MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 6: I’m a Martial Artist

Chapter 6: I’m a Martial Artist

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In the early stages of the game, simply hunting monsters to earn 5 gold coins a month was nearly impossible since most ordinary monsters only dropped a few bronze coins per kill and there was still the costs of potions to consider! Hence the best way to earn money was to sell the equipment drops from monsters.

The studio’s contract clearly stated that Wang Yu had to contribute a fixed amount of gold coins per month and anything else he earned would belong to him.

With his current embarrassing living situation how could Wang Yu give up any opportunity to earn money?

Hearing that he was willing to sell his equipment, the surrounding players immediately leapt into action.

With the high defense the equipment provided, if a knight were to wear it he would be able to tank hits from any monster in the beginner village aside from bosses!

"I have 10 silver coins here! I’ll give it to you for that armour! How bout it?" The same warrior shouted hopefully.

"10 silver coins?" Wang Yu was slightly stunned. It was not that he thought it was too low, just that found it too shocking.

In the official exchange rate that the company released, 1 silver coin was 1 dollar in the real world. However since the game had just been released the actual price of coins in the game was more than 10 times the actual exchange rate!

What this meant was that the Grey Wolf’s Leather Armour he had was worth 100 dollars!!!

At this time yesterday, Wang Yu was being scorned due to a 1 dollar bottle of water yet now in this virtual world, a random item could already earn him so much money!

"Brother how about it? This is all I have on me now… If you think it’s too little I can still top up some real money…" Seeing that Wang Yu wasn’t replying him, the warrior began to panic.

While Wang Yu was still deep in thought, a thief next to the warrior suddenly burst into laughter. "You don't have any money and yet you still dare to strut around like that? Can't you see that he can't even be bothered to acknowledge you?"

Following that the thief boldly said : "Brother I'll pay 50 silver coins for your leather armour and shoes! How about it?"

"Fif...fifty silver coins??" The entire crowd was stunned. This thief really was a rich kid after all. The game had only been out for 3 days and he already had so many silver coins.

Wang Yu maintained his emotionless expression. He didn't know what the market price for these pieces of equipment was. If he just blindly sold them off he would definitely suffer a big loss. It was safer to wait for Mu Zi Xian to come back so he could consult her or maybe even ask Li Xue first…

At this point, Wang Yu opened the world chat and set up a stall to sell his equipment and immediately logged out. Aside from the shoes, all 7 of the grey wolf equipment he picked was being sold for 1 gold coin a piece.

Seeing Wang Yu suddenly turn into a scarecrow the crowd instantly knew that he had logged out and began approaching his shop. The moment these players saw the price of his goods they began to curse him in their hearts.

1 gold per equipment?! Was this motherf**ker insane? Did he lose his mind from being too poor?

Taking off the headset, Wang Yu headed to find Li Xue to ask her about the prices of equipment in the current market. However, their door was still locked and they were probably still fighting monsters.

Wang Yu was raised in an ancient a traditional martial arts clan and was raised on the notion that women were inferior to men. Though he had long since discarded this view he still believed they shouldn't frivolously come into contact.

Having no other option he helplessly went out to the balcony and began hitting the pillar.

Since he could remember, Wang Yu would always do three full routines for his martial arts a day. This was a habit that had long since become a part of him and he had never taken a break even for a day!

As he continued to hit the pillar, Wang Yu began to recall all the battles from the morning. This game was really quite good! Wang Yu could faintly feel that the effectiveness of fighting monsters in the game was better than hitting the lifeless pillar in real life!

After hitting the pillar for some time, Wang Yu heard some movement in the living room. Thinking that Mu Zi Xian had come home Wang Yu immediately rushed to greet her. However instead of seeing Mu Zi Xian, Wang Yu saw Mary gingerly walking out of the toilet.

The moment he saw Mary, Wang Yu’s entire face turned red in embarrassment.

Being alone with a group of girls wasn't much of a problem for Wang Yu. The problem was that Mary was wearing nothing but her underwear! It was only a tiny pair of purple underwear that wrapped tightly around her important parts to protect them…

It was very natural to want to be relaxed while gaming since it was very tiring to wear a heavy helmet while in game. Most people opted to lie down while playing as though they were sleeping and Mary was no exception. She must have needed to relieve herself really badly since she had ran out of the room without even bothering to put some clothes on.

"!" Wang Yu stammered.

However contrary to his expectations Mary just burst into laughter and said: "Mr Landlord what’re you so embarrassed about? From what Sister Xue said your pecs are insane! Can I have a feel…"


"Boom!" Without saying a single word Wang Yu ran back to his room and slammed the door shut.

"Cheh! So stingy!" Mary mumbled to herself as she continued to tip-toe back to her room.

Not long after that Mu Zi Xian returned home from work. Entering the bedroom she saw Wang Yu browsing the official site for REBIRTH. Mu ZI Xian lightly chuckled and said: "Ooooh so you’ve learnt how to read the forums huh."

"Hehe I’m just casually browsing. It’s nothing much." Wang Yu laughed.

"So how was it? How’s the feeling of independant mode? What’s your level now?" She asked.

"It feels great! An well after killing wolves for the whole morning I’m level 6 now…" Wang Yu replied.

"Level 6? Wild Wolves? You joined a hunting party?" Mu Zi Xian asked curiously.

