MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 23 - ( BONUS CHAPTER) For Reaching 100 Collections

Chapter 23 - ( BONUS CHAPTER) For Reaching 100 Collections

Rudra entered the Church Of Light's massive gates and once again found himself in the prayer halls of the Godess of Light .

The first time he was here he was faking his faith in order to recieve the quest , however today amidst everything shaking him up in reality as well as the overwhelming pressure to perform in game , he actually felt the need for an anchor that would help him regain the calm in his mind.

As if he was a real believer he just sat there and cried and confessed things infront of the Godess's statue.... Rudra was not someone who would even do this in real life as he was not a man of faith . However doing it infront of a virtual character felt even more strange to him , but the act of confession brought him calm , and thats all that mattered . He felt fresher after a while

A hand gently tapped on his shoulder again. He knew it was the Cardinal .

" Greetings Cardinal Lee ", said Rudra

" Greetings my child , may the light be with you " said the holy cardinal

Rudra then handed over the Memoir of the Merchant quest item and narrated his findings to Cardinal Lee in detail .

" It seems some unsightly characters have started to appear in our kingdom . I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for the Kingdom and the Church , i wasnt wrong in choosing you for this task , the light in you shines real bright ".

" It was what needed to be done sire "

" What excellent temprament young man. Indeed someone worthy of being the Emmisary of our Church ! Dont worry the Church will not let your efforts go unrewarded , come take your pick out of the Church warehouse".

Rudra's heart beat faster , this was the legendary Church warehouse that only one player had ever entered in the game .... The home to countless treasures .

The courtyard leading to the entrance was guarded by the strongest tier 12 NPC holy knights and the door took 17 keys and 18 secret dial rotations to open ... even then 4 guards needed to push it open with full strength .

Rudra saw epic weapons littered around like they were trash , racks of semi legendary potions, also a few ancient skill tomes ... and finally a divine grade sceptre of light!

Exept the sceptre anything is free for you to choose, Cardinal Lee smiled , Rudra took in a deep breath , believe me a lesser man would have fainted with greed.

If Rudra did not have the ambition to make a guild for elites he would have chosen any one of the extraordinary items here and just skyrocket over the playermass.

But Rudra was firm , he looked around untill his eyes laid on the platinum coin with the insigna of the Hazelgroove kingdom , Yes there were a total of 10 platinum coins in 'Omega'... one in each kingdom

5 kingdoms in Eastern continent

5 kingdoms in Western continent

" Ohhh , what a peculiar choice " Said Cardinal Lee

Rudra smiled , he did not need to explain himself. However Cardinal Lee said " I would have expected nothing less ".

He chatted with Cardinal Lee before exiting the warehouse of treasures . Rudra quickly exited the building and went to an empty alley and just sat there for a while.

Seeing the Platinum token welled countless emotions in his heart ..... He was called trash, His guild was bullied , He was killed over a simple epic item .

Yet Rudra decided , if he could not get into upside normally , he would bribe them with a platinum Guild creation token in exchange for a mansion .

With this Rudra checked his mail /( Yes you can access the forums , your bank and mail in game ) / And it is not clear wether the Godess of Light heard his request or his reincarnation really changed his luck because he actually got accepted

His application for a mansion in the upside got accepted!!!!!! He only needed to transfer the money to confirm now .

YES !!! YES!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!

Rudra was over the moon rightnow , if someone were to peek in that alley they would assume there was a rabid monkey dancing there .... only 5 minutes later upon recieving a notification did he calm down

A message from PinkLotus

" Biryani House 23rd street , see you in 10 minutes ".

Rudra replied " Yes"

He did not know why but his heart was beating out of his chest now , He thought about Pinklotus's beautiful face and hair and he found that heartbeat to only grow stronger .... It must be the excitement from getting a house it must be , Rudra explained..... He was overwhelmed with emotions today hence it was normal .

He tried look better before meeting PinkLotus , He changed from his armour into black linen clothing that complimented his chocolate brown skin perfectly , he let his hair fall down his forehead and kept it a little messy ..... When he was satisfied he walked towards 23rd street .

Well i need to sell my platinum to her .... he kept reminding himself but his mind kept thinking of her beautiful face ..... slapping himself he said , she is a billionaire ' s daughter , she will never spare you a second glance .

Steeling himself , he walked in the cafè

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