MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 24: Uncommon Skill

Chapter 24: Uncommon Skill

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Wang Yu was speechless as he looked at Frost Blade's devious smile.

"So do you want these two skills books and the dagger or not?" Wang Yu asked as he took out the two skill books.

Due to the commotion, Wang Yu had nearly forgotten what he had come to the Secret Jungle for.

"Yes! Of course I do!" After looking at the items in Wang Yu's hand a greedy look appeared on Frost Blade as he took the skill books from Wang Yu and transferred him the money.

"Oh by the way, how much can this be sold for..." After receiving the money from him, Wang Yu took out yet another skill book.

Frost Blade's face contorted with shock, confusion and surprise as he looked at the skill book that Wang Yu had taken out.

[Choke]: Uncommon skill, allows the user to attack with the other hand, dealing 120% Physical Damage to the target, cancelling any spell being cast.

Job Requirement: None

It was another uncommon skill book, it was even a dual hand skill! How was this b*stard so lucky!

In REBIRTH, being able to use both hands was a very rare occurrence. The system had dictated that only three of the classes would have the natural ability to use both their hands to attack.

Pugilist - Naturally a Pugilist would be able to use both hands, a Pugilist that could only use one hand was unheard of...

Weapons Master - After reaching level 40, there was a passive in their skill tree, [Dual Wield Mastery], that would allow them wield two weapons and fight. Just that their other hand would only deal 80% of the damage dealt by the main hand.

Assassin - Ever since the beta testing phase, Assassins also had an uncommon skill that allowed them to dual wield weapons, but this skill was even weaker than the Weapons Master, only having 60% of the original damage.

All dual wielding skill books were relatively expensive. In the beta testing only one skill book was found in the entire server and it was only a 80% damage skill book. Even for such a simple skill book, the price had been sky high.

The skill that Wang Yu had found not only dealt 120% Physical Damage, but it also could disrupt spells being cast. If such a skill book was placed on sale, it would drive the market crazy!

Frost Blade didn't dare to believe that in less than a week of playing this game, he would be holding such a rare and precious skill book in his hands!

He had the burning desire to just log off now and keep the book with him! And hope to never meet Wang Yu in the future.

"Dual wielding skill!!!" Frost Blade asked: "Where did you get this?"

"I made it myself!"

"You made it yourself???" Frost Blade's jaw dropped, you could make your own skills in this game? How come he had never heard of this before? Was this some sort of system error?

Wang Yu nodded his head: "Mm, my job has a skill called [True Expert], which allows me to turn my own attacks into a skill in the game! The system seemed to have recognised my attack just now when I was killing those players and turned it into a skill book."

"Heh..." After hearing Wang Yu's words, Frost Blade let out a deep sigh: "Even though this skill seems kind of dodgy, but it was something made for you!"

Based on Wang Yu's words, he was a martial artist, and the skills that he knew were not limited to just [Choke]. It was likely that if he continued to play this game in the long run he would be able to create more and more skills.

Frost Blade sheepishly said: "I'm going to be honest with you Iron Bull. This skill book is simply too expensive! I cannot afford it...

Wang Yu cheekily replied: "So there are things that even you can't afford!"

"Hah, I'm only casually playing this game, there are other people who truly throw money into this game. I think it's best if you throw this skill to the auction to sell! As long as I work my magic, I'm sure it'll be able to fetch an insane price!"

When Wang Yu heard Frost Blade mention the auction and "working his magic", Wang Yu couldn't understand a thing he was saying and indifferently replied: "Forget it, it sounds too troublesome! I'll just hold onto to it first and sell it in the future, it's not like I'm desperate for money now!"

Wang Yu had long since earned enough gold coins to meet the requirements that the gold farming studio had given him. With the money that he earned from selling Frost Blade the dagger, he already had about 300 000 in his bank.

For someone like Wang Yu who did not seek a very high standard of living or very luxurious material goods, there was no need for him to go out of his way to try to earn money in this game. He had only just started playing and there were still plenty of opportunities to earn money in future.

