Monster Integration

Chapter 17 Three Hours Till Reinforcemen

"Chu Chu Chu" Ashlyn stood on the skull of dead monster and cried out arrogantly with her head high after she leveled up her attack got stronger, especially due her mana purity has reached 59%.

She really cooked all monster's alive, it is a good thing because I need a lot of hearts because I am completely drained, Ashlyn's leveling up taken more than 80% of my mana.

"Ashlyn, from now on attack only those who come me." I said, wildly killing monsters will not do, she has to conserve some mana when the need arises, "chu chu" she despondently, she also wants to test her power on new targets.

After killing monster all the monster's near me I started to remove the hearts and started eating them before the next wave of monster's come, this time i also twenty hearts just like before but this time chances of being bloating and exploding due to excessive mana is really because I leveled up and my getting stronger by second as I am circulating the fifteenth move of Supreme Combat Exercise.

I started to absorb the mana cloud into the engine as I am running dangerously low on mana, I wouldn't take long, in this life and death environment, in little over one-hour central storage will more than 80% will be filled.

It's been fifteen hours, I have been fighting the battle, in my whole life I've never stayed this long while holding them, I am so tired if a pillow touched against my head, I will fell asleep standing.

But I am shocked by some people's resistance who had been fightng without rest and has not changed in these people performance, I've asked him for the reason.

He said that most of the people who are are fighting are mostly from the Westblood city, westblood city experience horde two to three times year, even today Westblood city is fighting the horde if not reinforcement would have already had come from Westblood city.

"Tatttataata" new wave of the monster's come "slice .." I sliced across monster's, "these bastard are kept increasing, Jim are there any news of reinforcements?" I asked, there are more and more monster's kept coming, even Jim run out of his little mana potion and had to eat monster's meat.

"No, there is no news yet," he said, we either have to hold till reinforcements arrive or kill all the monster's but that likely happens as the monster's kept coming.

Killing all the monster in front of Jim had started to collect the heart from the monster's, after collecting sufficient hearts he removes the vial from his backpack and sprinkles its liquid on the heart's, smoke started to come out of them and their color changed from blood red to light red.

After all, smoke is evaporated, Jim started to eat the hearts of the counter's cleanly without dirting his mouth. that liquid he sprinkled on the heart must be some digestive liquid which helped to digest monster meat easy, he had been doing this ever since his mana potions run dry. this seems to work for him as there is no sign which tells he is running low on mana.

"Beep Beep Beep." holowatches of all the people started to ring out simultaneously, I opened the notification amidst fighting when I read the notification, all color drained from my face, not only me all the people who are a corporal stage or below.

It was a notification from Mr. Black saying large groups of specialist and corporal stage monster's are moving underground, the only saving grace about this notification that according to him it will take them an hour to reach them on the surface, so now we have only an hour to prepare.

Well at least I had an hour, I have to be at my apex form when those monsters arrive, "slice slice" within half an hour, finished all the monster's in front of me, I looked up to find nearly half the people killed the monster and preparing for a big fight.

I remove the bandaids from my backpack and paste them on the wound, I am running out band-aids, I have to use them sparingly.

My injuries have been healing pretty fast, the half of my injuries are completely healed and the heavy injuries I received are in the healing process, if I have given two hours time, they will be healed enough that I can fight without feeling any discomfort.

Ashlyn is eating monster meat as I told her when the big fight starts she will not have any chances to do that, I also stuffed monster meat till I am full despite fear of bloating and exploding due to having excessive mana.

'Thump thump' could be heard from underground, the monster will soon come from below.

It didn't take long to monster's to came, this time they didn't open a new hole but come existing big hole which is opened by monsters previously.

He monster's started to pour out from the hole but this time there was no private stage monster's, all the monster's which is coming of it specialist stage or above. specialist stage Red Nail Rat's are bigger than private stage rats, while Private stage height up to my knee, Specialist stage Red Nail Rat's height reach my thigh and Corporal level monsters are even bigger than that.

Soon a Specialist stage Red Nail Rat Monster's come to attack me while bearing his teeth at me as the attacks with his nails, I attack with my sword to counter it's "Cleaning" "thud puh puh.." just my sword and it's nailed touched, I blasted backward colliding with tunnel wall and spewing out blood from my mouth.

'Thud' i barely dodge follow up the attack as it collided against the tunnel wall, 'fuck it! if this gong on any longer I will die in seconds.

I lighten my sword with fire and I counter, it next incoming attack. "puh puh" I vomited blood as I blasted backward by the attack, this isn't going to work I have to do something.

"Ahhhhhh" I scream with my bloodied mouth as circulated move after move of Exercise while taking a heavy beating from the monster, I've never been so injured in my earlier battles.

Soon the circulation reached the tenth cycle and I even black out for a moment from extreme pain, it was that monster's attack that took me out of my revelry.

"Clang clang clang clang..." My sword and monster's nails met hundreds of times in the minutes, even circulating the twentieth move of Supreme Combat Exercise I am barely able to hold it back.

The power difference between stages is too great, even at the twentieth move of exercise, I wasn't able to do anything. Many people are getting all around me but many people are still fighting back but not much longer.

They are barely holding back their tiredness as they fighting back monster's, if some reinforcement or something didn't happen in few hours all of us going to die, just I was think a loud sound rang out in the tunnel.

"Reinforcement will come in three hour's from Westblood city, we just have to hold on for three hour's." a loud serious voice rang out in the tunnel in clear cut voice but not many people believe it as most of the people thought it faux to inspire them to fight.

"Beep." But soon notification arrived from WestBlood city itself, they must have deal with horde to send reinforcement to us.

That notification from Westblood city rekindled the flame of courage in the people heart and they started to fight to give their all.

"Fuck!" I cursed as monster left a deep gash on my thigh, it started bleeding heavily, even circulating 20th move, I found hard to kill the monster, much less kill it.

Greeting my teeth I circulated 21th, 22nd and 23rd moves of exercise, fighting unconscious, keep myself fighting, "pierce" "Take that you fucker." I said as I pierced the monster's stomach, "clang clang" it is not dead as we keep fighting but it will as I hit its vital spot on his stomach.

"Puchi." my sword pierced it's ey directly killing it, I didn't have much to keed mu injuries as Ashlyn fighting another monster, she half injured it but it is very difficult for her to kill it due to their level difference.

I also joined fight with her to kill that monster, it didn't take us long to we killed it within twenty minutes, barely forty-five minutes pass since the announcement of Reinforcement but there are more than two hours remaining for their arrival.

I quickly remove all the band-aids and paste them on my injuries, 'sigh' i sighed as all my bandages are used nothing left, if I got injured again, I don't know what I will do.

I opened the chest of monster and remove it's heart out, taking my finger inside the heart and remove finger size crystal, it mana crystal of monster which the only specialist and the above monster could produce.

I remove the second mana crystal from another monster and pocketed them. ashlyn and I eat heat of specialist monster as we only have only half our mana left, "come to Ashlyn." I said, she integrated inside me.

We have to refine mana quickly as next group of monsters will soon come, "Michael little help hear?" I heard to see Jim was fighting three monster's alone and nearly at the death's door.

I rush there to help me as he did to me when I surrounded by monsters earlier, I got them and help him kill the monsters.

"only two hours before reinforcements arrive," said Jim as he applied ointment on his wound after applying his ailment he ate the monster meat of specialist grade for mana recovery. "Yes, only two hours," I repeated and soon we again started to kill the monster's as they came.

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