MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 4: Independent Mode

Chapter 4: Independent Mode

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After having finished their meal, the four ladies helped Mu Zi Xian to clean up the dining room while Wang Yu returned to his room.

Shortly afterwards, Mu Zi Xian entered the room. She gave Wang Yu a pat on the shoulder as she comforted him: "Don’t be discouraged darling, as the saying goes, there aren’t lousy jobs only lousy players, the Pugilist has its good points as well!"

"What good points does it have?"

"At the very least its design is very handsome!" Mu Zi Xian replied.

"..." Wang Yu continued to be depressed.

Mu Zi Xian laughed: "I’m just kidding! Every job has its own unique characteristic that makes it equal to the rest, the Pugilist job definitely has its own strong points, if this equilibrium was broken, the system would definitely do something to fix it!"

"Mm!" After having heard what Mu Zi Xian said, Wang Yu started to feel somewhat better.

Wang Yu felt extremely bitter, why was the Pugilist so unlucky!

"Oh by the way darling, I realised that this game is not very logical!" Wang Yu suddenly said.

"How so?"

Wang Yu said: "Didn’t you say that this game could simulate reality? Then how come when I was fighting the monsters, regardless of how hard I hit, I always did the same amount of damage to them?"

"What mode are you using?"

"Mode? What’s that?" Wang Yu asked.

"There are two modes that you can play on in REBIRTH, one is the Assisted Mode, the other is the Independent Mode." Mu Zi Xian explained.

"What’s the difference?"

"For the Assisted Mode, some changes will be made to the capabilities of each and every job, the damage done by their skills and normal attacks will be based on their personal attributes! As for the Independent Mode, the damage from your skills and normal attacks are completely dependent on you! This mode is closer to reality, you can even use whatever abilities you have in real life in the game if you use this mode."

"If that’s the case, wouldn’t the Independent Mode be a lot more overpowered than the Assisted Mode?" Wang Yu thought.

Even though he had never played any games before, but even he could understand the difference between these two modes.

"Haha!" Mu Zi Xian laughed: "Did you think everyone in the game is like you? A majority of the players in the game are normal people! If the didn’t have any assistance from the system, many of them would struggle to do battle. For example the Archer, even an olympic champion would not be able to achieve 100% accuracy!"

A thought flashed in Wang Yu’s mind as he said: "Then wouldn’t that mean, that us martial artists would be better at the game than regular people?"

"Of course! If you use the Independent Mode, then the Pugilist job would probably be the most suitable job for you!" Mu Zi Xian answered.

"That's great! I'm going to try it out!" After hearing what Mu Zi Xian said, Wang Yu’s mood greatly improved.

"Go on then, it's about time for me to go to work! You can do it!"

If Li Xue’s group of four were here, they would definitely have sighed in amazement, having a GM in their home was definitely different. Mu Zi Xian was so much more reliable than those people lurking on the forums.

After starting the game again, Wang Yu returned to the village plaza.

The village was much less crowded than it was before, which was to be expected. Today was a work day after all and there weren’t many players who would still play during office hours. The majority of players would only play before work started at 0800 in the morning or after work at 1800 in the afternoon.

Wang Yu followed Mu Zi Xian’s instructions and found the option to change the game mode, then proceeded to change to the Independent mode.

After waving his fists around, Wang Yu realised that it did in fact feel much more natural, unlike before when it constantly felt as though something was inhibiting his movements.

"That’s more logical!" Wang Yu blurted out as he stared at his fist, running towards the outskirts of the village. He wanted to see how much of a difference there would be after changing the game mode.

Fortunately or unfortunately, a Wild Dog had respawned and growled as it lunged towards Wang Yu. Wang Yu took a step back to dodge the Wild Dog’s bite, returning a kick to it’s jaw.


The Wild Dog was knocked into the air after receiving this kick.

Wang Yu stretched out his hand and grabbed the Wild Dog’s throat, then slammed it on the ground.


The Wild Dog turned into a ray of white light, leaving behind a bronze coin.

Wang Yu opened the Battle Log to check what had been recorded.

