MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 7: Encounter with Bandits

Chapter 7: Encounter with Bandits

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After finishing his food, Wang Yu hurriedly entered the game once again.

Upon entering the game, Wang Yu realised that his Notification Tab was flashing non-stop.

Since he did not have any friends, Wang Yu assumed that it was just some system notification and decided to ignore it, Wang Yu opened his store to take the equipment off the shelves.

Mu Zi Xian had previously explained that in the early stages of the game, everyone's levelling speed would be relatively fast, hence the value of the equipment would rapidly depreciate as time went by.

After opening the store, Wang Yu realised that all the equipment had been sold, much to his surprise.

"1 gold for a piece of equipment and there are still buyers?" Wang Yu looked at the 7 gold in his inventory and sighed. There really were too many rich people who didn't know where to spend their money.

7 gold for these few pieces of equipment that were almost outdated really wasn't that bad at all.

After packing up his store, Wang Yu opened the flashing Notification Tab and a few messages instantly popped up.

Frost Blade: "Bro, can these equipment be any cheaper?"

Frost Blade: "Are you there?"

Frost Blade: "Fine, 1 gold a piece it is then, if you have any good items in the future, please tell me first…"

System notification: Frost Blade has requested to add you as a friend.

"..." Wang Yu selected the accept option and closed the Notification Tab, thinking to himself that it was a good thing that his brothers weren't around, otherwise they'd never let go of the fact that someone had tried to haggle with him.

Originally, based on the speed of earning in game cash, Wang Yu was very unsure of whether or not he could meet his quota of earning 5 gold. But not it seemed like he had met his quota with a single day's worth of work.

All that was left to do was to complete all the quests in the game!

After leaving beginner village, the number of players were still the same as before. But Wang Yu noticed that there were gradually more players as he moved into hunting grounds with higher levelled monsters.

Even though Dawn Plains could not be considered a very mainstream training area, but there were still quite a few players, grouped in parties of two or three, that could be seen in the vicinity.

Wang Yu did not bother with the meagre bits of experience points from the Wild Wolves and ran straight towards the heart of Dawn Plains. Suddenly, Wang Yu heard a gust of wind behind him, a wooden arrow was headed towards his back.

Wang Yu creased his brows and stretched out his right hand, catching the arrow mid-flight.

System notification: You have been attacked by "Sage of Three Worlds, Death Ball" and his team, you may now retaliate for 90 seconds to defend yourself.

Wang Yu turned around, only to see four players staring at him with a look of complete and utter disbelief.

The party composition was the most common one that players used when hunting at Dawn Plains: Warrior, Magician, Archer, Priest. These four jobs were also the most commonly played jobs in REBIRTH.

After having attacked Wang Yu, the ID of the four players were revealed above their heads.

The Warrior in the front was called: Professional Blocker, the Archer: One-Shot-One-Kill and the Magician: Exterminator.

The Priest, however, had the most striking name which was in grey. Sage of Three Worlds, Death Ball, from the looks of things, it seemed that though he was only 17 years old, he was the leader of this party.

Though the rest of the party did not seem that much older either.

"There's nothing wrong with my eyes right, did he actually grab the arrow that I shot? In mid flight?" One-Shot-One-Kill was utterly flabbergasted.

Professional Blocker opened his mouth and sheepishly said: "Seems like it…"

"Looks like he really is an expert, no wonder he was able to acquire so many equipments, I'm not sure if we can defeat him!" Exterminator indifferently said.

Death Ball, who was standing at the back, savagely said: "What're you scared of? With me around, no matter how strong the expert, he will also have to die and leave the equipments behind!!!" A weak and powerless Priest, had said even more arrogant and unbridled words than the others who had jobs with actual battle power.

In REBIRTH, players were free to engage in Player Killing (PK), the only restriction was that the system would protect the player if there was a level difference of 10 or more levels. Experience points would not be lost if the player died, only the equipment in their inventory would be lost.

"What are you planning to do?" Wang Yu furiously asked.

Despite the fact that Wang Yu was a martial artist, he had an extremely gentle temperament, at the very least he did not go around provoking others. He could not understand the reason why these people would attack him on their own volition.

"Is this guy r*tarded?" The Priest laughed as he looked towards his companions, asking Wang Yu: "I heard you have quite a few pieces of equipment on hand?"

Wang Yu unhappily replied: "They've all been sold, if you want to buy some you have to come earlier next time."

"That's alright, if you don't have any equipment money is fine too!" The Priest snickered.

"Are you guys trying robbing me?" Wang Yu coldly asked the Priest.

Even though Wang Yu was very innocent he was no fool, this was obviously a robbery. Wang Yu began to feel rather depressed, never in his wildest imagination would he have thought that his first time being robbed would be in a video game, by a bunch of kids!

The Priest laughed: "No bad! You're quite smart! I think it'll be wiser for you to just surrender your money, don't force our hand, even though dying won't cause you to lose any experience, but the taste of death isn't very pleasant!"

"With just the five of you?"

Wang Yu creased his brows and let out a deep sigh, taking a quick step to the side, stretching his hand out and grabbing the Thief. After grabbing the Thief's head, Wang Yu violently slammed him onto the ground.

