MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 22: Joining The Quan Zhen Sect

Chapter 22: Joining The Quan Zhen Sect

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Inside Twilight City’s respawn point, the members of Apocalypse were silently staring at each other.

"No way… He got you guys too?" When the Archers and the Magicians saw Brother light and the rest appear they asked in shock.

Being jobs that had low defense and health, for them to have been killed was within expectations. However, for someone like a Warrior, especially Brother Light who was fully equipped in Iron equipment and even had one Bronze equipment, to have been killed by a Pugilist was completely unexpected!

The Knight and three Warriors all turned red in shame and silently lowered their heads.

The four of them with their close combat jobs had been annihilated by the useless Pugilist! Even they themselves had a hard time believing something like this was possible.

The knight immediately tried to change the subject and said: "Well did anyone here survive?"

"Wait a second… Where are our Priests?" Brother Light suddenly said.

The whole group was stunned and then quickly sent a bunch of thumbs up emojis in the chat and said: "Our two healers really are capable warriors!"

Just as they had said this, two flashes of white light appeared in front of them and the two Priests spawned with confusion and anger on their faces.

Seeing the two Priests also being sent to the respawn point, the rest of them finally calmed down slightly. "The two of you really couldn’t run away either huh…"

"F**k! That bastard is really too vicious! We clearly said that we wouldn’t resist yet he still strangled us to death!" The Priest named Little White angrily cursed.

"Did he ever say he wouldn't kill us?" The other Priest Cloudy shook his head.

"Strangled to death…" Hearing his words everyone sucked in a cold breath of air and turned gloomy. His words had reminded them of how Wang Yu had killed them.

Those that Wang Yu had killed in one punch or kicked started to feel slightly better about their deaths.

Compared to those that had been beaten alive by Wang Yu their own deaths were still rather merciful in a way. Especially compared to the first Assassin and one of the other Priests. These two had even been kicked in the balls by Wang Yu…

The more that they thought about it the more horrific it seemed. Eventually Sorrow couldn't take it anymore and interrupted: "Enough! Enough! That damned bastard isn't human at all! There's nothing we small fries can do but accept our deaths…"

Twin Skewers dejectedly crouched at a corner and muttered: "Motherf**kers… I've been reduced to nothing because of you guys…"

"... Today's weather is really nice isn't it?"

"Yea the sunset really is something else…"

Hearing their replies Twin Skewers was speechless.

As their leader, no matter how much he was afraid of Wang Yu, Brother Light still had to take care of the interests of his men. He turned around and kindly asked: "Brothers, Twin Skewers’ equipment is still in that man's hands. Are we still going to try again?"

"This..." Hearing his words everyone was stunned and turned to look at Twin Skewers awkwardly.

This group had been playing together for quite awhile so their relationship was naturally very close. They were willing to die for him but rushing to fight someone they had no chance of winning against was just pure idiocy. Thus the decision fell on poor Twin Skewers.

"Ai… Let's just forget about it… It's just a piece of equipment anyway. If it's gone then so be it. The game just started anyway so it's really not worth it to antagonize someone like that anyway…" Twin Skewers dejectedly sighed.

Hearing his reply the rest of the group finally let out a sigh of relief.

If cashers could take advantage of their superior equipment to make up for the differences between jobs, then Wang Yu could be said to have been able to completely ignore the job system! He was able to completely destroy the balance of the whole game! There was simply no point going against someone like that…...

Nodding his head Brother Light said: "Well then this matter is settled then. Don't worry little Skewer, when the dungeon instance opens up in future any good equipment will go to you first! Does anyone have anything against this?"

"No! Definitely not!"

What a joke! If they didn't agree then they would have to face that demonic Pugilist again…

In the depths of the Secret Jungle.

Frost Blade was staring at Wang Yu with large eyes and his jaw wide open. "You're hacking right?"

"Nope! Pure skill!" Wang Yu lightly laughed.

"Monstrous!!!" Frost Blade sincerely sighed.

Out of the seven jobs in the game the Pugilist had always been considered the worst. With no innate weapon masteries and the shortest attacking range in the game, Pugilists were abused no matter where they went. Even monsters would feel happy when they encountered one!

However this wasn't the case for the Pugilist in front of him. Not only was his strength extraordinary enough to have solo-ed a boss previously, the Pugilist even wiped out sixteen other players in front of him!

Actually watching Wang Yu in person was much more shocking than seeing a video of him. Wang Yu’s immense power had caused Frost Blade to start doubting the job rankings. Were Pugilists actually the strongest job?

