Monster Integration

Chapter 10 Supreme Combat Exercise

When I woke up it's already three in the afternoon, Ashlyn is still inside sleeping. Well her body will take time to adjust to this new purity of mana.

You can only Refine Mana when your monster is integrated as you share same Mana so when you refine your mana you also refine your Monsters Mana as Refinement Engine also imprinted inside your Monster.

I freshen up and opened my door to see my parents sitting by the door, they looked to in sleep. They must have been waiting for me for two days.

I did not disturb their sleep just put the blanket on them. I walk in the kitchen to see any leftover food from the morning but I didn't find any except for the cans of instant food.

My eyes got misty seeing this, I know my parents didn't like instant food but just to save time to guard my door they ate instant food.

I started to make a meal, I learned how to make the simple meal as my parents many time have to do late shift in the hospital.

I was humming a song and just about finished making my last dish when I heard a sound behind, ''Well looking at how cheerfully you are making lunch, you must be successful constructing your Mana Refinement Engine." Said, my mother.

''Yes I was lucky," I said smilingly, luck had nothing to do with me constructing my Refinement Engine but I don't want to worry them going by going into whole details.

''You guys freshen up, lunch will be ready in five," I said started setting up the table as my parents left to freshen up.

It was quite a good dinner, my parents talk about something and everything as the conversation was lite.

"There only five days left before you leave?" Said my mom emotionally, I never left home except for the school trip outside the town into the forest.

"Mommy going to miss you sobs….sobs...sobs" She said then started crying, I got little confused seeing this my mother was emotions but never a crier and she never cry this openly with sobs.

This is mother's love, I guess as I never been away from her before. ''Micheal we have something important to tell you." My father said in a serious tone.

My father rarely spoke in a serious tone, "Right Evie?" said my father to mom, ''Yes, we have something important to tell you, Micheal." Said, my mother, as she wiped tears off her face.

I got little-scared hearing their serious tone, thinking some bad news but looking at their faces I heaved a sigh of relief as their faces looked happy so it must be some good news but I don't understand why they have to be so serious.

''I am pregnant, you will have little brother or sister in eight months." She said smiling, it is quite shocking news that. My parents never expressed a will to have a second child but I guess it happens between adults and my parents still in their late thirties. it's also a good thing having a baby will keep them occupied and they worry less about.

"That's good news," I said awkwardly, what other things you say to your mother about the pregnancy, "Mom, Dad have you practiced Supreme Combat Exercise?" I asked my parents to diffuse the awkwardness.

''Everybody tried to practice Supreme Combat Exercise but rarely anyone able to do one set of it though." He said, b

Supreme Combat Exercise has 24 moves of offense and defense, it also has a good side effect that it merge small amount of mana into each cell of the body making it stronger but from what I've read from the Web that one had to endure inhuman amount pain to practice every move of that exercise and pain only increase as you practice in it.

Supreme Combat Exercise also know the creator of skills, if one able to practice it to high-end one could create very own Skill.

"We both tried it but we were not able to do more than three moves, that pain is just inhuman." said my mother and shudder in thinking of that pain.

''Well you should try as well, every tried it at least one time when they are young." Said, my father, as he encouraged me to try. ''I will," I replied. They left the kitchen soon after.

"Chu..chu.?" Ashlyn comes out of me suddenly and asked for food, she is feeling hungry as I sensed her emotions.

''I'll give you your food," I said as I ruffled her feather's. I walk toward drawer and took out the pouch of her food. "Chu…chu….chu!" Ashlyn objected seeing this packet of regular food and demanded a special food which I promised her I will give it to her if she didn't attack Ellen's monster.

'Uh..' i got little startled by her intelligence, before the ceremony her intelligence that of one year child but now her intelligence clearly shows that of two years child.

I took out special treat made of Specialist stage Monster's meat and put it on her plate, Ashlyn ate that with relish and finished it within minutes and laid in her stomach.

I check my social media for a few minutes, Ron and Ellen both left yesterday and even reach their cities as they posted some photos, I like and comment on their photos before logging out.

I typed the Supreme Combat Exercise, I've never really actively searched for the Supreme Combat Exercise.

There are millions of result are shown but I chose the first link which is a government site, which would have more detailed information about it.

By reading all I was in immense awe, some information I know as human developed it during their inception and the pain felt during practice and how it makes the body stronger and how after completing it's 10 set how its power increases exponentially, only lower than Skill.

I didn't know that after completing it's thirty sets it's power the same as Skill and after completing fifty sets it's power will be above that of normal skill, in practicing one's body defense and vitality also increased but still even for all those benefits people didn't practice Supreme Combat Exercise.

There are three main reasons for it, first is the most common Inhuman pain they felt performing the exercise, the second reason is that humanities advancement in many fields such as Technology, Magical Artifacts, and Alchemical Elixir and Medicine with it they can easily get the similar effects as practicing Supreme Combat Exercise.

And the third and most important reason that there is no danger to the survival, In Inception human, had to fight for their survival but now there is no danger.

Humans have carved out their safe heavens and there is a minimum danger to their survival in today's age.

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