MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 25: Duel

Chapter 25: Duel

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"What's the meaning of this?" Wang Yu was quite shocked. Did this whole bunch of guards rush over here just to scare him?

The captain of the guards mechanically answered: "So it was Lord Iron Bull! We were still wondering if some sort of hoodlum had come to the city!"

"Hoodlum? Isn't that him?" Frost Blade pointed at Wang Yu and replied.

"Hey hey hey, don't forget why I had to kill all those people just now you ungrateful little b*stard!" Wang Yu angrily scolded.

"Lord Iron Bull you have eliminated the Dusk Bandit Gang from the canyon, you are the hero of our city! The city lord wishes to meet you!" The guard captain continued.

When he heard the words of the guard captain, Wang Yu immediately understood that this whole fiasco was a result of the Twilight City merit points he earned!

"Alright, I'll find him later!"


The city guards nodded their heads as they rearranged themselves into their platoon formation, returning back to the city.

Everyone one present had been thoroughly shocked by the scene they had just witnessed: "Did you see that, the city guards actually went up to that guy to speak to him! On their own accord!"

"That's right, what's going on? I thought that group of blockheads couldn't speak?"

"Maybe it's a hidden quest? Let's go take a look!"

At this moment, everyone who had reached the same conclusion flocked towards the city guards.

"Hey, excuse me..."

The city guards showed no signs of stopping even though they had been surrounded by the players. They still wore a solemn and serious expression on their face as they continued to march unhindered towards the city gate, trampling over the players...

"That's awesome! How come you weren't faulted for murdering other players?"

Wang Yu laughed: "It's just a coincidence. Let's keep moving, there are people waiting for us!"

"Mm!" Frost Blade nodded. He seemed very excited that Wang Yu had received what he thought was a special mission.

Once they arrived at the dojo, Wang Yu realised that there actually weren't that many players in the Quan Zhen Sect.

"This pair of good friends are Fearless and Boson!" Frost Blade pointed the Warrior and Priest in the corner of the dojo as he introduced them.

Wang Yu smiled at the pair as he nodded his head.

Boson had a very emotional expression when he saw that Wang Yu had actually come.

"This is Spring Halo, Brother Spring! You're awesome!" Frost Blade pointed at a middle-aged person wearing a pointed hat (a typical Magician equipment) and said.

"Hello Brother Spring!" Wang Yu politely greeted.

Spring Halo looked at Wang Yu and exclaimed: "You have a very impressive appearance Iron Bull! You're not a normal person!"

"Thank you Brother Spring!" Wang Yu replied. Even though Spring Halo could be considered rather old and had a rather vulgar appearance, truth be told he was the most friendly person in the Quan Zhen Sect.

"Why's everyone talking so much b*llshit! Are we going to fight or not!" At this time, a youth angrily shouted from the top of the duelling platform in the dojo.

"That's Vainglory..." Frost Blade quickly explained.

"Oh..." After having seen Vainglory in person, Wang Yu lost his will to battle.

This youth was roughly 17 years old and still carried an air of innocence in his demeanour. Compared to those brutes from Apocalypse, he still looked like a child.

"That's no different from bullying a kid!" Wang Yu nervously told the crowd.

The crowd shook their heads: "Just beat him up! You don't need to show mercy!"

"But…...I don't think I can hold myself back..."

One of the most basic rules of a martial artist was that he couldn't use his techniques to bully kids. Fighting Vainglory would be directly violating this rule. If word ever got out, Wang Yu would never be able to show his face in the martial arts world again.

Vainglory impatiently shouted: "Do you dare to fight me or not? Just come! If you don't dare to fight just admit you're a coward! Then maybe this grandpa can give you a pointer or two!"

"Admit I'm a coward?" After hearing his words opponent's words. Wang Yu's prideful spirit had been ignited.

Ever since he was a kid, Wang Yu had been an unmatched genius, even in the entire martial arts world he was second to none, yet this kid in front of him wanted him to admit that he was a coward!

This stinky brat truly didn't know how vast the world was.

"Come here and let this uncle educate you!" Wang Yu shouted as he jumped onto the duelling platform.

When Vainglory saw that Wang Yu had jumped onto the platform, he immediately rushed over to attack. Not even waiting for Wang Yu to prepare himself as he launched a [Lateral Kick] towards Wang Yu.

As the saying went, when an expert decided to move anyone could tell if he was bluffing or not.

From this single attack, Wang Yu could tell that Vainglory was also using the Independent mode.

Nearly all the skills that a Pugilist had utilised his physical body as they normally did not use any weapons to fight. This led many people to think that even amongst those that used Independent mode, Pugilist's were the weakest.

For Vainglory, a Pugilist, to dare to use the Independent Mode, proved that this kid had some skill.

Starting with [Lateral Kick] to knock up the opponent, then following up with [Crushing Blow] and [Flying Knee] to deal more damage. This was one of the most common combos that Pugilist's used.

Once all these skills were chained, this would also result in an additional 100 damage.

As he looked at Vainglory's fluid movements, Wang Yu realised that this kid wasn't just all talk.

But meeting Wang Yu was probably the biggest tragedy in Vainglory's life!

Wang Yu himself had chosen the Pugilist job, what's more, he had a very deep understanding of the capabilities of the Pugilist job thanks to his martial arts background. Naturally, he would know how to take down another Pugilist.

Without letting Vainglory's attack reach him, Wang Yu shifted his body, taking a step forward as he stretched out his right leg to push Vainglory.


