: "Hmph! Stop the bullsh*t! Kill him!"

Actually Frost Blade quite liked to collect some top grade items. Normally he was very well tempered, never engaging in PK.

However. Brother Light took Wang Yu as a member of Quan Zhen Sect from the start. As there had been some friction between Quan Zhen Sect and Apocalypse, so it wasn’t unusual for him to display animosity towards Wang yu.

It was very difficult to level up in Rebirth, but losing experience points was easy. In the previous exchange, all 16 of them took a free trip back to town and were indignant. Twin Skewer even lost his equipment, hence the blame for this incident naturally fell on Quan Zhen Sect.

As Frost Blade had the insignia of Quan Zhen Sect pinned on his chest, although his name was not displayed above his head, who else would members of Apocalypse target other than him!

But he also had decent situational awareness, using [Stealth] the moment he knew that he was surrounded. Even after his [Stealth] was disrupted, he stuck his back against an obstacle to avoid taking attacks from behind.

However, Frost Blade was merely an Assassin, a job based on stealth, thus he was like a toothless tiger once he lost [Stealth].

At this moment, he was underneath a tree, and was battling two Warriors and a Knight at the same time. The fight was extremely brutal, but thankfully he was wearing top grade equipment, which allowed him to even put one of the Warrior’s health into the red.

Such an impressive display by Frost Blade ignited a burning rage in the group of members from Apocalypse. Those with long range jobs had initially intended to shoot their arrows or magic at him decided to halt their attack. They wanted to see how long this guy could last.

The equipment on Frost Blade’s body was of the highest grade obtainable at this stage of the game, and they imbued him with high attack, defence, and speed. Each slash from his dagger drew blood, which made it difficult for even 3 people to suppress him.

This sight stunned everyone.

"No wonder the forums always say ‘there’s no strongest job, there’s only the strongest casher’. This guy has really broken the balance of the game. This kind of person should be eliminated!"

Everyone secretly thought to themselves.

At this point, Frost Blade received a message from Wang Yu: "Where are you? Where are you? I’m lost!"

"..." Frost Blade went speechless for a instant, before he replied: "Where are you?"

"I don’t know, but there’s a small hill beside me." Wang Yu answered.

"Turn right!" Frost Blade instructed.

But this incited an unhappy response from Wang Yu: "Can’t you use more than two words?"

"Being attacked!" As another Warrior joined the fray, Frost Blade frantically fought back while sending messages.

"Being attacked!" Once Wang Yu heard of this, he immediately instructed: "Give me a loud shout! I’ll pinpoint your location based on the sound!"

"Shout?" Upon hearing Wang Yu’s demand, Frost Blade was embarrassed.

Being attacked ingame was very normal, and even if he died, he could still respawn. Frost Blade had never seen anyone shouting for help when under attack! Gaming entailed losing to people, not losing face. Wouldn’t this be motherf**king embarrassing? How would he face other people in the future?

"Yes, quickly shout!" Wang Yu said as he continued to the right.

Seeing that Frost Blade kept pausing, everyone knew that he was calling for reinforcements. Although Apocalypse members hated Quan Zhen Sect, they still had a decent understanding of Quan Zhen Sect’s strength. They knew that none of those crazy b*stards were weak, so once those guys arrived, who knew which side would emerge the victors of this battle.

Thus those 3 Warriors increased the intensity of their strikes.

After pausing for a moment, Frost Blade had a chunk of his health depleted by those 3, and he appeared paler than before. As he thought of the 10% of experience that he would lose, he did not bother about losing face anymore, and shouted out: "I’m here!"

"..." This action of Frost Blade stunned the members of Apocalypse.

One of the members mockingly spoke: "You’re actually calling for reinforcements like that? As expected of Quan Zhen Sect…...You guys can really do anything….."

After that guy finished speaking, Frost Blade turned beet red, and no longer said a single word.

Brother Light looked up, commenting casually: "Hmph, it doesn’t matter even if you shout till your throat goes dry. Hand over the dagger now, otherwise consider it as a grudge we'll bear against Quan Zhen Sect."

With a cold laugh, Frost Blade replied; "You speak as if there’s no grudge between us before this!"

Brother Light responded: "Hmph! We couldn’t bother to bully you guys since your guild was too small! But it’s different now. Just wait and see, Apocalypse will destroy Quan Zhen Sect! None of your members will be left in Rebirth!"

"Oh, what a claim. None of us will be left? Do you think you’re a GM?"

At this moment, Wang Yu’s voice echoed out from the back of the tree.

Once he heard Wang Yu, Frost Blade heaved a sigh of relief: "You’re finally here!"

