MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 26: Friends

Chapter 26: Friends

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Looking at everyone's expressions, Wang Yu was able to guess how valuable the skill book was. However he didn't regret giving it away at all.

In this day and age, where learning martial arts was scorned, seeing a member of the younger generation so passionate about martial arts really moved Wang Yu.

In the past, Wang Yu had been exactly like Vainglory. His martial arts was his life and he would never give up, never admit defeat and never forsake it.

Giving him the skill book could have been considered giving the younger generation some encouragement even if this was just a game.

As a grown man, Frost Blade naturally understood the reasons behind Wang Yu's actions. He was merely joking around when he asked for the book. All of these people didn't lack money in real life. Even if Wang Yu had given them the skill book, they would all have taken out their money and paid him for it.

After joking around, Frost Blade secretly asked Fearless: "Hey Fearless, are you interested in getting a guild headquarters?

"Guild headquarters? Nah it's not like we're fighting for supremacy or anything. It's too troublesome anyway. Might as well just rent an office somewhere…" Fearless grumbled.

In REBIRTH, it didn't cost much to set up a guild. As long as there were more than five players and they paid the fee the guild would be officially formed. To acquire a headquarters on the other hand really was very troublesome. Not only did the guild have to complete a lot of quests, they would even need to go to the outskirts of the town to fight against hostile forces!

Hence, only those guilds that truly wanted to rule over the game would even bother with trying to get a headquarters. Other smaller guilds would simply rent a small space in the city to use.

For a small guild like the Quan Zhen Sect, renting an office wasn't even necessary!

"Take a look at this then." As he spoke, Frost Blade took out some limestone powder from his bag and passed it to Fearless.

Fearless simply glanced at it and dismissively said: "You can just throw this kind of trash to the NPC shops to sell. Why're you passing it to me for?"

"This power can counter [Stealth]!" Frost Blade replied.

"Are you serious?" Fearless gasped.

"If it's fake then I'll refund you. Great God Iron Bull tested it out himself!" Frost Blade confidently replied.

"Holy f**k! That's incredible! But what does this have to do with us getting a guild headquarters?" Fearless asked again.

"Great God Iron Bull managed to get a title deed to start the quest for the guild headquarters. The site of the headquarters is exactly where this limestone powder can be farmed!" Frost Blade said.

Hearing his words, everyone's eyes instantly lit up.

At this stage of the game, the job that was the hardest to deal with were the Thief related jobs. Under [Stealth], they would be completely undetectable. Backstabs would deal an extra 50% damage due to the class passives. With their high speed, Thieves would often use hit and run tactics. Aside from Archers, no other clad would be able to retaliate. However with their low health Archers were most afraid of close combat...

Thus before Guardians and Templars properly grew, Thieves basically didn't have any counters!

If an anti-stealth item really did exist then didn't that mean that the Thieves reign of terror over?

Furthermore, this legendary item could be completely monopolized by their guild… They definitely just hit the jackpot!

Thinking of this Fearless had an embarrassed expression as he said: "This really is too much! Brother Bull just joined us and he's already given such a great gift!"

Hearing his words, Frost Blade's face darkened as he said: "Truly shameless! This title deed is worth a whole city and you think he's giving it to you for free?"

"Ah? He's not giving it to us?" Fearless was slightly stunned by Frost Blade's words. Seeing how Wang Yu had so casually tossed a rare skill book to Vainglory had awed him senseless.

One must know that the skill book Wang Yu had given away wasn't much lower in value than the headquarters title deed!

"Give your mom! Although he may be an expert, Iron Bull isn't that well off in real life! Since he's already given away a skill book how can we still try and take advantage of him?" Frost Blade said.

Hearing his words, the rest of them were stunned.

Looking at Wang Yu's skills, it was obvious that he was an expert. There were usually only two possibilities for someone like this to be playing a video game. Firstly, they didn't need to work, or worry about money, and their real lives were extremely boring, like most of them members of Quan Zhen Sect for example. The next kind were those that wanted to temper themselves to further their martial arts.

Seeing how Wang Yu had so casually given away such a valuable skill book everyone thought that he belonged to the first type. Who would've thought that he'd be poor…

"No way… Brother Bull, your appearance and mannerisms give off the feeling that you're rather rich in life! You don't seem like a poor person at all!" Spring Halo gasped in shock.

"Actually I'm part of the Primrose Gold Farming Group… I'm only playing this game to feed my family…" Wang Yu awkwardly replied.

"Primrose Gold Farming Group? You're working for that kind of second-rate group? Uncle Bull your talents are just being wasted there! Come work for me, I'll definitely pay you much higher than they ever will!" Vainglory said as he unconsciously displayed his status as a rich kid.

Hearing his words the rest of them simply remained silent. Although they were all from the same guild and knew that he had said this with good intentions, his spoilt tone really was rather damaging to one's pride.

"Thanks for the invitation little chicky but I'm just doing this job temporarily. When I reach my goal for the month I can still do my own things after that." Wang Yu casually said.

"Oh...Okay then…" Vainglory disappointedly nodded.

After thinking for a bit Fearless said: "How about this then, we'll buy your headquarters title deed for 500 000 dollars!"

Wang Yu instantly turned around to look at Frost Blade who said: "It's about that price!"

"Alright then! Take it!" Wang Yu said as he took the title deed out of his bag and tossed it over to Fearless.

As he caught the title deed Fearless turned to the rest of the guild and said: "Since we're buying this title deed so that everyone can profit together, we'll be splitting the cost! Does anyone have any issues with this?"

"None!" Vainglory immediately shouted.

"None!" The others replied one after another.

