MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 28: Glory Of The Martial Artist

Chapter 28: Glory Of The Martial Artist

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"This quest..." Wang Yu sighed: "Is far too brutal!"

Failure to complete the quest would cause Wang Yu to lose his hidden job...this….. what kind of b*stard would have designed this quest.

Fortunately, he had already killed Wharton. A trip to and fro Dusk Canyon would have taken more than an hour.

As he looked at Wang Yu's troubled expression, the Informant laughed: "Young man, the life of a martial artist is filled with troubles and an incomparably heavy destiny. Did you think that it would be so easy to have this hidden job? Quickly go! Don't just stand here! Even I can't protect you from the consequences of failing this quest... But, if you can complete the quest ahead of time, I'll give you a special reward hehe."

Wang Yu chuckled when he heard the Informant talk about the special reward, taking out a package from his inventory and handing it over to the Informant: "Teacher, this is the thing you asked for!"

"Wh…what thing?" The Informant rubbed his eyes again and again...he didn't dare to believe the scene before his very eyes.

"Wharton's head!" Wang Yu explained.

"You think that...fine then, to think that you managed to pass this test so easily!" The Informant mumbled as he took out a small box and passed it to Wang Yu: "Here, this is your reward!"

System notification: Congratulations, you have completed "Brave Heart" part 3: Scourge of the Dusk. You have received 500 000 experience points, 500 fame and the item "Glory of the Martial Artist" as a reward."

This 500 000 experience points allowed Wang Yu to immediately rise to level 16.

After distributing his attribute points, Wang Yu opened the box that he received and found a ring inside.

This ring was half black and half white, shaped like a yin yang koi fish. The ring had glowed with a faint translucent light, as if it were afraid that others wouldn't be able to see how valuable it was.

Glory of the Martial Artist (Ring) (Divine) (Damaged)

Physical Attack: 10-10

Magic Attack: 10-10

Physical Defence: 10-10

Magic Resistance: 10-10


[Ocean of Knowledge]: The user has a fixed chance to learn the skills of his opponent during battle.

Repair Progress: 0/10

Job requirement: Martial Artist

System notification: You have received the quest: "A Practitioner's Pride" to repair the ring "Glory of the Martial Artist", an S rank quest. Completion 0/10. Items to repair it include: Seed of Darkness 0/5, Feather of Evil 0/5, Demon Bones 0/5, Fallen Heart of a Maiden 0/1. Reminder: This quest cannot be abandoned.

Since it was a Divine tier equipment, the attributes that it gave were very good, but it was a pity that it was damaged...and it even had a quest that could not be abandoned tagged to it...what's more, it required a huge quantity of materials to be repaired...

Wang Yu felt extremely vexed as he looked at the ring.

After having played REBIRTH for several days now, Wang Yu had some understanding of how the game worked.

All the materials that he had to gather could only be farmed from Dungeon Instances, what's more, there was an uncommon material which was especially hard to find, its price was likely to be astronomical as well.

The amount of effort and money that it would take to fully repair this ring was frightening.

Wang Yu had intended to use this game to earn enough money to support his family, how would he be able to spare the time and money to fix this ring...

This ring could only be equipped by someone with the Martial Artist job. Since only one player could get a hidden job, this ring could essentially only be used by Wang Yu...he couldn't even sell it if he wanted to.

"Ai..." Wang Yu sighed as he closed the information window for the ring. He had been put in a dilemma and didn't know how to deal with it.

The Informant chuckled as he looked at Wang Yu: "Little boy, cultivating this item is also the job of a Martial Artist, you still have a long way to go."

"That right...but I feel like this ring is a bottomless pit." Wang Yu lamented: "That's right! Where's the special reward for finishing this quest?"

"This...aiya I was just joking with you heh..." The Informant lazily answered.

"F*ck!" Wang Yu was furious, how could this NPC be so immoral! He even wanted to reduce the reward for completing the quest.

"Even though you're the teacher, I'll still file a complaint if you dare to go back on your words!" Wang Yu sternly warned.

"You b*tch!!!" The Informant whined when he saw how furious Wang Yu was, taking out a skill book and throwing it over to Wang Yu.

