MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 27: Scourge Of The Dusk

Chapter 27: Scourge Of The Dusk

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After logging into the game again, Wang Yu noticed that the others from the Quan Zhen Sect were still offline.

After leaving the dojo, Wang Yu first went towards the city lord's manor.

The city lord's manor was located in the middle street and was located in roughly the same location that a government building was in the real world.

However, unlike real life, the city lord's manor didn't have any prestige to it. Right at the gate of the manor, there were many players with crafting classes who had set up stalls and were pedalling their wares!

Seeing Wang Yu pace around outside the gate while seemingly thinking about something, mocking expressions soon emerged on the faces of these players.

"Someone's here to try his luck again! I wonder if the city lord is in a good mood today hehehe…"

When Wang Yu arrived in front of the manor door, the guards in charge of the door took the initiative and went to speak to him first! "Lord Iron Bull you've finally arrived! Our Lord has been expecting you! This way please!"

"En!" With a nod, Wang Yu followed the guards into the manor.

Watching this scene caused the surrounding players to be shocked silly.

"This… this can't be real right? He actually managed to barge his way in!"

"Are you blind? He was clearly invited in!" Someone corrected.

"F**k! Did the system just glitch or something?"

The surrounding players quickly started a heated discussion.

What was the fastest way to level up in the game? Completing quests of course!

Low risks for high rewards. And there was even a chance that players would even be able to trigger a hidden quest and climb to the peak amongst their peers!

High grade quests would naturally come from high ranking NPCs. In the entire Twilight City who would be higher ranked than it's lord? Following this logic, most players would have tried to enter the city lord's manor or walking around its walls for a bit.

Ever since these crafting class focused players had entered Twilight city, they had just been manning their stores outside the city lord's manor and had seen countless players try to enter and fail.

Those who were lucky were simply turned away by the guards. Those that were more shameless and had tried to forcibly enter were returned to the respawn point by the guards…

Seeing someone being invited in by these guards, there was no way these players wouldn't be shocked.

Following the guards in, Wang Yu arrived at a large meeting hall with a man standing in the centre.

The man looked around forty years of age and had a tall stalwart figure with larger bulging muscles, giving him a betty imposing aura.

This was the fabled city lord that all the players were dying to meet. Wang Yu could tell at a glance as there were the words "Twilight City Lord--Count Wylie".

"Esteemed martial artist! You've finally arrived!" Noticing Wang Yu's arrival, the city lord hurriedly greeted him.

"Is there something that you need me to do for you, my lord?" Wang Yu instantly replied.

"I've heard the tales of how you single handedly vanquished the vile Dusk Bandit Gang and I simply had to meet you in person!" The city lord humbly answered.

"It was nothing much my lord." Wang Yu lightly chuckled.

"The Dusk Bandits Gang has been plaguing our city for a very long time. I've sent my armies to exterminate them time and time again but they've always returned in failure… Your actions have truly been of great help to our city! I represent all the citizens when I say thank you great hero! Let me also award you the title of honorary citizen of Twilight City!!" The city lord said emotionally.

System Notification: You have received the title "Honorary Citizen of Twilight City". Monsters killed within Twilight City's territories will award 10% extra experience and 10% extra gold!

System Notification: You have received 50 Twilight City merit points. Your reputation amongst the citizens of Twilight City has risen to "Idol Of The Masses". All items purchased in Twilight City will have a 10% discount.

"Against that ragtag little bandit gang any random soldier should have been able to easily annihilate them… Yet you're telling me that your armies have been pushed back repeatedly? This really isn't logical at all…" Wang Yu muttered to himself.

However, he was in a game so many things weren't logical anyway.

"Esteemed martial artist, to express our gratitude to you I want to give you a reward. Tell me, what do you desire?" The city lord asked.

"There's another reward other than the title?" Wang Yu was slightly shocked. Several of the NPCs that he met were always all too eager to reduce his rewards. In fact, many of these NPCs were programmed to try and exploit the players! Someone as generous as the city lord was really rare! No wonder he sad the city lord!

