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Chapter 5: Slaying Wolves

Chapter 5: Slaying Wolves

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"Just a Silver grade boss?" Wang Yu was thrown off guard and thought to himself. "And here I thought that an S rank mission would at least come with a Divine grade boss!"

Before entering the game, Wang Yu had seen some basic information about the game and knew that bosses were split into five different grades. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Obsidian and Divine.

However, what Wang Yu didn’t know that all bosses in the game possessed insane attributes. They were simply incomparable to those ordinary monsters roaming around. Even a Bronze grade boss would require the player to party up with at least one other person to fight.

A Silver grade boss was already a peak existence within the beginner village.

As for a Divine grade boss Wang Yu was simply over thinking things. The entire server itself only had so many Divine grade bosses so how could a mere beginner village have the honor of having one?

If any other player had seen this quest they would immediately recognise the severity of this task. No, the word scam was more appropriate to describe it. Killing a Silver grade boss solo while not exceeding level 10? Was something like this even possible?

However being a video game noob Wang Yu naturally didn’t understand the difficulty of this quest and simply continued making snide remarks about it.

"Rest easy Old Li, I’ll definitely help you kill that bastard!" With that Wang Yu headed off towards the Dawn Plains.

The beginner village was also called Dawn Village and the Dawn Plains was simply a large empty plain to the west of Dawn Village.

These plains were home to packs of level 10 wolves.Being only the third day since the game had been launched the highest level player was only around level 9. Hence the Dawn Plains was relatively devoid of players while those that were there that had formed parties of two or three to hunt.

All these people were here with the intention of farming loot. In the game, skipping levels to slay monsters earned players more experience points than killing those of a similar or lower level making it more efficient to hunt higher level monsters.

Killing one level 10 wolf took roughly 30 seconds and gave 200 experience points. In the same amount of time, players would have been able to kill three monsters of their own level. The efficiency of slaying wolves was simply incomparable to killing lower level monsters. Solely counting the experience points gained, it was not economical to go to the Dawn Plains to hunt.

Following the indicator on his map, Wang Yu soon arrived at the Dawn Plains and immediately ran to the spawning ground of the wolves.

In REBIRTH players had a sort of love hate relationship with these wolves.

Love because they were the highest level monsters in the beginner village and had incredibly high drop rates. In fact they even had a chance to drop level 10 skill books!

Hate because these wolves spawn as a pack in the game with every pack consisting of at least six individual wolves. Ordinary player had to form a party to hunt these wolves and even so they could only do so by pulling one away from the rest of the pack. Fighting in such a manner took a huge toll on the efficiency of farming them.

However, these players had no other choice. A combined attack from six of these wolves was enough to instant kill any player.

As for the present Wang Yu, after aimlessly walking around for a period of time he had finally encountered a pack of wolves!

Seeing Wang Yu intrude upon their territory, the six wolves that were originally lazing around on the grass immediately stood up, bared their fangs and began to close in on him.

"Hey… How come these wolves behave like the wild dogs near the village entrance?" Wang Yu ridiculed as he inspected their attributes.

Wild Wolf (LV 10)

HP: 300

MP: 50

Skills: [Eviscerate], [Scratch]

Domesticated animals were domesticated animals in the end, all they had to rely on were their fangs and claws.

With a shout, Wang Yu charged into the pack of wolves. Without wasting any time the wolves began to surround Wang Yu as well.

With a flash of his leg, Wang Yu evaded the attack from a wolf. He instantly unleashed his [Lateral Kick] to the stomach of the nearest wolf.

With a pitiful yelp the wolf was sent flying, with a blood red "-44" flashing above its head.

Immediately following that, Wang Yu grabbed the wolf by its neck with his left hand and formed a knife with his right and forcefully slashed down.




[Lateral Kick], 140% Perfection, damage dealt increased by 400%, added effect: Knock Up, Disabled.

[Normal Attack], 170% Perfection, damage dealt increased by 500%, added effect: True Damage.

[Normal Attack], 185% Perfection, damage dealt increased by 900%, added effect: True Damage.

The 3-hit combo did an extra 100 bonus damage!

With only 2 HP left, the wolf in Wang Yu’s hands was already at its last breath. With a toss, Wang Yu threw the wolf towards the other five, hitting them and causing the wolf to disappear in a bright flash of light and a black object to fall on the ground.

Complete and utter annihilation!!!!!

No one would have been able to imagine that a level 2 Pugilist would be able to annihilate a level 10 wolf in just one combo!

Even Wang Yu himself was slightly puzzled. What the hell was that extra 100 bonus damage after his 3-hit combo just now?

The bonus damage from the combo was actually one of the hidden functions in REBIRTH. Though most players wouldn’t be able to activate a combo this early in the game, in future as the players levelled up and gained more skills and more attribute points, they would be able to generate longer and longer combos resulting in greater bonus damage from the combos.

The Pugilist was a job that received no love from the creators. The only speciality they had was the innate ability to combo. Perhaps this was the reparations given to the class…

The remaining five wolves immediately surrounded Wang Yu again. However his [Lateral Kick] had already gone off cooldown. With the exact same combo Wang Yu easily annihilated another wolf.

The AI of these wolves wasn’t anything spectacular and even their attacks were very stiff and robotic. Wang Yu was able to easily grasp their attack patterns and turn them all into a large number of experience points in a short time.

Going from level 2 to level 3 required 2000 experience points and every wolf gave 200 experience points. Skipping levels to slay these wolves also gave Wang Yu additional experience points. With a bright flash of light Wang Yu rose to level 3.

After distributing 3 points to strength and 2 to dexterity Wang Yu began to pick up the items that the wolf pack dropped.

