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Chapter 8: 100% Dodge Rate

Chapter 8: 100% Dodge Rate

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Based the coordinates that Mu Zi Xian had given him, Wang Yu knew that the Silver Wolf King was located in the heart of Dawn Plains. Ignoring all the Wild Wolfs that spawned along the way, Wang Yu headed straight towards the large tree that Mu Zi Xian had told him about.

The tree was extremely tall and it's canopy was immensely dense and wide, just like a gigantic umbrella. It stood tall and proud, looming over the rest of Dawn Plains.

Twelve wolves with white fur, that looked much stronger than the average Wild Wolf, were currently lazing around in the shade of the large tree.

The eight that were lying further from the large tree were of a lower level, being just normal monsters.

Silver Wolf Warrior (LV12) (Elite)

HP: 1000

MP: 100

Skills: [Eviscerate], [Scratch], [Lunge]

The four lying closer to the tree were of a slightly higher level and were even Elite monsters.

Silver Wolf Guards (LV15) (Elite)

HP: 2000

MP: 2000

Skills: [Eviscerate], [Scratch], [Lunge]

It looks like in REBIRTH, you were unable to see the monsters attributes, but just looking at these wolves that were definitely much stronger than the Wild Wolves, Wang Yu knew that getting bitten by them would definitely hurt, but that was IF they managed to land a hit on him...

Just a this moment, Fearless and Boson had managed to catch up.

"Let's stop here, any closer and he will notice us." Boson held Fearless back as he explained.

Fearless was shocked: "You must be kidding! From this place…...I can't even see clearly and you're tell me that he will notice us?" The two of them were several tens of meters away and could only barely make out what was happening in the distance.

"Even a Thief using [Stealth] was easily caught by him, do you think that you, a mere Priest, has a better concealment ability than a Thief?" Boson asked.

"Er…...What's he doing now?"

Looking at Wang Yu facing off against those twelve wolfs by himself, Fearless was very confused: "Don't tell me he plans to solo all those Silver Wolf Warriors by himself..."

The spawn point of Silver Wolf Warriors in Dawn Plains was by no means a secret, in fact there would usually be some players who would come by to train. Those who did had even personally experienced how powerful these monsters are.

It was common knowledge that even though Wild Wolves did not have very high HP, they used their high attack and group tactics to make up for that. For these level 12, special monsters, in the early stages of the game, they were simply unkillable for any player.

"That can't be..." Boson didn't dare to confirm it either. As someone who also used the Independent mode, Boson was very confident in his own abilities, but even he wouldn't dare to take on this group of Silver Wolf Warriors. Especially not together with the four Silver Wolf Guards.

Boson was a very proud man. Even though he could see that Wang Yu was stronger than he was, he only admitted that Wang Yu was slightly stronger than himself. As Warrior, taking on the Silver Wolf Warrior alone was already overestimating himself. Wang Yu was merely a Pugilist so how much stronger could he be?

"F*ck! He's really walking towards them!" Fearless pointed at Wang Yu and shouted.

Boson rubbed his chin and commented: "If he lures them over one by one, even though that would expend a lot of effort, killing these monster with low level AI would only be a matter of time. Even I would barely be able to do it."

Fearless blankly stared at Wang Yu: "It doesn't look as though he the intention to lure them over."

"What!" As Boson looked up, he realised that Wang Yu had swaggered straight to the tree, right into the encirclement of the 12 wolves, whistling at them to catch their attention as though they were normal dogs.

"Heh, so this is your expert haha! You have truly broadened my horizons!" Fearless mocked.

"Th....This fool! Is he looking for death?" Boson's face was dripping with sweat as he watched the scene before him unfold.

What happened next left them both utterly speechless.

As Wang Yu walked towards the large tree, he had already walked into the attack range of the wolves. The twelve wolves howled as they walked towards Wang Yu.

These wolves revealed a sinister and ferocious expression, saliva dripping from the corners of their mouths, as though it had been ages since their last meal.

The whistle from Wang Yu was like a command to them, the twelve wolfs quickly surrounded Wang Yu, baring their fangs and claws at him before pouncing towards him.

Wang Yu was not flustered at all, jumping up. He used his legs, rhythmically using the tree bark to climb higher, leaping through the air as he avoided the first wave of attacks from the wolves. Leaping once more, Wang Yu broke through the encirclement of the wolves with ease.

Wang Yu landed softly behind a Silver Wolf Guard, using [Lateral Kick] to knock it up, striking it in the throat, Combo 1, Combo 2, Combo 3...