"Yes! This reward is my own personal reward to you! As long as you need it, I'll do my best to give it to you!" The city lord confirmed

"I want 10 000 gold coins then!" Wang Yu replied after thinking about it.

The primary reason that Wang Yu had started playing video games was to earn money after all. With the current exchange rate for gold, as long as Wang Yu could trade away these 10 000 gold coins then he wouldn't need to worry about money in future!

"This request… It's not that we don't have 10 000 gold coins, but the taxpayer's money isn't something I can use so easily…" The city lord said with some hesitation.

"So you can't give it to me then?"

"I can't…" The city lord replied with a red face.

Wang Yu gloomily thought for awhile and then said: "Then how about a Divine weapon?"

Since he couldn't get gold coins then a Divine weapon would still be able to fulfil his needs. At this point, even Silver tier equipment could be sold for a high price. If he sold a Divine weapon when the time was right then it could be worth hundreds of thousands of ordinary Silver equipments!

Hearing his words, the city lord almost feel over in shock. After some time he weakly replied: "Things like Divine weapons are things that can be hoped for but not sought after… Even I've only heard stories about them…"

"You don't have a divine weapon either? You really are quite poor aren't you…" Wang Yu disappointedly mumbled.

Hearing his harsh words, the city lord's lips twitched slightly before he said: "How about this instead? I can see that you're still wearing beginner cloth armour and I have a set of light armour with me that I used to wear when I adventured in my youth. Why don't I give it to you!"

As he spoke, the city lord took out a light armour and presented it to Wang Yu.

Wang Yu stretched out his hands to accept the armour and disappointedly said: "Alright then I guess that settles it since you don't seem to have much wealth…"

Wang Yu had previously imagined that the city lord would have taken out some high grade equipment. Who would have imagined that he would take out an old second-hand armour that he had worn in the past?

What Wang Yu needed wasn't equipment that focused on defensive stats like armour… However a reward was still a reward no matter how small. He could still sell this armour for some money later on.

Seeing Wang Yu's dissatisfied expression the city lord felt very indignant. However, as a computer program, he could only swallow this insult and say: "Well since we are done then I won't hinder your growth anymore esteemed martial artist! I hope that the next time we meet you'll be even stronger!"

Since the city lord had already bade his goodbyes Wang Yu cupped his hands and said: "Then your servant will make his move first!"

After leaving the city lord's manor, Wang Yu took out the swarthy suit of armour and properly inspected its attributes.

Wang Yu was pleasantly surprised to find out that although the armour didn't look that impressive, it was a Gold tier equipment!

Heavenly Silk Armour (Light armour) (Gold)

Physical Defense: 54-72

Magic Resistance: 66-86

[Lithe] (Passive): Increases speed of wearer by 5%

[Spirit Guard] (Passive): When the Wearer's health drops below 30%, a strong surge of energy will cover the wearer and negate all damage for 2 seconds.

[Blessing of the Wind] (Passive): Recover 1% of HP and MP per second.

Level Requirement: 15

It truly lived up to its name as the city lord's old armour. Its attributes were comparable to those of heavy armours of the same level!

Seeing that the armour also increased his speed, Wang Yu immediately put the armour on. What he needed the most right now was more speed!

Putting on the armour, Wang Yu suddenly felt that it was a little tight.

Wang Yu was tall and bulky but the armour was rather small. It was pitch black and almost looked like it belonged on a horse when he put it on. It reminded Wang Yu of the gag characters he had seen in the comics he had read in his childhood.

Wang Yu was also a young person and cared about his appearances. Although he wasn't that particular about it, his current appearance still made him feel slightly uneasy.

He was about to take it off when he suddenly thought about the 5% increase in speed… There really wasn't such a thing as perfection in the world…

Hence Wang Yu kept the armour on and walked through middle street towards the little alley.

The story mission when players reached level 15 was available at their individual job instructors.

Wang Yu's instructor was currently snoring in the alley and reeking of booze…

Walking in front of the Informant, Wang Yu took out a jar of alcohol and opened its cap.