All of them were experienced gaming experts and naturally knew the value of an item that could counter the effects of stealth. This was especially so during this time when Thieves reigned supreme, if the few of them could monopolize the limestone powder then a measly 100 000 dollars could easily be earned back!

"Alright then! You just need to give me 410 000 then Fearless." Wang Yu said after hearing the discussion.

"This title deed is worth 600 000. Your portion has already be accounted for!" Fearless laughed.

"This… isn't very good though…" Wang Yu felt slightly guilty after hearing is words. They were blatantly letting him take advantage of them!

"Haha Brother Bull don't worry about it! Since we're in the same guild, we're all brothers anyway! We can afford this bit of cash!" the rest laughed casually.

"That's right! The skill book you gave me is worth way more than I'm paying. If anything, I'm the one who's taken advantage of you the most!" Vainglory added.

"Th...thank you guys!" Wang Yu forcibly nodded his head as a warm fuzzy feeling welled up inside him. Although these people weren't very normal, they truly did treat him as a genuine friend…

Wang Yu 25 years of life had been rather carefree. Aside from martial arts, all he had was his family.

After he started looking for a job, Wang Yu finally experienced the harshness and coldness of the world.

However, Wang Yu was able to experience why true friendship was due to this game. As a result, his impression of this cold and cruel world began to change bit by bit.

"If anyone has anything that they need to me do in future, just ask me! I'll do my best to fulfil it!" Wang Yu declared.

"Of course we will! Our Quan Zhen Sect only has us few brothers! If anyone dares bully us we'll definitely band together!" They laughed.

"Haha not bad at all!" Wang Yu laughed.

"Brother Bull, although we just met, it feels like we have known each other for years! Why don't we go to an inn and drink a few cups!"

"This… Maybe another time. I'm actually pretty hungry now. I really want to log off and eat!" Wang Yu said with an embarrassed smile on his face.

Hearing his words the rest's faces changed as well. "Hearing you say that kind of makes me feel hungry as well! This game really is too realistic! I always forget to eat! My mum is definitely going to nag at me again..." Boson grumbled.

"Hahaha Boson! You're already 30 and you're still living with your mum?" Fearless mocked.

"Motherf**ker you dare to mock me? Aren't you living with your dad as well?"

Fearless' face rapidly turned red as he hurried to say: "Well let's all log off first and go eat then! We'll meet again later!"


After everyone had replied in unison Wang Yu then logged off.

After Wang Yu took off his helmet, he received a message confirming that the 500 000 had been successfully transferred into his bank account!

When he checked the time on his phone, Wang Yu realised that it was already almost noon!

Mu Zi Xian had already come back from work and was busy preparing lunch, causing wave after wave of mouth watering aromas to waft out of the kitchen.

"Honey how come you didn't tell me that you were home?" Wang Yu asked as he helped Mu Zi Xian arrange the dishes on the table.

Mu Zi Xian wiped her hands and pinched Wang Yu's cheek as she said: "You looked so serious just now so I didn't dare to disturb you. What if you were fighting a boss?"

Wang Yu only gave a silly laugh as he used his free hand to grab onto Mu Zi Xian's hand.

"So? How are your earnings today?" As she brought more dishes out to the dining table Mu Zi Xian asked.

"Not bad, not bad…" Wang Yu laughed.

"Well just make sure you don't tire yourself out too much ok? Just casually play the game." My Zi Xian said with concern.

"I know honey I know. Oh right, my credit card had the money I've earned from selling equipment. Take it and spend it on yourself ok?" Wang Yu nodded as he took out his credit card and passed it to Mu Zi Xian.

However, Mu Zi Xian didn't take the card and instead said: "You keep it. As a man you still need to carry some money when you go out."

Hearing her answer, Wang Yu only cheekily smiled and said: "Well since we're always together anyway it doesn't really matter who's holding the money!"

"Hey… What kind of f**kboys have you been meeting in the game? Since when did your tongue get so glib… Look at you trying to seduce me!" With a giggle, Mu Zi Xian took the card and jokingly scolded him.

"I'm being honest! If you don't believe me then just listen to my heart!" Wang Yu said as he pulled her into his embrace.

At this point, the four girls had also smelt lunch being prepared and had all logged off and left their rooms to eat. Upon seeing this intimate scene, they quickly turned around and said: "We didn't see anything!"

Mu Zi Xian's face instantly flushed red as she squirmed her way out of Wang Yu's hug.

"Wow Brother Yu and sister-in-law have been married so long but they're feelings are still so strong…" Li Xue enviously said.

Mu Zi Xian gave Wang Yu a deep look as a contented expression appeared on her face. she turned around to look at Li Xue and said: "Don't worry about it. You'll find someone like that one day too!"

"Yea… I hope I will…" Li Xue said with a tinge of sadness in her voice as she looked at Wang Yu.

"Oh right Brother Yu have you reached level 10 yet? Our group's main branch has set up it's office inside Twilight City! When you reach level 10 come to the main gate and find us!" Li Xue suddenly said to Wang Yu.

"Oh I'm already in Twilight City!" Wang Yu replied.

"Huh? Really? Such a coincidence! Ok then when you log in just send me a friend request. My name is Snowy Velvet. The four of us will bring you to fight Goblins. Then once you reach level 15 we can enter Dungeon Instances together!"

"Goblins?" Wang Yu was slightly stunned. What was the point of killing trash monsters like Goblins?

"Mr Landlord there's no need to be scared! Although Goblins are level 15 monsters, we'll be hunting them in a group so we can definitely take them on! You can just hide at the back and pick up the equipment!" Mary kindly said.

"Ok..." Wang Yu helplessly nodded.

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