MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 23: I'm Afraid I'll Accidentally Beat You To Death

Chapter 23: I'm Afraid I'll Accidentally Beat You To Death

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With Frost Blade's help, Wang Yu opened the guild's name list and saw that his name was at the top and there was a level 15 behind it.

Scrolling down, Wang Yu was surprised to see that there was already someone else in the Quan Zhen Sect that was level 15 and the lowest level member was level 14! Levelling in this game went from really fast to slow. At this point, most players in REBIRTH were only around level 13. Brother Light's group were actually considered experts!

Wang Yu's efficiency when hunting monsters was already incredibly high and he had solo-ed two bosses previously thus helping him reach level 15. It was hard to believe that there were people capable of keeping up with him! The people who threw money into this game really were something else!

"We have a new member! Everyone say hi!" FrostBlade had sent this message in the guild chat but after waiting for nearly half a day there still weren't any replies.

During this time Wang Yu and Frost Blade could only awkwardly stare at each other.

"Motherf**kers! These sluts muted the group chat again!" After cursing for a bit Frost Blade personally messaged the other members of the guild.

Soon their other members started entering the group chat one by one.

Fearless: Bitch do you want to die or something? I already told you I'm on a date!!!!

Boson: Stalking her is considered a date? Then if you actually speak to her would it be sex already?

Spring Halo: F**king Frost Blade! This poor man had a sudden burst of inspiration and was trying to divine the location to hunt a boss! Your damn screaming destroyed everything! You better compensate me later!


Looking at them banter on the guild chat, Wang Yu finally understood why everyone said that the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were mad. Their reputation really was deserved!

"There's a new member!" Frost Blade cleared his throat and said.

"A new member? Is he here to worship us? He can do it in his heart. We're all very shy people so saying it out loud is very embarrassing…" The rest of the members openly discussed.

"These bunch of whores are called shy?" Wang Yu silently cursed.

As the guild leader, Fearless was the only who even bothered to check the Guild log to see had joined. The moment he had opened it he was immediately stunned.

Holy f**k!!!!!! It's Great God Iron Bull!!!! How the hell did Frost Blade even manage to rope someone like that in? With all the nonsense that these clowns had been spewing without looking at the guild list they might have already offended him!

Suddenly Fearless remembered the dreadful image of the poor Silver Wolf King's demise and couldn't help but shudder.

Thinking of this Fearless immediately said: "Enough! Our new member is an expert!" Although Fearless really wanted to watch Wang Yu deal with these idiots, he still did his duty as a guild leader and reminded the rest.

"Expert? Hah! Didn't you see the World Leaderboards? Which one of the players in this guild isn't an expert? Come on then! Let's see how many rounds you can last against this grandfather!" A Pugilist called Vainglory disdainfully said.

His words stunned Wang Yu momentarily. After he recovered, Wang Yu turned to the nearby Frost Blade and asked: "Who is this guy? He really lives up to the word vain in his name!"

"Just a stupid kid. You can ignore him." Frost Blade replied as he opened the guild chat and said: "Hey brat! Why don't go open up the World Leaderboard yourself and see who's the top player!"

Suddenly the guild chat went completely silent. The rest of them really did go and check the World Leaderboards.

With some help from Frost Blade, Wang Yu found a button and also opened up the World Leaderboards and realised his name was right at the top!

Iron Bull: Pugilist - LV 15 (Hidden jobs are not displayed so Wang Yu appears as a Pugilist)

Spring Halo: Dark Shaman - LV 15

Boson: Weapons Master - LV 14

Fearless: Bishop - LV 14

Frost Blade: Assassin - LV 14

Vainglory: Fighter - LV 14

2012: Archer - LV 14

Ming Du: Lightning Wizard - LV 14

Crotch Lord: Guardian - LV 13

Nine Solitary Spears: Crusader - LV 13

Quan Zhen Sect only had a small number of members, but each one was on the top of the Leaderboards! Especially Spring Halo who was a Dark Shaman. This was a control focused job that had been considered even worse than the Pugilist by some players and yet it was second on the Leaderboards!

