MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 24 - Is This A Date? Why Does It Feel Like A Buisness Meet

Chapter 24 - Is This A Date? Why Does It Feel Like A Buisness Meet

As he entered the cafè , he saw PinkLotus sitting there alone on a 2 seat table , looking at the menu. He walked over and pulled a chair to sit .

She looked at him smiling . Rudra's heart skipped a beat ... soo beautiful . He said " Sorry to keep you waiting".

" No problem , I just got here too , iv taken the liberty to order two specials ... i hope thats fine with you ".

Rudra said yes , he was actually delighted he would have thought really hard about what to order to make a good impression otherwise.

Wow, this was awkward , what should he say next? Rudra was just at a loss for words ..... after 10 seconds of awkward silence he said " Hows things with your guild ? ".

PinkLotus said " All good , we need in game currency though to strengthen the core members and get the first cash cycle running".

"How is your guild coming ? Got a token yet?" she asked

" M alone soo far ..... I have a token yes ". Taking this chance he said

" How much money do you need ? ".

" As much as we can get .... we are really in a crunch right now soo about 1000 gold would be excellent , but we cannot even get 100 even if we try trading or buying with everything we have , nobody has that kind of money to offer ... most guilds buy currency from individual players hence it is extremely competitive ... and our farming teams simply cant farm more than 50 gold a day". She sighed

" I can sell you gold if you want ". Rudra said nonchalantly

PinkLotus smiled .... the guy was sweet he probably had 10 gold or something on him but was ready to sell it to help her guild , still to give him face she said

" How much are you planning to sell ? "

" I cant sell too much as i need money to run my guild as well ..... but seeing as you are in a crunch i can give u 2000 gold ".

Yua was stunned speechless " What how do you have soo much money? , my entire guild has only 700 gold worth assests , liquid money is less than 300 "

" If you want to buy , m here to sell ". Rudra said not bothering to explain

Yua after recovering from her shock was overjoyed beyond belief .... This was exactly what she needed to consolidate her guild right now

" what is your maximum selling limit , i will buy it all at a premium ..... The current black market dealing for 1 gold is nearly 7000 gold but i am willing to offer a 100 dollar premium and buy it at bulk for 7100 if you offer me more than 3000 gold ".

The price was higher than Rudra remembered but it is reasonable currently . When the game had soo little gold in circulation ofcourse its value will be high ... it will start breaking after the auction house opens for 2 years before stabilizing at 5000 from there on .

Still he did not wanna rip Yua off he said " I can sell you 4000 gold but you are overpaying me , i will not RIP you off , although it seems you can afford it. 6500 is a fair price ".

Yua was moved ..... she never thought he would willingly lower the price of a commodity over which he had absolutely dominating position . Yua needed the gold badly , the 3500 gold would give her an immense leap over the opposition .

Maybe this is what Friendship is? She was more drawn in by this mysterious player named 'Shakuni'

For the first time in her life she said " Hey im Yua Nakatomi " as she extended her hand.

Rudra was shocked she revealed her identity soo easily ? Although Rudra knew it before hand but still ... this was an honest gesture.

Rudra did not want to give his name but he was soo smitten by Yua he did not want her to sulk , so he said

" Rudra Rajput , pleasure to meet you ".

Rudra continued " I kinda preffer my identity not to be revealed, please keep it so ".

Yua nodded , she was touched by the trust Rudra showed her .... She soo wanted to act like a teenager and just idly chat the evening away with Rudra but work still needed to be done as the leader of Azure Lotus .

She took Rudra 's account details and a transaction for 227 million 50 thousand dollars was completed , She probed Rudra about how he aquired such wealth and about future prospects of the game...

Rudra was happy when she told him her guild had obtained the Gold token hence the members were in high spirits , but the more they talked the more it felt like Is this really a date? Why does it feel like a buisness meeting?

Sigh , 'i guess m gonna be single this time around as well' thought Rudra , Although talking about the game was not bad and he thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon , he still had stuff to take care off soo he bid his goodbye .

Before he left though Yua said " I am not supposed to say this but , there will be an auction 3 days from now the game wont probably declare it untill a day before the auction .... soo try prepare funds if you wanna participate".

Rudra was shocked .... how did she know about the auction .... naturally Rudra did because of his reincarnation but PinkLotus should not..... Well the information network of Big people is indeed terrifying he thought .

Rudra logged out in a hotel and hurried to complete all payment procedures regarding his villa.

Finally with the proof of residency in his hands , he booked a private plane departing tommorow morning for a charter to country J .

As he packed about 2 pairs of clothes and his gaming set and some toiletries . He silently locked his apartment that he used for the last month .

He set out towards Rajput manor , as he hoped his family would be packed and ready .... And indeed they were ..... although his mom and dad were extremely grumpy about his attitude and giving him cold shoulder the things they wanted to carry were all packed and little Max was exited as he thought we were going on a vacation .

Rudra smiled .... tommorow he will take the first step towards his freedom .


( Meanwhile At Advani multinational )

Secretary Zhang entered the office

" Sir , Shakuni's identity has been uncovered .... He is Rudra Rajput a common joe. His profile is ordinary and he does not seem to have connections in Country X However , he was indeed seen today in a café with Yua Nakatomi , perhaps the Nakatomi Corporation is behind him".

Mr. Advani smiled " The Nakatomi 's are indeed powerful in country J but here in country X they cant shake us up much , Where does the kid live?"

"He lives alone in an apartment away from his parents ". secretary Zhang replied.

" Good , good good .... organize information about him and prepare to sell it to various corporations intrested in him , let him become a slave first and a cripple later , send men to cripple him tommorow ".


Can Rudra really escape the country?

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