The sleeping informant immediately shot up and crawled towards the direction of the alcohol smell.

After gulping down the jar, the Informant finally regained his senses and looked at Wang Yu.

"Master! You're awake!" Wang Yu respectfully greeted.

Although this old man didn't have any semblance of a teacher, Wang Yu was brought up in a very traditional martial clan so he would still show respect. Even if this useless old man was nothing more than a bunch of data in a game, Wang Yu still wouldn't just kick him awake.

"Oh, so it's you! Do you need something from me?" The informant lazily asked as he hugged the jar of wine like a lover.

"I've already reached level 15 and encountered a few problems on the road of cultivation. I was hoping that nearer would be able to guide me…" Wang Yu replied in accordance to the system's scenario.

"Oh? So fast? The chaos in the world is due to the battle between the angels and demons. Go to the Blood-Soaked Church and investigate." The Informant said in surprise.

System Notification: You have accepted the dungeon quest "Origin of Chaos". Difficulty: D. Clear Blood-Soaked Church on normal mode 0/1

"So that's how you accept a dungeon quest…" Wang Yu muttered to himself before asking the Informant: "Master I want to grow even stronger. Is there any skills or legacies that you have for me?"

"There is. As long as you pay for them!"

Wang Yu was speechless at his reply. However, he still took out the coins and learnt the level 15 Fighter skill [Eagle Stomp] and the Qigong Master's [Energy shield].

[Eagle Stomp]: Jump into the air and stomp on an enemy dealing 120% of physical attack as damage. The same enemy can be stomped on a fixed number of times with the final stomp dealing the most damage.

[Energy Shield]: Generates a shield using a strong chi. Blocks damage equal to 120% of the user's intelligence.

The skill [Eagle Stomp] was actually rather familiar to Wang Yu. When Wang Yu was fighting goblins in the Secret Jungle he had used such a move. He hadn't imagined that there would have been a skill like this in the game.

As for [Energy Shield], though it's defensive prowess were high, the actual area of the shield was rather small. Although Wang Yu wouldn't have much use for it, it was still better than nothing.

"Master if there's nothing else then I'll make my move first!"

After learning the skills Wang Yu was about to leave when the Informant suddenly shouted: "Why're you leaving so soon kid? I'm not done talking to you!"

"You still have something for me master?"

"Don't you want to continue your Brave Heart questline?" The Informant blandly said.

"Huh? Of course I do!" Wang Yu hurriedly replied while vigorously nodding his head.

After he learnt from Mu Zi Xian that this quest was completely unique in the game Wang Yu hadn't had the time to look for any clues to continue it. Who would have thought the clue would have been the Informant himself?

With a burp, the Informant hooked his finger at Wang Yu and said: "Then give me more wine!"

Wang Yu could only silently take another jar of wine from his bag. Luckily he had prepared this time…

Taking the jar from Wang Yu, the informant happily nodded and said: "My disciple really does know me very well! Honestly if you weren't this sensible I would have never told you anything!"

"Yes master! Thank you for your praise" Wang Yu replied. It appeared that the prerequisite to starting this quest was to have a certain level of intimacy with the Informant!

"So master what is it that I should be doing next?" Wang Yu asked.

The Informant gulped down another mouthful of alcohol and burped: "Go to dusk canyon and exterminate the Dusk Bandit Gang. Then bring me Wharton's head. You have 2 hours to complete this quest! This quest isn't easy so you better take it seriously! If you fail it there are penalties!"

System Notification: You have triggered the third part of the "Brave Heart" questline, "Scourge of the Dusk". Difficulty: S. Do you accept?

"I accept!"

System Notification: You have accepted the quest "Brave Heart" part 3: Scourge of the Dusk! Slay the leader of the Dusk Bandit Gang in the Dusk Canyon, Wharton. Wharton's severed head 0/1. Quest reminder: Only effective under level 20. Failure will result in the loss of 10 levels and the hidden job "Martial Artist".

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