Monster Integration

Chapter 16 2nd Level Of Private Stage

Wave after wave of monsters started to come out of the hole, I brake into cold sweat seeing their huge numbers. I started to speed up My refinement, another two veins popped up but I don't care because I am seeing hundreds of monster's coming in our directions.

It's been ten minutes, I've started refining mana and Central storage is only 17% percent is filled, this refining speed tripled my normal refining speed but this time, it is too slow.

I operated refinement engine without any fear because I will need a hell lot of mana in the fight. "unh." I see little change in the event.

I looked to see it's Jim who is leveled up, "Congratulation." I said and he nodded with a series face because of his eyes on the large group of monster's which coming toward us.

Soon his monster comes out of him, there is little change in black snake despite leveling up, the only change in the monster is that its eyes become dark forest green. I am happy for him being leveling up because Jim would able to release some pressure off me in the fight.

The large group of two hundred some monster come running toward us, my back clearly got wet seeing this, still, I gripped my sword ready to attack.

"We will win! we will win! we will win! we will win!….." Voices rang across the whole battlefield, I don't know who shouted first but soon all people start to shout, I also joined in and started shout, I filled me courage in this hopeless situation.

"AHHHHHH," I shouted as ten something monster break from the group come attacking toward me. I slice my sword toward them, every swing of the sword if touched will injure or kill a monster.

The pressure is high as there are more than ten monster's are attacking me, the veins are over my body is banging as bulging as I performing three most strenuous task simultaneously.

I am operating Refinement Engine, circulating 12th move of Supreme Combat Exercise and also fighting monsters, my head is hearting so bad that I just want to hit it on the wall.

"Puchi..." I stab one monster in the skull directly killing him, "fuck.." I said as monsters nail attacked my calf, thank god, I dodge by the moment or my legs would have got seriously injured.

These fucking monsters are seriously crafty, they are attacking me where I am most soft, they left to let a chance go, whenever they see my weakness they attack, the injuries are piling up all over my body and these fucking monster's not giving me moments rest to apply the bandaids.

The most relaxed in our line of defense is Jim, his monster is back into form, whichever that monster bite, turns up dead at the moment and monsters can't seem to track that black snake that it was so fast that only it's shadow could be seen.

Jim is fighting smart, his snake attacking the only those monster who got very close to Jim, Jim conserving his monster's energy, so, it could be used in life and death situation.

I don't have that luxury, I gave my all to kill this monster's as I don't have any trump card in hand. "slice." two masters fell to sword but still many are remaining and more will come if I didn't finish this monster quickly, I will get more than I could handle.

My sword move left to right killing any monster's who came in its way, giving them no chance to retaliate, the number's kept decreasing but sometimes stray monster alway joined but, making me feel more pressure.

My mana had reached seventy percent in central storage and kept increasing, the mana I got from eating monster's meat is purer that I refined and it probably crossed 40% purity, because of all these damn monster's I can't even check the purity scale.

"shit.." I cursed as I got bitten by monsters, I have to quickly finish all these monsters before I am dead due to excessive blood loss.

I can feel my body getting stronger by seconds, the veins which had started popped all over my body earlier now turned to normal, and I got the feeling that the first wounds that I received are already half healed.

I directly circulate thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth move of Supremes Combat Exercise, 'Pac Pac Pac pac.." Veins started to pop all over my body and I even wanted blood due to pressure my body experience but I didn't care.

With little shaky sword and vision distorted, I started to kill monster's all around me, every swing of sword killed the monster, their numbers kept decreasing, in five minutes I nearly kill all of them remaining only two.

"Fuck shits take this.." I said as I killed two monsters with a swing of the sword and there no monsters left in front of me, I took a heavy breath and just want rest as I am feeling extremely tired in both mind and body but I know there is no time as next batch of monsters will soon come.

I quickly remove the bandaids from my backpack and start to stick them all over my body, when I properly looked myself even feel shocked, I completely had become a bloody man as all my body ridden with injuries.

I started to remove hearts from the bodies of monster's and started to eat them, this time I didn't even cook them I ate it raw because I don't have luxury cook them and then eat even if it would take few seconds.

Those few seconds for one heart turned out for ten, I kept eating even after I felt full, I only stopped when there is no space left in my stomach anymore.

I've eaten nineteen hearts, nearly three times more than last time, as I am circulating 15th move of Exercise, I kept digesting and then refining it through my Refining engine.

As I check my mana purity I got quite startled, it reached 44.6%, they say is really eating monster meat is faster and favorable compared to absorbing mana through surrounding.

Soon another wave of monsters came, this time three times more than last but this time I am not scared as my injuries are controlled and healing, I have stored nearly 90% percent mana in central storage.

I've eaten so many monster heart that lots mana kept refining but there one small fear that I have to spend mana early as possible if I don't, my body will bloat and explode like a balloon due to excessive Mana production without any space to store it into my body.

I lighten my sword with the silver fire, it looked like blazing sword quite beautiful and this way I'll lose mana quickly and it would also be lethal to the monsters.

"Slice slice " my every sword attack cut to kill without any wasted movement, sometimes even I kill two or three monsters at once by throwing blazing fire in the monsters and them slicing them apart.

Time begins to pass and it's been ten hours since I've been fighting monsters but monsters aren't lessening instead they are increasing, "slice." I kill the monster who jumped on it.

"Chu chu.." I heard Ashton voice as she is inside me, I became ecstatic hearing what she said, she said she is ready to level, "no, don't control it as long as you can," I said.

I said it because my mana purity is only 48% percent, I want mana to be purer when we level up because purer the mana is during leveling up the more stronger she will become after level up.

Central storage of the engine already 96% percent full which satisfy the condition to level, there must above 90% percent mana in the body before leveling up or there will be an adverse effect. leveling up monster needs lots of mana as a precaution the more is better.

I stopped absorbing mana from mana cloud and started re-refining mana which is the central storage of the engine. I started to refine and compress process as I refine mana as well as I am fighting the monster.

Time to time I absorb mana from the mana clouds to maintain 90% mana in the central storage. I kept re-refining the mana in the central storage, till yesterday I was only able to maintain only two round's of re-refining but now I am refining at my fourteenth cycle, as cycle get increased so is purity.

Time passed on, it's five hours since it re-refining mana and fifteen hour's since I am fighting, I am feeling so tired if I close my eyes for second, I will fall asleep immediately but I can't do that as I am fighting more twenty monster's, if my focus even slips for a seconds they will eat me alive.

"Chuu chu." Ashlyn called saying she can't hold anymore, "ok," I said and she let loose the restain she has been holding on and started to level up, with her I also started to level up.

She is leveled up when mana purity at 59% percent which impressive better than my parents who leveled up at 41% and 43%.

A warm current of energy started to flow into my body healing my injuries little while making my body stronger, I can feel the silver fire I've inherited from her also becoming stronger.

leveling up did not take long with fifteen minutes it's all over but it became twice as a stringer.

"chuuuuu" Ashlyn come out of me with long cry having her whole body covered in fire.

"Boom." a blast and out as collided with dance group of monsters, with that group having ten or so monster.

When fire cleared out all monsters were dead and Ashlyn sitting on the skull of the biggest monster with her held high.

"Chhuuu chuuu." she cried out proudly, displaying her achievement.

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