"What was that anti stealth skill you used just now?" Frost Blade asked.

What shocked Frost Blade the most in the fight just now sad how Wang Yu had seemingly casually reached out his hand and choked an Assassin.

As an Assassin himself, Frost Blade was naturally very curious about this.

"Also pure skill!" Wang Yu replied.

"Your own skill? Did you use sound to estimate his position?" Frost Blade recalled that Wang Yu had mentioned something like that to him previously.

"My five senses are just normal. My hearing isn't anything special either. The reason I knew where that Assassin was was due to his killing intent!" Wang Yu replied.

"Killing intent?"

"That's right! I'm a martial arts expert!" Wang Yu proudly replied.

"Ohhhhh!!!! Truly amazing truly amazing…" Frost blade replied as he stared at Wang Yu with a half convinced expression.

"You believe me?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Most people think I'm crazy when I tell them this…" Wang Yu sighed.

"Well in the Quan Zhen Sect I've seen all kinds of madmen… it's not only you so why wouldn't I?" Frost Blade shrugged.

After being silent for awhile Lee Wang Yu suddenly asked: "Speaking of which what is the Quan Zhen Sect anyway? Is it some kind of sect in this game?"

Knowing that Wang Yu was a noob when it came to games, Frost Blade patiently pointed at the Taiji emblem on his chest and said: "You see this? Anyone with this emblem on their chest is a member of the Quan Zhen Sect!"

"Does that mean I'm part of it too?" Wang Yu asked af he pointed to the Taiji on his chest.

"Hm?" After quickly glancing at Wang Yu’s chest Frost Blade quickly opened up his Guild namelist.

There were only a small handful of names in the list but "Iron Bull" wasn't one of them.

"You're not in our guild…" Frost Blade muttered to himself. "And your emblem looks much cooler than mine too…"

"Really?" As he looked at his emblem, Wang Yu realised that what Frost Blade said was true. Frost Blade’s emblem was simply a standard guild badge. His on the other hand seemed to have a faint halo around it and the colours of the Ying Yang fishes even seemed to move!

"Where did you get this emblem from?" Frost Blade asked.

"From my job advancement!" Wang Yu replied.

"Your job advancement?" Frost Blade asked in surprise.

After the first update of the game, the patch notes did mention that every job had a hidden quest. If the player were to complete this hidden quest they would be rewarded with a hidden job!

"Yes exactly!" Wang Yu nodded.

"Do you have any interest in joining our Quan Zhen Sect?" Frost Blade excitedly asked.

"Will I have a lot of duties that I'll need to do?" although Wang Yu was a noob when it came to games he wasn't a fool. Assert the very least he knew that most guild had many rules and roles for it members. Since his goal when playing the game was to earn as much as her could, Wang Yu didn't want to new tied down.

"Don't worry about it! Our Quan Zhen Sect isn't like other guilds. Hell we don't even grind levels together!" Friday Blade replied.

Most guilds in such games always had very strict discipline. If the members weren't clearing dungeons together then they would be grinding together. For a guild to not even train together like the Quan Zhen Sect did meant that they were completely lawless and useless!

One advantage to such a guild was it's immense freedom. Even if the guild’s base were under attack and the members were sleeping, no one would care!

"I'll take a look then!" Wang Yu nodded.

"Great!" Frost Blade replied and quickly opened his friend list to find the guild leader of the Quan Zhen Sect.

"Fearless! Hey! Fearless! Are you there?"

"F**k man I'm following some girl with nice legs in Twilight city! Go bother Boson or something!"

"I want to invite someone to the guild! Give me the rights!" Frost Blade ignored Fearless’ words as though he was already used to it.

Hearing his words Fearless suddenly put on a serious expression and said: "Who's this guy? Is he dependable? Let me warn you first he better have some skill! We might not be a large guild but our entry requirements are very strict!"

"Cut the crap. You'll know who it is when I add him in!" Frost Blade replied.

"Well then let me tell you. If this guys doesn't have any skills then I'll kick him out without giving you any face!"

After Fearless sent the message, Frost Blade immediately received the right to invite people to the guild.

"So much bullshit!" Frost Blade muttered as he added Wang Yu to the guild.

System notification: Player Frost Blade has invited you to join "Quan Zhen Sect" Do you accept?


Congratulations on joining Quan Zhen Sect! Our motto is: Seek not the best, but the most interesting!

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