Monster Integration

Chapter 13 Fight!

When I woke up from my unconsciousness, I was on the train floor still sandwiched between bodies, a faint sounds of fighting could be heard from outside.

I tried moving the body above me but it hardly budged, I crane my neck in limited space and activated torch from my watch to see, I was quite startled to find there are many bodies above.

My shirt felt wet, when I touched it with my finger's it felt sticky, when looking at my finger's there is red substance sticking on it, something downed to me and I petrified.

It was blood, in hurry, I check breathing of man above me to find there was no breathing, he is dead and the body beside it.

I tried to wriggle out of dead bodies, it felt suffocating to be trapped between dead bodies.

After efforts half an hour to somehow got out a pile of bodies, after getting out I take a good look my train car to see, there is a big pile of human bodies and I likely tossed inside them thinking I am dead.

I felt horrified, some bodies had peaceful expression while others looked in extreme pain, there must be fifty sixty bodies on that pile.

I averted my gaze from the bodies, to hear the sound of fights from outside, from the sound I am hearing there must be some big fight going on.

'Chichi' i hear a sound to see, three rats type monster eating the bodies, they are Red Nails Rat's a rat type monster who is famous for their sharp teeth and Red nails and has class 7 strain.

They usually found in large groups, they looked to be Lv. 1 Private stage, same as Ashlyn.

Ashlyn suddenly comes out of me, feeling movement all three rats looked at me and attacked directly.

"Ashlyn." 'chu…' she gave a long cry and started to throw her silver fireball at Acri rates, that gave me enough time to take out my Grade 1 magical Artifact and activate it.

I attack with my sword, 'slice' one rat directly sliced into two by my sword, even I got startled by that. I never fought with any real monster before, I only have experience fighting monster's that produce by stimulation.

Still, there is one remain, Ashlyn already killed another rat with her fire, this last rat seem to be in frenzy, barely dodging her fire. I come behind and sneakily attack it as it barely dodged Ashlyn's attack that it had no time to dodge.

'slice..' it also cut into two, "Let's go, Ashlyn." I said the acri rats monster had a strong sense of smell and they would go crazy, smelling theirs kins and attack in frenzy.

The boxcar is upside down, I have to walk on dead bodies to reach the door and when I got out of the train, what greet is the heavy sense of smell.

The scene I saw left me with an awestruck expression, about six hundred something men and their monsters are fighting thousands of res nail rats, the men seem to finghting in the organised manner.

Powerful Evolver must have taken control of the battle, it's not easy to control men you have never met before. The battle strategy also simple the powerful is fighting ahead and weaker are behind.

Some fifty sixty people resting and eating monster meat before going back to fight, many dead bodies of both humans and rats club, I about go back into train fearing to get dragged into the battle when I heard should.

"Kid why are you just standing there like idiot come and fight!" shouted a scary looking man who is fighting left and right with the monsters.

I gritted my teeth walk toward the battle if don't go, the man will likely kill me for being coward, in this type life and death battles no cowardness is tolerated, I have read many news people got killed for running from battle.

The train tunnel is large with five super magnetic tracks, so there is large space to fight.

I and Ashlyn joined and started to fight, "Are you hiding in the train till now?" asked the boy who was fighting monsters beside me and looked to be in same age as me.

''No, when I wake up, I was in pile of bodies and when I got out it, I find all you are fighting here." I said, he nodded as if he understood.

The boy beside me is same as me and holding Grade 1 weapon. He is wearing a white uniform which had a design Alchemical flask on his chest, it is a sign of Rothschild Alchemical, its organization which is especially known for their alchemical positions.

His monster is quite unique, it is palm size snake dark as night, whoever that snake attacked the monster end up dead, the snake monster power must be poison related.

The fight is quite relaxed, we just have to kill Lv.1 Private stage monster who came to us, I asked Ashlyn to use her mana sparingly in case of unexpected emergencies.

''How come fight is so organized?" I asked I have my suspicion but I still wanted to know, ''It was all due to efforts of sir black,''

''When the monster's attacked he organized a battle formation and he killed all the cowards who had an objection." He said with a shudder, fear clearly written on his face whoever that Mr. Black is.

I can't see the fights off the front just silhouettes Monsters and men fighting, Mr. Black must be one of them.

This is good, it giving me the experience to fight the real monster's. Ashlyn now and then ate the hearts of monster's, she didn't usually Lv.1 monster's meat but the heart is tasty, I guess.

She first cooks it with her fire then ate it as she did not like eating raw meat.

I wanted to fight using Supreme Combat Exercise but these monster are too weak that even Ashlyn same level as them attacking halfheartedly.

The real fight is going on in front where stronger monsters are fighting but it is too risky for small private stage cultivators to go in front.

''When are reinforcement is coming?" I asked the jim as he told me earliar, he came from a big organization and seem to know many things, ''It will take more than a day," I startled hearing that I thought it will take five to six hours.

''There is Monster Horde attacking the Westblood city. So, the reinforcement probably came from the Capitol." He said, his expression also turned grave in the thought of reinforcement.

Currently, we are fighting in a stalemate with the monsters, if some unexpected happens we could all probably die.

There is no fix come outcome when it comes to the monster if in the form Mr. Black able to kill that giant rat then it could all end in an hour but from the next to it is highly unlikely.

He said that Mr. Black is Lieutenant Grade powerhouse who holding back Captain stage Acri rat, there are higher chances of Mr. Black being defeated than the Monster.

An hour passed by as we talked and swung the sword to kill the monster that came, it is a quite relaxed fight but the situation suddenly changed by the heart-churning cry.


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