"Aiyah, that's a shame, a skill like this is worth a ton of money in the game right now!" Frost Blade lamented as he shot a disappointed look at Wang Yu.

Wang Yu laughed: "That's alright, good things won't depreciate in value!"

"That's right, how much do you intend to sell the limestone powder for?" Frost Blade asked.

Wang Yu scratched his head and replied: "I'm just a noob in this game, I have no idea how much it's worth!"

"Oh, how could I forget this!" Frost Blade laughed. Because of how overpowered Wang Yu was, Frost Blade had completely forgotten that this beast was actually a noob!

"Even though this thing is very useful, but it's still a consumable item. 5 silver for one unit of it, what do you think?" Frost Blade asked.

Wang Yu replied: "Okay! Let's go with that!" 5 silver coins were equal to 50 dollars, that was a lot of money!

"4 gold coins for eighty units of limestone powder, here's the money!" Frost Blade immediately took out 4 gold coins and handed them over to Wang Yu.

After finishing the trade, Frost Blade asked Wang Yu: "Speaking of which, where does this thing even come from? Does anyone else know?

Wang Yu explained: "It's dropped by the Dusk Vagrant's, I've used this thing against the people from Apocalypse guild so they probably know."

"Dusk Canyon... do you have any buyers for that title deed?" Frost Blade asked.

"Nope! I don't know many people"

After hearing what Wang Yu had said, a devious grin appeared on Frost Blade's face: "Keep it, sell it to Fearless later! Hehe!'

A cold chill ran up Wang Yu's spine as he looked at Frost Blade.

The duo left the Secret Jungle and returned to Twilight City. The closer they came to the city, the more players they saw. The scene outside of Twilight City was reminiscent of the scene outside beginner village.

The sheer amount of people in the area had scared the Thieves and Robbers whitless, causing their attributes to be reduced by 10% as they quaked in their boots. Wang Yu sighed at how realistic the game was.

As the duo walked towards the gates of Twilight City, a platoon of city guards in their shining armour started to walk towards them.

Frost Blade's seriously asked: "Brother Bull, how many people did you kill just now?"

"Probably a dozen or so…...weren't you there as well just now? What's the matter?" Wang Yu inquired.

Frost Blade hurriedly shouted: "Run away now!"


"You'll be killed for killing other players!" Frost Blade shouted.

As an online multiplayer game, REBIRTH did not mind PK, but it could not be programmed in a way that would allow players to thoughtlessly go around killing each other. Hence, the game designers included a PK score.

In REBIRTH, if you killed one person your name would turn grey, if you killed two your name would turn yellow, but if you killed five or more players your name would turn red.

Players with red names would not only be unable to enter towns or cities, but they would be attacked by the city guards if they came close to the city.

Of course, the names of all players were kept hidden at all times, therefore a normal player would not be able to tell who had a red name.

With how well designed the game system was, the NPC's could easily see the PK points of each player. For someone like Wang Yu with 16 PK points to try to enter the city through the front gates was simply too brazen!

Wang Yu raised his fist and asked: "Are they strong?".

Looking at Wang Yu preparing to fight, Frost Blade rolled his eyes and said: "They are all masters in the jobs, they can even take down a Divine Tier boss, do you think they're strong?"

"..." After hearing what Frost Blade had said Wang Yu's expression turned grave. This was simply too unfair! Given that he couldn't even use 10% of his actual abilities in this game, even if he used all the skills at his disposal to fight these guards, he was sure to die!

Just as Wang Yu was about to run away, the guards had already rushed over!

As he looked at the movements of the city guards, Wang Yu finally believed what Frost Blade had said. F*ck, to use [Charge] to rush over…...and they didn't have cooldowns for their skills, this was too unfair.

Without much effort, the city guards had arrived beside Wang Yu and Frost Blade.

Wang Yu got into his fighting stance and prepared for a desperate struggle. However when the city guards took a good look at his face they were stupefied and immediately laid down their weapons.

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