Monster Integration

Chapter 9 34% Purity

Five Years Ago

"Siren…..Sirens" we were eating in the restaurant when sirens suddenly sirens started blaring, "It's highest level Siren, Micheal, Rose let's go." My mother said and we started to run toward the closest bunker.

We have done this emergency exercise three times in the past two years, it's quite fun as I see a lot of my friends in the bunker and spend half a day there.

I, my mother and My best friend Rose who is also my secret crush started running towards the closest bunkers, horns blaring and curses ringing out on the street.

Some people are didn't even listing to siren as they still looked carefree and going there way without a care for sirens, thinking this is another emergency exercise.

Emergency exercise this may be but they still have to follow the law, which states they have run towards bunker when they heard emergency sirens if they caught not heeding they will be heavily fined by the town.

''This is fun, right?" I asked my friend Rose while running, her face was full of fears, ''I didn't know, this may be a real alarm, not exercise." She said.

Rose and I are neighbor's and grew up together and are a best friend but I also like her a lot. Rose has similar height to with cute face and rare light blue hair when she grew up she will really become an absolute beauty.

''Don't worry children this is just false alarm." Said my mom but we still run toward the bunker, my mother never takes chances in this type of thing, she once experienced Monster Horde in her youth, she knows what kind of destruction it brought.

''REPEAT THIS IS NOT A FALSE ALARM, MONSTER HORDE IS 10KM AWAY, PLEASE HURRY TO THE NEAREST BUNKER." Announcement heard everything is silent for a moment and then mayhem occurred.

All the who weren't paid to heed or slightly paying heed started to run toward the bunker. It is there is no organization, people didn't care and started to use their get ahead.

I even saw many people doing it, one brute used powers as he covered all his skin with rock and directly ram into the crowd, many people got injured by this but he didn't care and ran ahead. My mother kept both of her hands in a vise-like a grip as she ran taking both of us.

''Ahhh..." I heard many shrieks and screams when I looked back, I see a cloud of Ariel Monsters coming and diving toward the humans in the crowd.

'Shit' i heard my mother said and she begins dragging us toward the bunker. On the way, I tried to contact my father but there is no signal. ''Don't worry about your father, he is most safe. The hospital had a separate bunker." Said, my mother. I felt relieved after hearing that.

''Rose you don't have to worry, there is bunker very near the bank, your parents will be fine." She said to rose comfortingly, holding back her tears she nodded as she heard my mother saying.

"Kcha.." "Ahhhhh...." people reside screamed as Eagle type monster dived down and break the man half and flew away with taking half his body.

Blood started to flow from half a body making earth red, no one had the luxury to wait see, monsters coming down and eating people.

If Ariel Monster had come, it wouldn't be long that surface Monsters will also come. The streets have become more chaotic as Ariel Monster's attacks become fierce.

If this Monster Horde was low level, the town would have fought back as it did in the past but this Horde is clearly on the different level.

'Thud…thud' earth started to vibrate, it is surface Monster's that are coming. Hearing this sound the chaos ascended on the stories, this time there was no hesitation could be seen on the people faces.

To go front some people even started to do anything, they started to use their monster and powers unhesitatingly, some people got injured some even got killed. this was my first time seeing the cruelty of survival as people started to kill their peers just get ahead.

I started to see the silhouettes of the surface monster, most ahead are the Scarlet Stallions and Spiked cats.

''Move! Thud..…" somebody just attacked from behind and felled on the corner, thank god the attack was wind type, we just lightly injured but his attack did throw us quite far, "That bastard!" cursed as we stand up and started to run again, ''Micheal language." Admonished my mother.

'Cry…' suddenly a loud bird cry heard directly above us, a Gigantic Snow White Eagle Monster come from above and grabbed Rose swiftly between its claws and flew away.

Within a second it's all over, that soon became a white dot in the sky, I just stood shocked in a stupor. 'slap' ''Micheal lets go?" My mother said as she slapped me and dragged me away.

I didn't dare to imagine what will happen to rose but she is most likely dead eaten by that Eagle Monster. We somehow managed to survive the horde, reaching bunker in time, my father was also survived by hiding in the hospital bunker.

That Monster Horde killed one forth residence of our town. Rose parents also not able to survive even their bodies were not found they were like taken or eaten away by the Monsters like rose and other townspeople.

I was not able to sleep for months, daily having the nightmare of that day, sometimes I even have dreams of Rose eaten alive by that Eagle type Monster.

Present day

Remembering that nightmarish day, I filled with fear and fighting spirit as I never able to feel that weak again, I could have me or my mother in place rose, just thinking this thought make want to stronger, strong enough that I could protect my parents from any harm.

I operated the Refinement Engine with this newfound willpower, in minutes I completed absorption of the Mana cloud.

'Gears moving' the gears started to move automatically and whole Refinement Engine is come alight with so blinding glow that I can't see anything except for bright purple globe.

I brightness started to recede after some time and when all brightness has receded. I saw Refinement Engine again but there are some changes in it, The Refinement Engines color got bright purple but that's not the only change, the most amazing change can be seen on the Mana Scale.

I was shocked seeing the purity of my Mana, it is 34%, before refining my Mana it purity should have been at 16%-17% but it now doubled.

It is now in the range of those who have Medium level talent because those have a purity of mana above 33.5% Mana purity are considered in the range of medium level talent.

I opened to see it is early morning, I am dead tired and I just wanted to sleep peacefully.

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