[Lateral Kick], 120% Perfection, damage dealt increased by 300%, added effect: Knock Up, Stunned for 2 seconds.

[Normal Attack], 170% Perfection, damage dealt increased by 500%, added effect: True Damage.

"Perfection? Interesting...." Wang Yu was shocked, he never expected the perfection to exceed 100%, even having other effects. Furthermore, because the Perfection of his strike was high, the damage from his normal attack even exceeded that of his skill.

Mu Zi Xian was right, this game was simply a tool to measure a martial artist’s strength! Having thought of this, Wang Yu suddenly felt that his future was extremely bright and happily returned to the village to complete his quest.

At this time, someone in the hunting grounds pointed at Wang Yu’s back and told the person beside him: "Did you see that? That guy’s a Pugilist!"

"Indeed! What about it?"

"He beat a Wild Dog to death in 2 seconds!"

"How can that be? Even I, a Thief with such a high Physical Attack, would take at least 3 strikes to kill a Wild Dog! Let alone trash like a Pugilist…" The person beside him was utterly shocked.

"It could be that his level was higher!" Someone else chimed in.

"Probably. Anyway, his combos were rather good! That's probably the only redeeming quality of the Pugilist!"

After returning to the village, Wang Yu handed in the quest to the village chief, who smiled at him and said: "Iron Bull, you really are a good child. Blacksmith Li seems to be having some difficulties, why don’t you go over and help him!"

As he spoke, the village chief waved his hand and Wang Yu was bathed in a ray of gold. He had risen to level 2.

Every time someone levelled up in REBIRTH, they would receive 10 attribute points. 5 would be evenly distributed to each of their respective attributes, while they were free to allocate the other 5 attribute points themselves.

Of the 5 attribute points, Wang Yu assigned 3 to Strength and 2 to Dexterity, now his attributes were

Personal Attributes

ID : Iron Bull (Pugilist-)

Level : LV-2

HP: 150 (5x30)

MP: 120 (4x30)

Strength: 9

Vitality: 5

Spirit: 4

Intelligence: 4

Dexterity: 8

Physical Attack: 6-11

Magical Attack: 2-4

Physical Defense: 3-6

Magic Resistance: 2-4


-Old Cloth Clothing, Defense: 1-1

-Old Gloves, Damage: 1-2


-[Lateral Kick] (LV1). The Pugilist’s strong leg muscles allows the user to deal 120% physical damage to the target, causing it to fly. Costs MP30.

After walking around the entire village, Wang Yu finally arrived the Blacksmith Li’s place. Blacksmith Li had a worried look on his face as he was forging some weapons.

"Excuse me, is there anything that you require some assistance in?" Wang Yu asked as he arrived in front of Blacksmith Li.

"The animals outside the village have all gone crazy, I can’t even leave the village to go mining, could you help me kill the Wild Bulls that are blocking the road?"

"..." Wang Yu was speechless, mumbled to himself: "It’s either killing some dogs or slaughtering some bulls, aren’t there any other quests to do?"

Truth be told, Wang Yu was extremely respectful of his profession as a martial artist. He had started practicing from the tender age of 4 and had been continuously training for the past 20 years. He couldn’t help but feel as though he disgracing his martial arts if all he did was kill dogs or slaughter bulls.

Wang Yu had only mumbled this under his breath, but Blacksmith Li’s suddenly lit up: "Oh? Who would have thought, that you were a Brave Warrior, I have a quest here, would you like to accept it?"

"What quest is this?" Wang Yu was no fool, he realised that he had encountered the rumored secret quest.

The Blacksmith’s face suddenly became very somber: "My only son died in the jaws of a Wolf, I want to avenge him, but I lack the power to do so. O Brave Warrior, are you willing to help me kill that detestable Wild Wolf?"

System notification: You have activated the "Brave Heart" quest, quest difficulty S, will you accept this quest?"

"Accept!" Wang Yu accepted without the slightest hint of hesitation.

System notification: "Brave Heart" Part 1: Blacksmith Li’s revenge. Kill the Silver tier boss Silver Wolf King in beginner village’s Dawn Plains 0/1. Quest description: Only for those under level 10, no parties allowed!

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