Monster Integration

Chapter 14 Half Skill


A loud cry rang out, we looked to see there is a big hole opened near the center of the battlefield and the monster's started to pouring out from the hole, the unlucky man got eaten alive by the monsters.

"Ahhh…" another cry rang out from a different part of the battlefield.

Holes started to open from the ground and Monster's started pouring in. Soon, a new hole opened near us and Monster's started to come out of it.

'Fuck…' i cursed as Lv. 3 private monster's come to attack us, 'clang..' my sword barely able of injuring that monster instead I got injured by its the sharp nail on the leg.

Ashlyn's fire also unable to do anything and panic building inside me as barely dodging monster's attacks.

I pour more mana into my sword and it covered in silver fire, summoning fire drain more mana than operating magical artifact but it is also more lethal.

"Clang..clang" I attacked but I countered with his claws Ashlyn also attack from behind by throwing a small fireball but it barely able to affect the monster.

As I am attacking and dodging, my eyes landed on Jim's, his condition is not that better than me, he is also struggling to even injure the monster.

Even his little snake who used to kill Lv.1 monster at the bite but now it's poison hardly seem to work, still, Jim seemed to be better condition than me.

''clang clang clang" my sword and monster claws are countering each other, but I am still panicked as new holes are being opened by monsters.

"shit!" I said as another lv.3 monster join the fray that had put double pressure on us, thank god Ashlyn is a bird if she had been ground monster, she definitely got have injured.

''Ashlyn don't get to close, just distract them from above," I said to, she got quite close to the monster and Red Nail Rat Monster tried to swipe his nail's at her.

We are fighting with distract and attack strategy and it's barely working as I am getting more and more injuries, although they are not lethal they are still the injuries if they pile up, it could be life-threatening.

'gurgle…..thud.' a woman in front of me got her neck sliced by the nail of the monster, she died choking in her own blood.

This was a tragic site to see but it is happening all around me, people are dying in front of me and monsters eating their flesh it is a horrifying site to see.

'uh..' the light around me brighten when I crane neck to what is happening, I see Jim's sword is glowing and bodies of lv.3 rats sliced in two.

''Is it skill?" I asked him, he is from a big Organization, he had to be privy to some skills but I am little confused from what I know Skills could be only used by Corporal stage or above powerhouse.

"No, I can't use skill yet, what I using now is half skill," he said. I've read about half skills, the techniques which have 10%-20% might of the original Skill they are based on.

Seeing Jim using skill a bulb lighten in mind, ''Fuck, I am such an idiot!" I cursed myself under breath and started circulating the first move of the Supreme Combat Exercise.

Soon the pain came but it is bearable, my attacks got a little bit faster but still, I wasn't able to keep two monsters at bay.

Making my mind, I circulated the second move and more pain came but with pain, my attack speed also increased.

''clang clang clang" I started to counter with my attacks, preventing monster's further attacking me and keeping them at bay.

Ashlyn and I coordinating during the fight, she detracts them and I attack, it was flawless coordination only possible by our shared bond.

In the corner of my eye, I saw Jim took out a thumb size bottle with red liquid in it and drank it with one chug. This must be mana potion he drank, they are the product of the alchemy and are quite expensive.

The four bodies of monster could be seen in front of him as he used his half skill two times, from what I've read the biggest drawback of half skills are their mana consumption as they waste lot more mana.

Only using it two times Jim is nearly drained as he had to drink mana potion but I have still sixty percent of my mana reserved.

This isn't going anywhere when I think about the monsters in front of, soon or later I will get tired and these monster's will finished me in second.

Gritting my teeth, I circulated my mana to the direction of the third movement of the Exercise, the pain came, I was about to close my eyes in pain but I stopped myself somehow and controlled my shaky sword.

If I was in the home, I wouldn't be able to handle this pain but here in life and death battlefield I have to endure this pain to come out alive, there are many things I've left do and most important, my unborn younger sibling.

thinking all those things I endured the pain and started circulating 4th move of the exercise and endured the hellish pain that come with it.

'slice' "yes!" I shouted when my sword hit the monster's fun, lightly injuring it in the process, this is the first time I injured it.

These Monsters are two levels higher than me and had higher strain than Ashlyn, making them way stronger than me and Ashlyn, it was quite good that I am able to injure it.

Thinking 4th move will not be enough to heavily injure them much less kill them I circulated fifth and sixth move of them Excercise in succession, I clenched my teeth so hard that even my gums started to hurt.

"slic…tatata" my sword cut across monster's back, leaving a big wound, feeling pain, it bared his teeth against me as both monsters started to attack me in frenzy.

"bring it on!" I also shouted, they are not the only one feeling pain I am also in immense pain but I am enduring it. if I didn't kill these monster's they will kill me and eat in seconds.

Another one of my attacks hit them, it wouldn't be long before I kill them. Jim is also seemed to struggling against the monsters using his half skill time to time and chugging mana potions to supplement mana.

It must be good to have a big organization as a backer, having positions and skill available readily makes one envy then but still, I wouldn't change the decision for all benefits of the world.

When I looked at Ashlyn I felt it's all worth it, despite her fire is no use on monster's she still helping me distract them with her fire.

If her talent was little higher or her mana purity above 50% she could have easily able harm these monsters, the purer the mana is more destructive power would become, its like difference between kerosene and petrol.

"oh no!" I thought when I saw two more Lv. 3 Red Nail Rat Monster's coming toward my directions and soon my fear come true and they joined the fray attacking me.

Four monsters beside me and started to attack me from all direction, Ashlyn looked at me worriedly and started attacking a monster with all her force but its no uses.

"aww!" I cried out as monster's red nail dug deep into the leg, the monster keeps injuring and one monster kept jumping to aim at my neck, I was barely able to dodge that.

If this going on for another ten minutes, I will surely will before these monsters dinner meat. thinking this do or die situation I started to circulate seventh, eighth and nine moves of exercise consecutively.

I have stepped away from fainting due to pain and my gums started to bleed, "Ahhhhhhhh" I shout out with all my heart and attacked the monsters.

Circulating ninth move, my speed grew exponentially and I started to attack monsters with madness. ''Tatatata'' one monster jumped to attack my neck but I attacked it in midair cutting it into two pieces, some of its blood even fell on my face.

Seeing their kin dead all three monsters started to attack me with madness, I also answered them with madness killing another their kin, leaving behind only two monsters behind.

Of the two one id heavily injured earlier, I targetted that monster special after a short fight, I killed him as it was already injured.

Now only remaining in one seeing all his brother dead it went into utter madness and directly jump for my head, wanting it to Pearce it with his nails.

"COME ONNN!" I shouted and attack it horizontally with my sword, when my attack touched it directly sliced from head to tail, dividing it into two from the center.

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