Originally this party had a total of five people, but one Thief had been hiding behind Wang Yu using [Stealth], waiting for an opportunity to attack him.

Who would have known that Wang Yu had been a martial artist for years? With a radius of several tens of metres, he could even sense the movement of every blade of grass, let alone the killing intent exuded by someone staring at him from behind.


"How's that even possible?"

After seeing that the Thief had been struck and even knocked out of his stealth, the other four people in the party were utterly stupefied.

The one who had been slammed on the ground by Wang Yu was a Thief called Butt Stabber, he was in an even greater shock than the rest.

[Stealth] was completely useless, even the Archer's [Concentrated Shot] had been caught by Wang Yu. Since when did the Pugilist become so overpowered?

Silence, a deathly silence...

"Oh My! Death Ball, it really is you, who would have thought that we would be in the same beginner village, it must be fate!"

Just at this moment, a sound from not far away broke the silence.

Looking towards the direction of the sound, a Priest and a Warrior were walking towards them. Even though the words spoken by the Priest sounded very friendly and amiable, he wore an expression of disdain and disgust on his face.

Wang Yu grew rather depressed, even though the Priest job had no combat potential whatsoever, why did it seem as though all Priests were natural born leaders? Why was the party leader of every party a Priest?

When Death Ball looked at the person walking over, he revealed a very frightened expression: "Fearless you scoundrel!! This isn't the business of your Quan Zhen Sect! Just f*ck off!"

The Priest walked right in front of Death Ball and rubbed his head: "Who would have thought that you really are just a kid, it's almost time for your finals, yet here you're still playing games?"

"F*ck your mom!!" After being embarrassed like that, Death Ball flew into a rage, raising his staff to strike at Fearless, but he was swiftly struck to the ground by the Warrior standing behind Fearless, who then pierced Death Ball's throat with his blade.

A Priest was merely a support job, with very low health. Furthermore Death Ball was a Priest who focused on increasing his Spirit, he was instantly struck to death and turned into a ray of white light.

Wang Yu's pupils contracted, this Warrior was also someone who used the Independent mode!

If one used the Assisted mode, they would how to use attacks that had been designed and allowed by the system. A warrior who was able to use the hilt of his sword to cast [Heavy Strike] was definitely someone who was using the Independent mode, anyone who had used the Independent mode before would be able to see the difference!

After witnessing their boss get killed without a chance to resist, the remaining members of the party were scared witless, they all stood rooted to the ground, afraid to make even the slightest bit of movement.

Fearless smiled sweetly as he asked them: "Are you guys also from the Apocalypse guild?"

The group hurriedly shook their heads: "We are only Death Ball's classmates…"

"Oh." Fearless immediately understood and laughed: "Little kids, don't be led astray at such a tender age, please pay more attention to your studies, uncle doesn't wish to bully you guys today, please leave!"

This group of kids vigorously nodded their heads and sobbed: "We...we understand, thank you uncle." The group of kids immediately ran away, not a single one dared to look back.

Once that was over, Fearless turned around and walked towards Wang Yu: "Hello, I'm called Fearless! This is my friend, Boson!" As he spoke, he pointed towards the Warrior standing behind him.

"Nice to meet you guys, I'm called Iron Bull, thank you for your help just now!" Wang Yu thanked the duo.

Even though Wang Yu could have easily taught those kids a lesson by himself, it was only right to be polite to those that had helped him.

Fearless laughed as he asked: "Brother Iron Bull, how did you offend those people from the Apocalypse guild?"

Wang Yu shook his head and said: "I'm not too sure myself, I think they were trying to steal my equipment..."

Fearless laughed: "That does seem like something they would do! Brother Iron Bull, you have to be more careful in the future, those b*stards are extremely vengeful!!"

"Just a bunch of kids!" Wang Yu said dismissively. Truth be told, Wang Yu simply did not mind what had happened at all, to squabble with those kids was simply too much!

Fearless laughed: "The Apocalypse guild is quite strong, Death Ball is but a minor character there! Brother Iron Bull, it's best to be more careful!"

"Mm, I got it, thank you for the reminder!" Wang Yu nodded in agreement.

"Let's add each other as friends, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. In the future if the Apocalypse guild cause any trouble for you, just send me a message!"

"Alright!" Wang Yu agreed, sending the duo a friend request.

After having added each other as friends, Fearless very politely said: "Then we won't hold you back from levelling up then Brother Iron Bull!"

"Mm, goodbye!"

After leaving the two, Wang Yu continued walking towards the heart of Dawn Plains.

As he watched Wang Yu leave, Boson suddenly said: "That Pugilist is not simple!'

"Really?" Fearless was caught by surprise, Boson was a rather proud person and rarely had anything good to say about others.

Boson nodded his head: "After seeing his attack just now, I realised that he uses the Independent mode just like me! Furthermore, he's a solo player, he is probably slightly stronger than me!"

"Stronger than you?" Fearless stared at Boson: "You've got to be kidding me!"

Boson laughed: "If you don't believe me, why don't we just follow him?"

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