After a brief silence, Spring Halo was the first to speak up. "Oh? So it was honourable Brother Bull who joined our Quan Zhen Sect! A talented man naturally chooses a patron of integrity after all. It seems like we all have the same ideals!"

"Urgh…" Seeing what Spring Halo had said Wang Yu felt rather distraught and almost deleted his message instead of sending it.

When Boson saw that Wang Yu had joined the Quan Zhen Sect he excitedly said: "Brother Bull if you wanted to join us you could've just told me! You should've said something earlier!"

"Boson and Fearless are the kind of friends that would even share a bed! The closeness of their friendship isn't something normal people can hope to understand!" Frost Blade added after Boson had spoken.

"I'm just here to casually play the game." Wang Yu awkwardly replied as though he had misunderstood something. At the same time he thought to himself: "I'm just in this game to sell equipment and earn money for my family… If I knew you guys were like this I wouldn't have joined even if all of you beat me to death!"

"Che! What's so great about being so high level? The most important thing in this game is your own technique!" Seeing everyone else being so enthusiastic and welcoming towards Wang Yu had made Vainglory feel jealous.

Kids being kids would naturally love to compare and compete with each other. What's more, the both of them were Pugilists yet Wang Yu had suppressed him on the World Leaderboards. It was very natural that someone so arrogant like Vainglory would harbour ill feelings towards Wang Yu.

Hearing his words, the others immediately started to get excited and said: "Oh! Little chicky are you upset? If you're upset then just fight it out!"

The guild really was lawless. Instead of trying to calm him down and reason with him they were adding fuel to the fire! They really did just want to watch something interesting happen…

"That's right that's right! Little chicky against Iron Bull! Iron Bull's odds are 1 to 1 and little chicky's are 1 to 10! Come and place your bets!" Instead of doing his job as the guild leader, Fearless had instead started taking bets!

"I'll bet on honourable Brother Iron Bull then!"

"I'll bet on Brother Bull as well!"

Everyone started placing their bets on the fight one by one.

Seeing that everyone felt that he was weaker than Wang Yu, Vainglory was naturally incensed and angrily shouted in the chat: "You guys dare look down on me? Iron Bull, do you dare to fight this grandfather one on one?"

Hearing this Wang Yu felt slightly conflicted. "This… this isn't too good...We're all one guild… I'm afraid that…"

"Huh? You don't dare to? Did you guys hear that? He said he's afraid! Hahahaha!" Vainglory mocked.

"Fists are blind! I'm just afraid that I mitt accidentally beat you to death! It isn't easy to level up so you should treasure your levels!" Wang Yu explained.

What Wang Yu had said was true. Pugilists had the lowest health in the game. Even after advancing to a Fighter this fact still remained the same. At level 14 if Vainglory didn't add any points to vitality he would only have about five or six hundred health!

Using the Independent mode, all of Wang Yu's attacked exceeded 100% perfection would be dealing true damage! A single punch from Wang Yu would have been more than enough to beat Vainglory to death!

Since they were in the same guild it wouldn't be nice if Wang Yu had beat him up that badly.

Wang Yu had said these words with kind intentions. However to those that actually heard it, it sounded incomparably arrogant!

"I'm afraid I'll accidentally beat you to death!" These words were truly outrageous. What kind of courage did it take to say something like that?

Finally Vainglory couldn't take it anymore and started shouting: "F**K!!!! What bullshit!!!! You dare say these arrogant words to me?? That's it! Come to the city now! We're going to fight to the death!"

"You better think through this carefully! Going all out is only respectful to your opponent, so martial artists don't give any chance when duelling. If we really fight, I won't show you any mercy!" Wang Yu replied.

"Hmph! Just come then! I want to see what kind of abilities the top expert has!" Vainglory coldly retorted.

"Ok then. I'll be over in a moment." Wang Yu blandly replied.

After exiting the guild chat, Wang Yu caught a glimpse of the extremely moved Frost Blade and gloomily asked: "The tension was so thick just now! Why didn't you try to ease it?"

"When you deal with kids you can't indulge them. Since he wants to fight then just beat him until he relents!" Frost Blade said with a huge grin.

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