Wang Yu had used the force from Vainglory's movement to push him off the stage. Without even using his hands, Wang Yu had defeated Vainglory in a single exchange.

Everyone in the Quan Zhen Sect was stunned.

Vainglory wasn't a simple kid, everyone in the guild had known him for a period of time and were familiar with his abilities.

Vainglory had always played long-range jobs in other games, but when he came over to REBIRTH he suddenly decided to play as a Pugilist. This sudden change had shocked everyone.

It was quite normal for a Magician to change to something like an Archer, but for a player who had used long ranged jobs for a long time, to suddenly want to engage in melee combat was quite peculiar.

Vainglory had decided to answer all their questions: Basically, he was born in an affluent family and had received strict martial arts lessons since he was a kid so that he could protect himself. Even seven or eight thugs wouldn't be able to get near him!

Once he entered the game, Vainglory was like a fish in water, even though he had chosen a lousy job, even Boson who had learnt sword arts wouldn't dare to say he could beat him in a fight.

Everyone in the Quan Zhen Sect could be considered experts in the game that they were previously playing, but when they switched to REBIRTH, Vainglory suddenly became a lot better than them. Due to his blind arrogance and his conceited nature, he had previously declared himself as the number one expert in REBIRTH back when they were in the beginner village.

That's why everyone started trying to incite a fight between Wang Yu and Vainglory at the first opportunity they got. Everyone in the guild was just trying to teach him a lesson, that there would always be someone better so he shouldn't get too full of himself.

Even though everyone already knew that Wang Yu was an expert, they didn't expect that he would be able to defeat Vainglory so effortlessly.

Who would have thought Vainglory would have been defeated without even touching his opponent, simply getting knocked of the duelling platform.

Vainglory didn't accept it as his loss, after all he had only been knocked off the platform and lost a bit of health.

But in the eyes of the crowd, Vainglory had already been defeated.

Vainglory stood up and stared blankly at Wang Yu…...after half a minute, he pointed at Wang Yu and shouted: "You f*cker how dare you cheat!"

Wang Yu indifferently laughed at him: "So you use Cha style martial arts."

"How do you know this???" After hearing Wang Yu mention Cha style martial arts, a look of shock covered Vainglory's face.

Even though Cha style martial arts weren't as famous as compared to other styles like Taiji, it didn't mean that it was a weak martial art, it was just quite secretive. The only reason that Vainglory knew this style of martial arts was because one of the body guards that his family had hired knew this style of martial arts and taught it to Vainglory. Who would have thought that there would be someone in this game that recognised it?

"Master Chang and I used to be neighbours, I even traded blows with him in the past when I was 15 years old!" Wang Yu laughed.

"Ah..." When Vainglory heard Wang Yu's words, his mind went numb.

As someone who had some knowledge about the martial arts world, Vainglory naturally knew who the Master Chang that Wang Yu was talking about was. He was even clearer about what Wang Yu meant when he said that he had "traded blows" with someone.

There was a rule in the martial arts world that only the winner could go around saying that he had "traded blows" with someone.

No one in the martial arts world would casually say that they had "traded blows" with another party as this could harm the other party's pride. Vainglory had no reason to doubt Wang Yu's words.

Vainglory had merely learnt the Cha style martial arts from a practitioner for a short few months, while Wang Yu had defeated the founder of this style of martial arts when he was just a teenager! Was there even a need to compete?

When he thought of this, Vainglory lowered his head in embarrassment and said: "No need, let's not fight anymore, I admit defeat!" What a joke, why would he willing offend someone of that level!

"Mm, you're not too bad yourself!" Seeing that Vainglory had admitted defeat in such a straightforward manner, Wang Yu nodded his head in approval, thinking to himself: "Even though this kid is proud, he's not narrow-minded!"

"Don't look down on me! I know very clearly the difference in our strength! Even though I lost today I'm no coward! I'll surpass you someday!!!"

"Not bad, you have guts, I'll be waiting for you!" Wang Yu looked at Vainglory and realised that this kid really resembled himself in his youth.

After Vainglory had admitted defeat, the crows quickly rushed onto the duelling platform.

"Looks like you lost Little Chick! Maybe next time you should just hide behind the guild master!"

"Haha, looks like you've met your match! You aren't much stronger than me but yet you dare to challenge Brother Iron Bull!"

"Hehe, that's not important, what's important is that Little Chicky here is a good gambler who never forgets his debts. You aren't going to forget your debt today right?"

After heard Brother Spring's words, Vainglory gloomily took out a large number of gold coins and handed it to the crowd.

Wang Yu was speechless. It seemed that Vainglory had bet on himself winning back when everyone was placing their bets!

As he looked at this group of grown men bullying a kid almost to the point of tears, Wang Yu took out a skill book and threw it to Vainglory: "Take it, don't need to be too modest!"

Vainglory thoroughly read the skill description before excitedly shouting: "Thank you Brother Bull!"

"Disrespectful little shit! Call me uncle!"

"I'll even call you daddy if you want!"

When he saw the expression on Vainglory's face, Frost Blade couldn't help but ask: "You gave THAT skill book to him?"


"The f*ck!" Frost Blade revealed a very sorrowful look as he pleaded: "Uncle Bull, can you take that book back from him and give it to me instead?"

"What book is that?" Everyone else chimed in.

"A dual wield skill book that does 120% damage and even cancels the opponent's skill!" Frost Blade cried.

"The f*ck!!! Uncle Bull!! Give us some skills books too!!!"

Wang Yu was speechless: "The f*ck was wrong with this group of people!"

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