[Void Seizing Palms]: Uncommon skill, the user utilizes his immense inner power to move objects from a distance, can cause 80% Magic Damage

Job Requirement: Qigong Master

"Hehehe." Wang Yu learnt the skill and turned to the Informant: "You NPC's are really ruthless, to dare to bully an honest player like me! If I didn't ask, you probably wouldn't have given this skill book to me at all!"

"That's right!" The Informant stroked his beard and laughed.

"Do you not feel remorseful at all?"

"Nope! Not at all! This is the power god (the system) has given us. To teach you simpletons about the evils of human society so that you can learn from it!" The Informant explained.

"Fine then! Then I won't bother you any further." Wang Yu said as he turned to walk out of the alley.

"Remember to come back when you're level 20! All the best little boy!" The Informant shouted as Wang Yu left.

After walking to the main street, Wang Yu realised that he didn't know what he should do now.

The only people that had reached level 15 were Spring Halo and himself; they didn't have enough people to go clear a dungeon instance together. Looks like he could only go to a high level hunting ground to train in order to level up.

Wang Yu suddenly remembered that Li Xue had asked him to add her as a friend and join their group to train together.

After opening the friends tab, Wang Yu keyed in the words Snowy Velvet...

Meanwhile in the Secret Jungle

A troop of a dozen or so players were currently training.

The monsters in the depths of the Secret Jungle were level 15 Goblins. At this current stage in the game, not many people had the capability to fight these monsters other than the elite players from the bigger guilds.

The one leading this group of players was a Guardian. The Guardian was tall and well built, with fair skin and an extremely handsome face. What's most striking about him was that the players following behind him were all female!

A group like this had attracted the attention of many players in the Secret Jungle

Normally there were very little girls that would play computer games, and in a game like REBIRTH where the players had to personally kill the monsters they fought, there were naturally even fewer female players.

That's why in REBIRTH, female players were as rare as a boss, you probably wouldn't see one on a normal day.

But this man was not just accompanying a girl to train, he was the only guy in the entire group of girls! This was simply b*llshit!

"The f*ck! Who's that kid? To bring so many girls out to train, isn't he afraid of being ganged up on by other players?"

"You fool, you don't even recognize him? He's the guild leader of the Primrose Militia – Heaven's Bird

"Oh, so he was the rumored thorn amongst the roses, the only male player in the Primrose Militia?"

"That's right, that's him..."

"Heh, he sure is have so many babes by his side, he must be on cloud nine!"

Heaven's Bird turned towards Li Xue and asked: "Little Xue, have the people in your group arrived?"

Li Xue had a face full of worry and embarrassedly reply: "He hasn't even added me as a friend... he's just a noob, let's wait for a while more!"

Li Xue was extremely regretful that she had not asked Wang Yu for his character name...

Heaven's Bird complained: "Li Xue ah, we've already waited for 20 minutes, you have to know, if it wasn't because of the relationship that we have, your second rate gold farming studio wouldn't even have the qualifications to join this guild! Don't go too far!"

Li Xue unhappily replied: "We're only friends from the same guild, we have no other relations!"

Heaven's Bird had a dark expression on his face when he heard what Li Xue had said: "After all I've done for you, you still can't tell?"

Li Xue retorted: "Whatever you did for me, you could have done for the rest, there are no secrets between the sisters in this guild! What's more, with the salary that you're paid every month, leading the guild here to train is your responsibility!"

"You!!! Hmph, I'm not going to force you, but we're going to leave in 10 minutes, when the time comes don't say I didn't warn you!" Heaven's Bird coldly said as he walked to the front of the troop.

At this time, Mary and the other three girls walked forward and asked: "Big sis, what's the matter? Mr Landlord still hasn't arrived?"

"I don't know, maybe he doesn't know how to add friends!"

"That Heaven's Bird is both lecherous and evil, I wonder how many sisters in this guild have been tricked by him! And he's even the guild leader now; whatever you do you cannot offend him! Otherwise, he'll definitely deal with you!" Everyone warned.

Li Xue nodded: "Mm, I know. If he continues to be like this, then let's just change guild!"

"Yes! We'll follow you no matter where you go!"

"Why don't we log off now and go find Mr Landlord!" Mary said.

"Hmm that might be the best choice we Someone sent me a friend request..." Just as Li Xue was about to log off to find Wang Yu, she received a system message.

Iron Bull has requested to add you as a friend!

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