In total the wolves had dropped around 30 or 40 bronze coins which was way more than what the wild dogs had dropped. Furthermore, the first wolf had also dropped an item!

Grey Wolf’s Protective Armlet (Iron)

Physical defense 1-1

Magic Defense 1-1

Level requirement: 5

In REBIRTH equipment had 7 different tiers: Iron (white), Bronze (green), Silver (blue), Gold (yellow), Obsidian (orange), Ancient (purple), Legendary (rainbow).

There were also black coloured equipment called set equipment. These came in different numbered sets and were nothing special individually. However when one equipped them all it would activate a hidden attribute and massively boost the power of the equipment!

Although it was only a Iron-tier equipment, it showed that the rumours of the high drop rates the wolves had was not just a fantasy.

Keeping the Grey Wolf’s Protective Armlet, Wang Yu sat down to recover some of his MP and then continued to roam around slaying all the wolves he came across.

The wolves had a high drop rate and gave decent experience as well but most importantly, they were much stronger than the wild dogs outside the village. This made Wang Yu feel slightly better about himself since he was not wasting his martial arts

Wang Yu had not been able to find the Silver Wolf King despite searching for it all morning. However he had slain over a hundred wolves and was already level 6 at this point.

Such a levelling speed was completely unheard of in REBIRTH.

Due to the nature of levelling system in the game, the speed which players levelled up was totally abysmal. Going from level 1 to level 2 was still easy since it only needed 1000 experience points. Completing the first beginner quest was already enough to raise the player to level 2! The village chief really wasn’t stingy at all!

However the adjustment phase was where the real hell began. After each level up the experience points needed for the next would be doubled The highest amount of experience points a monster in the beginner village gave was a mere 200! It was only after reaching level 8 and completing the final beginner quest that the experience needed to level up would go back to increasing by 10% per level. Hence in the 3 days since it released, there were still no level 10 players with most being only level 7.

The wolves that Wang Yu had slain had dropped 8 pieces of equipment in total including a Grey Wolf’s leather armour, a Grey Wolf’s leather shoes, a Grey Wolf’s bandanna and another 4 Grey Wolf’s protective armlets.

Aside from this, Wang had also picked up an uncountable number of bronze coins. Since he essentially didn’t get hit, he didn’t spend any money on healing items either.

Fully equipped with grey wolf equipment, the originally domineering looking Wang Yu now had a wild aura about him creating a suffocating feeling for those around him.

Personal Attributes

ID : Iron Bull (Pugilist-)

Level : LV-6

HP: 270 (9x30)

MP: 240 (8x30)

Strength: 25

Vitality: 9

Spirit: 8

Intelligence: 8

Dexterity: 20

Physical Attack: 22-27

Magical Attack: 5-8

Physical Defense: 12-15

Magic Resistance: 10-13


-Grey Wolf’s leather armour, Defense: 2-2, Resistance 2-2

-Grey Wolf’s bandanna, Defense: 1-1, Resistance 1-1

-Grey Wolf’s Leather Shoes, Defense: 1-1, Resistance 1-1 Movement speed +4%

-Old Gloves, Damage: 1-2


-[Lateral Kick] (LV1). The Pugilist’s strong leg muscles allows the user to deal 120% physical damage to the target, causing it to fly. Costs MP30.

With Wang Yu’s current defence, even if a wolf bit him he would barely lose any health at all! But of course with his abilities these wolves weren’t able to even touch him at all! Hence to Wang Yu, something like defence wasn’t very useful. Wearing all these equipment was merely for show.

After circling the plains another time, Wang Yu had still yet to see the Silver Wolf King. Bosses were something that could only be met by chance and not searched for after all let alone a Silver grade boss!

Hence Wang Yu had no choice but to return to the beginner’s village where he instantly attracted a lot of attention.

In the current era of cloth clothing and wooden weapons, Wang Yu’s current dressing was very eye catching.

When the other players saw Wang Yu’s equipment they all almost started drooling. One look at his equipment and everyone knew that it wasn’t something ordinary especially compared to their torn and tattered cloth clothes...

"Brother where did you get this set of equipment?" A sword carrying warrior slowly asked as he walked out from the crowd.

"From drops!" Wang Yu replied blandly.

The crowd was completely speechless, what bullshit! Of course it was a drop! Where could you even find a shop selling equipment like this?

"Where did it drop?" The warrior asked again.

"Dawn Plains! The wolves dropped it!" Wang Yu was a honest man, if anyone asked he would definitely reply truthfully.

*Gasp* The crowd sucked in a cold breath of air.

This was the Dawn Plains he was talking about! The monsters there were all level 10! If any low level player went there the only thing he would receive would be a free trip back to the spawn point… Could this great Pugilist really have the ability to hunt in the Dawn Plains alone? Since when did the shitty Pugilist class become so monstrous?

After being stunned for awhile the warrior asked: "Are you selling it?"

This warrior had only been asking to try his luck. It was only the start of the game so something like this set of equipment was godly in the eyes of the rest of the beginners. The chances that he would sell it was abysmal.

How would have guess that Wang Yu would reply "Yes!"

To Wang Yu, the only item in the entire set worth keeping was the Grey Wolf’s Shoes. Since the rest were useless to him then why not just sell them off?

When he first joined the studio Wang Yu had signed a contract with Li Xue stating that he had to contribute 5 gold coins each month for the first two months of the game’s release.

In the game the currency conversion was 1 gold coin= 100 silver coins= 10000 bronze coins

Wang Yu didn’t spend anything when fighting monsters and even skipped levels to fight the wolves. With the money he had picked up he could have been considered a rich man now with the more than 10 silver coins he had in his bag.

In the early stages of the game before the Free Market had been released, selling anything with the price of 5 gold coins was nothing but a pipe dream!

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