"Nope! I hunted solo!" Wang Yu replied.

"S..solo?" Hearing his reply the corner of Mu Zi Xian’s mouth lightly twitched.

Wolves were the highest level in the beginner village and even formed their own packs. Players would need at least a three man party to barely be able to hunt in the Dawn Plains and yet Wang Yu was there fighting solo and had even reached level 6 in one morning!

Mu Zi Xian was thoroughly shocked. If she knew her husband was such a demon she should have let him play even sooner! Luckily it was still only the third day since launch and he wasn’t at that much of a disadvantage.

"You can break the defenses of a level 10 monster?" Mu Zi Xian asked.

In REBIRTH monsters had their own form of level suppression as well. If a level 6 player fought a level 10 wolf, the wolf’s defense would double! Even though she knew that Wang Yu was a martial artist, Mu Zi Xian found it hard to believe that he could slay a wolf solo.

After thinking for a bit Wang Yu said: " Break its defense? But my attacks already do true damage though?"

Hearing this Mu Zi Xian was so shocked her jaw almost hit the ground. "You mean in Independent mode all your attacks have more than 100% perfection?"

"I think so?" Wang Yu nodded.

"!!!" After a second Mu Zi Xian only had this to say.

Although Mu Zi Xian was only a customer service officer she was still a part of the company and had a thorough understanding of the attack perfection rating system.

If ordinary players tried to use Independent mode the best they would be able to reach was around 70%-80% perfection which was far from what they would achieve in assisted mode. During the beta testing phase one of the programmers had personally tested Independent mode and was only able to achieve 98% perfection at best.

That programmer had supposedly been someone who practised martial arts as well. Even the pugilist class had been designed by him!

However Wang Yu had not only been able to surpass 100% perfection, according to what he said he was able to do so with every attack he unleashed! This was completely unheard of! If Mu Zi Xian didn’t know everything about her husband she would have assumed he was lying!

"Hey… How can you say something like that to your husband?" Wang Yu was slightly upset.

"I was too excited…" Mu Zi Xian smiled apologetically. The way she looked at Wang Yu now was as though she was looking at some heavenly being and she couldn’t help but remember the first time they met...

"Thank you so much for saving me!"

"Don’t mention it! Something like this is part of a martial artist’s duty anyway!"

So this was what a true martial artist was like… There really was a difference between them and ordinary people!

Closing the webpage, Wang Yu turned around to face Mu Zi Xian. "Oh right honey, I picked up a few pieces of equipment today and people want to buy them. Can you help me with their price?

"Equipment? How many pieces?" The moment Mu Zi Xian heard the word equipment she instantly became excited and woke up from her flashback.

"Eight pieces! And they’re all Grey Wolf equipment!" Wang Yu replied.

"Impressive! Very Impressive!" With all the surprises Wang Yu had given her Mu Zi Xian was already numb to whatever feats came next.

The drop rates of monsters were also dependent on the number of players hunting them. If a three man party wanted to find eight pieces of equipment they would need to slay at least a thousand wolves!

Since Wang Yu was hunting solo and skipping levels as well, picking up so many equipment drops was actually within reason.

"Although you can’t really level up that fast in REBIRTH these equipment are still only a transitionary set. Furthermore, they’re only Iron tier! For you to be able to sell them for 50 silver coins so early in the game is already considered not bad!" Mu ZI Xian analysed.

"Really? Well then I have a price in my head then! Oh right do you have any idea where i can find the SIlver Wolf King? I’ve been looking for it for half the day and I’ve still yet to see it at all!" Wang Yu nodded as he asked.

"Silver Wolf King? What’re you looking for him for?"

"A quest! This bastard ate the son of Blacksmith Li and I’m going to kill him to carry out Old Li’s revenge!" Wang Yu replied.

"Don’t tell me it’s ‘Brave Heart’?"

"Oh so you know? GM sis give me some hints… I can pay you with my body!" Wang Yu jokingly winked.

"So shameless!" Mu Zi Xian jokingly scolded and then seriously said: "‘Brave Heart’ is one of the hardest hidden quests in the entire game and it is completely unique! Even most programmers wouldn’t know the exact questline let alone me!"

"So you don’t know where the boss is then huh…" Wang Yu dejectedly said.

"The boss’s spawn point isn’t something related to the questline. It spawns in the Dawn Plains at the coordinates 475-635. There is a large tree there, surrounded by a pack of wolves. After you kill all these wolves the Silver Wolf King will spawn to avenge its brethren. Mu Zi Xian replied.

"Ohhhh! So it’s like this! No wonder I spent the whole morning searching without finding anything! So there was a spawn condition!" Wang Yu suddenly realised.

" Yep! From what I’ve heard this boss has a spawn condition because it’s supposed to be special. Supposedly it’s even more powerful that the average Gold grade boss! Even the programmers were afraid that it would annihilate the entire beginner village if they let it roam free!" Mu Zi Xian nodded.

"Hah! Don't’ worry about it! I’m a martial artist!" Wang Yu laughed. When he talked about martial artists Wang Yu naturally exuded an air of extreme confidence and seemingly swept away the dispirited expression he normally had.

This sudden change in Wang Yu stunned Mu Zi Xian as she thought to herself: "Now this is the man I remember marrying!"

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