The pitiful Silver Wolf Guard was beaten senseless by Wang Yu while still suspended in midair. However Wang Yu didn't stop there and continued to attack the Silver Wolf Guard, methodically striking at it throat, lower back and jaw.

Wang Yu's figure continuously flashed, dodging each and every [Eviscerate] and [Scratch] from the pack of wolves.

The pitiful Silver Wolf Guard that Wang Yu had beaten to death had not even touched the ground once.

As he saw the wolves preparing to pounce at him in unison again, Wang Yu ran straight towards the large tree, not even bothering to pick up the items dropped by the Silver Wolf Guard after it died.

"Th...this isn't a dream right..." Fearless rubbed his eyes again and again. He couldn't believe what he had just seen.

A Silver Wolf Guard with 2000HP, had been combo-ed to death by a Pugilist, if this wasn't a dream, then it had to be a bug in the system.

Boson's face was twitching non stop.

He had originally thought that his fighting capabilities was about the same as Iron Bull the Pugilist, since he had chosen the stronger job. But after watching Wang Yu fight, Boson realised what he said was extremely laughable, slightly weaker? He simply didn't have the qualifications to be compared to Wang Yu.

"It's not a BUG, that's the capability of the Independent mode!" Boson emotionally said.

Fearless was appalled: "How's that possible, even when the Silver Wolves attack him he doesn't lose any health..."

Boson replied: "It's not that he doesn't lose any health, but that he simply did not receive any attacks!" As someone who dared to use the Independent mode, Boson was someone with some capabilities, at the very least he had better vision than Fearless.

"He didn't get hit???" Boson's words left Fearless even more appalled: "Don't tell me this is the legendary 100% dodge rate? In an encirclement of so many wolves, to be able to dodge all their attacks, is this guy human???!!!"

If Wang Yu had heard what Fearless had just said, he would definitely have laughed bitterly.

In reality, Wang Yu would definitely be able to effortlessly dodge all the attacks from a pack of wolves, but in the game, especially at this early phase in the game where his attributes made him as weak as a child, to be able to do so required his complete concentration.

For example, when facing the [Lunge] that the Silver Wolves used together in unison, Wang Yu did not have complete confidence to dodge this attack, thus he used the geographical features to assist him in dodging the attack.

Originally Wang Yu did not intend to waste so much mental stamina, luring the wolves over one by one would make it much easier to kill them. But Mu Zi Xian had explicitly said that the only way to get the Silver Wolf King to reveal himself was to kill all the Silver Wolves before even a single one of them respawned.

Being something that was pre-programmed by a computer, the AI of these wolves were low. With their monotonous and preset attack patterns, as long as he paid attention, he would not be hit at all.

In less than 3 minutes, the eight Silver Wolf Warriors and four Silver Wolf Guard had all been completely massacred!

This meant that he took slightly more than 10 seconds to kill one…...This sort of efficiency was something only a late game player should have!

The underlings of the boss were all worthy of praise, every Silver Wolf Warrior dropped 1 silver coin and the Silver Wolf Guards dropped 2 silver coins each, even leaving behind two bronze tier equipments.

Silver Wolf Tooth (Ring) (Bronze)

Physical Defense: 4-6

Magic Resistance: 1-3


Hemophile - This ring grants the user a 5% chance to steal life equal to 1% of the damage dealt to the opponent.

Level Requirement: 10

Silver Wolf Claw (Bronze)

Physical Defense: 5-10

Magic Resistance: 5-10


Hinder - User has a 5% chance to lower the opponent's attack, with a 20m radius.

Level Requirement: 10

The attributes that these equipment granted the user were not bad, at the very least it was better than nothing. After keeping the equipment in his inventory, Wang Yu sat down and crossed his legs, recovering his MP.

"Okay, lets leave!" Boson pulled the stupefied Fearless as he said: "Now you know this man is an expert!"

Fearless slowly recovered, shaking his head and said: "This man is simply a god, sadly he's not very bright, choosing the Pugilist job..."

"Hmph, what the f*ck do you know! Even if someone like him chose to be a Magician, he would still be equally tyrannical!"

"Mm, that's true!" Fearless nodded his head in agreement, firmly believing what Boson had said, after watching Wang Yu fight, he had no choice but to agree.


Just as the duo was about to walk away, they suddenly heard a loud roar that shook the entire Dawn Plains.

Upon hearing the loud roar, all the higher level players training in Dawn Plains quietly thought: "What happened? What kind of heinous deed are these wolves planning?"

Sitting below the canopy, Wang Yu's eye snapped open as he smirked: "It's here!!"

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