Brother Light and co. turned in Wang Yu’s direction, and when they saw him, all of them shouted: "You’re the b*stard who betrays his own kind!!"

Back in the Dusk Canyon, other than that Assassin, the other 15 who died were very indignant.

A gamer actually killed other gamers with a monster. This was a wicked traitor!!

"What do you mean?" Frost Blade was puzzled when he heard these complaints from the members of Apocalypse.

Wang Yu happily enlightened him: "They tried to snatch my boss, and were killed by the boss instead!"

Hearing this, Frost Blade burst into laughter: "Ha ha, you deserve it!" At the same time, he pointed his middle finger at the Apocalypse members.

As he had been shamed by Frost Blade, Brother Light shouted furiously in response: "Don’t be so smug, you only killed us with the help of the BOSS. Now you’re alone, and you’re just a trash Pugilist. Watch how we kill you all the way back to the beginner village!"

Frost Blade turned to his left and right: "Brother, where are your men?"

"What men?" Wang Yu asked quizzically.

Panicking, Frost Blade asked again: "You came to save me, but didn’t bring any men along?"

"Cheh, I’m enough to deal with this bunch!" Wang Yu chuckled as he reached out to the side, and grabbed an Assassin . This was the Twin Skewer that had been stomped to death by him previously.

This was not the first time that Brother Light and co. had seen such a weird situation. Although it was shocking, but they couldn’t be bothered about it. However, it was not the case for Frost Blade, as his jaw dropped at this sight: "You have items to counter [Stealth]? Sell them to me!"

As this was going on, the Apocalypse members were already in formation, shooting arrows and magic their way.

"No!" Wang Yu replied. With a flick of his hand, he grabbed Twin Skewers by the hair, throwing him out.

The arrows and magic blew up Twin Skewers into a burst of white light.

Unlucky Twin Skewers didn’t read the divination guide before leaving home today. He had just lost his item after being killed by Wang Yu once, then before he could fight for his band of brothers, he was destroyed again by them.

Wang Yu taunted the group: "You guys even kill your friends, you’re really heartless!"

Everyone shouted back in unison: "F**k! Shameless!" As they shouted, their bows were being reloaded, and magic incantations were read.

At the same time, Wang Yu had used [Ghost], jumping into midair, and stepped on the heads of Warriors and Knights in the front rows, charging straight into the midst of the group.

Archers and Magicians were jobs with much lower health than Pugilists, only having 300-400 health even after level 10.

[Lateral Kick], [Crushing Blow], chokes. Wang Yu ruthlessly used all his abilities without any hesitation.

One strike one kill, white light everywhere. By the time the tanks turned around, their back row had disappeared completely.

"F**k! What magic did he use?" The Warriors in the front row were stunned after seeing the empty space behind them.

The Priest that saw everything shouted: "They were all killed instantly by this b*stard!"

"..." Everyone turned speechless. Only a moment had passed, and this Pugilist actually killed 8 men. This speed was a little too terrifying.

However, Wang Yu’s fists and legs did not give them a chance to pause there. The next instant, his hands grabbed the neck of the frontmost Knight, landing a [Crushing Blow] on the guy’s head, and turning him into a flash of white light on the spot.

The remaining people then reacted and attacked Wang Yu with the weapons in their hands.

With a kick to the ground, Wang Yu welcomed them in battle. Skillfully avoiding their weapons, he approached Brother Light and threw out an attack, creating another flash of white light as Brother Light died.

"Priest!! Priest!! F**k yourself, why aren’t you healing us!" The dead members of Brother Light’s group shouted in their group chat.

"Do you think you would have a chance even if I did?" The Priest scolded back.

This was only a game, and no one played it to get angry. Even the head of Apocalypse couldn’t shout at his subordinates without reason, much less Brother Light.

In the span of their conversation, all Warriors and Knights were wiped out by Wang Yu, and he turned to stare at the 2 Priests: "At least you 2 are smarter and didn’t retaliate pointlessly!"

Both Priests’ faces were filled with tears as they scolded him inside; "We also wanted to, but there was no chance! Moreover, the meagre combat ability of Priests would just tickle you, so there’s no use in attacking!"

Seeing that the Priests didn’t speak, Wang Yu carried on: "Since your brothers have all died, it wouldn’t be good if you 2 didn’t follow in their footsteps. Die now!"

As he spoke, Wang Yu stepped forward, grabbing both their becks. With a crack, white light rose up once more.

System notification: As you have become enlightened,a uncommon skill [Choke] has been created, fame increased by 500

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